How to Send SMS in Bulk for Free? [Best 7 Sites to Send SMS WordWide]


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Send SMS in Bulk for Free Even though this is the era of smartphone and it has covered more than half of a global consumer who can communicate with the people surrounding them easily via online free messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, FB messenger, hike, skype, slack, weChat, Telegram, Viber, line, twitter etc.

How to Send SMS in Bulk for Free?

How to Send SMS in Bulk for Free

How to Send SMS in Bulk for Free


Sending SMS is still a big challenge especially when you are thinking to send afreesms message to anyone sitting anywhere in the world and directly to their phone so that they can receive the message even though they are not utilizing the data services and they are not online.

And even there are many people who just don’t use the SMS platform (which is really better than all another messaging platform) due to extra cost their service provider cost and you can also be one among them. And it is because you don’t know that there is the free platform also available which you can help you with afreesms service and that too anywhere in the world.

Send SMS in Bulk for Free

So are you ready to know what is the platform which really exists to help you with afreesms service and you are still unknown and distress about it? then go through the article here where we have covered 7 top sites which gives you best afreesms service which you can use to send the SMS anywhere in the world.

Below are these awesome platform list here:

  • Afreesms
  • SendSMSNow
  • Online Text Message
  • Text ‘Em
  • TXTDrop
  • Yakedi
  • TextFree



afreemessageA Free Sms is a simple and instant platform which provides you the fastest SMS service to all the 6 continent of the world. To use this massaging platform you not even need to register yourself as of other platforms which asks your registration before you utilize the service of them.

You have the option of sending unlimited SMS message online. For that just choose the country you want to send the message, enter the recipient’s mobile no., enter the verification code and sent to your desired recipient and without costing much time, he will receive the SMS sent by you with the location from where you have sent.

AFreeSMS – Let me Guide You With the Steps how will you do it?



  • First of all, you just have to land onto the main website of AFreeSMS and to land where you can follow the link here:
  • Soon you follow the link, you will be on the main homepage of the site.
  • Now you will have to choose the continent where your recipient reside and click on it[the easy map is mentioned there].
  • Soon you click on the continent option, you will be shown the list of the country comes under that continent and click on the country where you want to send the SMS.
  • Now when you will choose the country, you will be shown a dashboard with the country code associated with the blank section where you will have to enter the recipient’s Mobile no.
  • Next, type your text message in the messaging section, and followed by Verification code entry which you already will find present there.
  • Once you have entered all the details correctly there, click on the SENT button below and you will be shown the notification of ‘your message has already been sent’ and you are done.
  • Isn’t this unique service of AFreeSMS is helpful? You yourself will experience.!!

2. SendSMSNow




Now comes the 2nd simplest web service provider who provides a free SMS service to your recipient. And the coolest part of SendSMSNOw is that it provides the separate inbox on the site itself which helps you to receive all the SMS reply directly into your inbox and this eases your message receive even though you don’t have the mobile phone to keep your communication continued. The inbox also helps you to track the SMS sending history which you have sent by using SendSMSNow.

You have the option to send an unlimited message to the recipient and includes afreesms to more than 34 countries including USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Russia, Philippines an and many more.

What you have to do is just registered yourself with SendSMSNow and by login into the account of it and filling the details of Country Code, Recipient Number, Your own Phone no, your message and then sent it.

Do you want to visit SendSMNow official website? You can land there via the link here

3. Online Text Message




In the list of top 7 SMS provides next comes the name of Online Text Message service. Even though the website interface does not look so modern for online text messaging, the Online Text Message service is the strongest one.

You do not even need a phone number to use this service. Recipients can answer your texts and those responses will be directed to your email address. Quite convenient, indeed. If you only have a “quick text” option with hundreds of pre-written texts like “will be right there” or whatever is necessary which really helps you in case of emergency and saves your time to send the SMS.

With this Online Text Message services, you can convey your message within 100 characters and sent it.

Details at the time of sending afreesms include the entry of recipient’s mobile no, email address, subject of the message, select the carriers in the next can select quick text and enter the message within 100 characters and at last sent to by pressing ‘send Message Button’ available.

