Ideal Instagram Bio Layout – Some Tips That Makes Your Profile Stand Out the Crowd

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Today where there are many social media platforms that are available for the user like Facebook, linked In, Twitter, Tumble etc. but platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest has its own valuable stand which the other platforms have not able to gain but among them the name of Instagram is on the lip of every individual using it or not.

And this Instagram is important in its own way due to its visual importance where people share various photos of their lifestyle and this attracts their friends, family and other acquaintances.

Ideal Instagram Bio Layout

Ideal Instagram Bio Layout

Ideal Instagram Bio Layout

This opens up another potential which allows the other businesses to expand over the internet and here comes the role of Ideal Instagram Bio Layout because after clicking your username of the profile pic, what people are interested about it your Instagram bio because this way they come to know about you better and understand what you are all about.

Follow the below given information here and this gives you the idea of proper way of Ideal Instagram Bio Layout and will help you come as a result while people searching related to your profile. Better you come into the eyes of people. Best is the chance to get the following to your profile.

It is important that your Bio is written well and attractive in way that grabs the people attention and then pay their time on your profile. While creating your Instagram Bio what you should take care is that your bio remains breathtaking for the visitor, SEO friendly, that means it becomes more probable in coming the search result of people, having any of your professional work attached, becomes easy for the people to connect you if they want any connection with you, easily filterable and much more as such and this only satisfies the requirement of Ideal Instagram Bio Layout.

Below are the criteria given which you will have to follow in order to create your own ideal Instagram Bio Layout rather merely making a profile while taking care of these simple things below:

  • Optimize the Name in Your Instagram Bio for Search Queries
  • Capitalizing Your Unique Skills
  • Optimize Your Website Link
  • Share Your Email in Your Instagram Bio
  • Get Creative with Your Instagram Bio
  • Use Emoji’s In Between Your Text
  • Include Featured Hashtag
  • Add Line Breaks to your Instagram Bio
  • Include physical hours and Locations
  1. Optimize the Name in Your Instagram Bio for Search Queries

The first thing in your bio is your name. Your name should be simple, short, easy to remember and without having any additional like underscore, etc. shorter the name, easy it becomes for you fan to remember and searching you on the Instagram.

With the name better you add your specialization also for example (john photography) which also helps you, user, to directly reach you with your name or by your trade.

  1. Capitalizing Your Unique Skills

Where there are tons of people on the Instagram daily who are well established on Instagram, then how will you be able to make your platform there which make you unique? Because you better know that people always love to attract towards new and unique coming in the market.

Hence first of all at the time of writing your Bio, you should list out your uniqueness with highlights using emoji’s, text spaces, etc. and capitalize it.

And find out the keyword related to your profile and add those into your biography in a better way without compromising the meaning behind it.

Guess if you are a comedian and you have the rare talent of twisting your body, then you can place a dare in front of your visitor.

  1. Optimize Your Website Link

Unlike the other social media platforms, Instagram is strict with the link placement and you are given with only one link placement option that too in your bio.

You can make use of this single link placement and update a better link time to time which should co-relate it to your biography or the even/ sale you create. Doing this not only adds the trust among your followers but they can also find their best product interaction right from the link.

  1. Share Your Email in Your Instagram Bio

While adding your website link to your Instagram Bio, ALWAYS is a good idea, it is becoming more common for users to share their email in their Instagram Bio.

Adding your email helps your users to contact you and this can also help you in your business further.

  1. Get Creative with Your Instagram Bio

While it is an important aspect for you to convey about you about who you are and what you do via your biography, you should think of it as a place to show your fun side. At the end of the day, Instagram is a very humming medium, so try not to get stuck on formal biography drafting!

You can take the help of these great ways to make your Instagram bio more creative.

  1. Use Emoji’s In Between Your Text:

In the place of writing the plain text in your bio, you can incorporate emoji’s to break up any heavy-text section and this also makes you bio eye-catching. You can choose to add these emoji’s to highlight different features of your business or just to show off your personality.

  1. Include Featured Hashtag

Whenever you add some pictures on your Instagram which relates to your business or serves some purpose, then post it with a related hashtag which helps your branded hashtag drive the fantastic way to drive engagement on your post. The only thing to keep in mind is that your Instagram bio is clickable on the web but not the mobile app.

  1. Add Line Breaks to your Instagram Bio

Adding line breaks to your Instagram bio is a great way to make your Instagram bio more bit sized and consumable.

And to add the line breaks on your Instagram bio, simply type “Return” on your bio in the web version of Instagram.

Only thing is that the line breaks appear on the mobile version of Instagram and so, you won’t be able to see them on desktop.

  1. Include Call to Action in Your Instagram Bio

Driving more engagement on your Instagram bio and inviting your audience to comment and engage can easily be triggered by adding a Call to action button in your Instagram bio.

  1. Include physical hours and Locations

This helps you especially when you have a physical location and hours of operation and you have some event and pop up coming out in the future. Adding those makes a lot of sense especially for the people who come under that location and interests in your product or services.

Final Words

At the End of the article when you have seen that how easy is the process of writing Ideal Instagram Bio Layout which leaves an everlasting impression on the minds of people visiting over your Instagram profile and this is not enough they also follow you faster than other profile when you include all the criteria above which looks simple but have an effective impact over the minds of people.

Ideal Instagram Bio Layout also help you with your business conversion in the long term if you have got maximum of the follower on Instagram and you have any business site or any ecommerce platform which can help you in the future then since you have the follow up, you can end up with the fruitful result.

I hope that the article about Ideal Instagram Bio Layout making have surprise you with these simple but effective tricks, if yes then, simply drop your feedback in the below section.

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