Carrier Availability: All major carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Nextel, SunCom, AllTel, and many more so.

4. Text ‘Em

Text ‘EmText ‘Em

Text ‘Em

When you are choosing Text’EM [afreesms provider] then you will be experiencing that it keeps its portal so, simple and easy that anyone even new to this can easily access the service of sending afreesms easily.

The platform is so, easy that just enter the details of the recipient, write your SMS and sent them. The only thing limited about this SMS platform is about its region covered that is only in the USA.

Additionally, this platform provides the user to send SMS within 155 characters and which limits on texts. And it is more than 50% extra service than average other SMS service provider.

But even though the SMS service limits to the USA, it has dozens of service provider linked to it which you can choose to send your free SMS.

Want to know the Site Where you can Directly land? Then Follow the steps here:

  • First of all what you need to do is, follow the official homepage link of Text ‘Em which is
  • And soon you follow the link, you will land onto the main homepage where you will find the message portal open by default there.
  • So, once you are the USA resident, fill the mobile no. in the first step of it followed by email address in the next step (option).
  • In the next step choose the service provider from the list given there and then write your message in the box which should be under 155 word.
  • Now verify yourself that you are not a robot by verifying the recaptcha below and then click on the Send Message by agreeing on the terms and condition section.



The next messaging platform which is totally free of cost and helps users to sent afreesms is TXTDrop. As the name implies, the portal is really quite simple and easy to use and by just dropping your details and message there you can simply send it.

As they have said “Our goal has always been to make web-based text messaging free and as simple as possible…” and really this is the case what you will find soon you will open its official website where you use the service.

So, want to Check out TXTDrop services? Follow the link

Now when you will follow the link you will be landed onto the homepage and you will find the texting section open by default there.

And to check out fill your address in the first section (it is your email address where you are going to get the reply from your recipient.

Recipients’ mobile no. in the next step and your text message goes finally in the allotted box there.

Note: there on the site itself you will find the options of Mac OS X dashboard widget or a Windows 7 Gadget option available which will help you to send the message or free text right from your desktop; so, you can even install it from there.

Area Served: the service area includes the Only USA and Canada.

6. Yakedi



The other best SMS service provider is Yakedi and it is really unique in some aspects of it. The only downside to the Yakedi is that you need to register an account, but if you can find it, then it is very good. With Yakedi, you can make sure that your phone number will not be misused to send spam messages to you. Your information is safe and private.

With a Yakedi account, you can keep track of all the free text messages you send. Apart from this, there is an underlying address book in your account that you can keep updates from important numbers if you ever need to send emergency SMS to anyone.

Area served: Unfortunately, afreesms service provider YAKEDI is available only in two countries that are Australia and New Zealand.

And in order to gather the information and get registered with Yakedi, you can follow the link here

7. TextFree



At the end, the other alternative to your mobile device (be it android or ios) for text message; Text Free is a great application which will help you to interact via texting and you can directly send SMS and even MMS message without even having the carrier or a texting plan. What all it requires is just an internet connection which is an easy factor today.

The specialty about the app is that it is simple and constantly ranked at the no. 1 place for the free messaging app.

The app is available for both Android and also for ios operation and using the app you can send the SMS in more than 30 countries worldwide including USA, Canada, Bahamas, Hungary, India and many more so.

You will be assigned a unique number which you will have to use whenever you send the SMS and the SMS can be sent to anyone, no matter whether he is having the same Textfree app installed or not; since the app acts just like the regular SMS texting services.

You install the app for your Android and also for iphone use which can be done directly from the official website of it i.e


With afreesms tools listed above, you will never have to worry about being unable to send the text. If a service goes down, then there is always another one. If you do not want to use a website, get the TextFree app – as a bonus, it will feel like you are actually texting someone. Are there other afreesms services? are there bulk SMS service provider like sendpulse? If you know and it is not mentioned here; you can let others know by commenting below in the comment section below.

If the article helped you out and you came to know something new today, let others also know about it by sharing this information with your well-wishers.

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