How to Print Multiple Pictures on one Page


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When someone asks you to produce hundreds of email conversations in one go then it is very easy after you read the following article. In this guide, we will give you the technique on how to print multiple pictures on one page. Whether you want to print multiple Gmail messages or want to print pictures then you have the full authority to print it. This work can be done with Google Apps.

How to Print Multiple Pictures on one Page

How to Print Multiple Pictures on one Page

How to Print Multiple Pictures on one Page

Gmail does not allow any option to print multiple email threads in a single command but you can use this feature with the Microsoft Outlook, the desktop program. The emails can be imported in the Outlook and select multiple images or emails and then hit the print button. Outlook will group all the tasks that are selected into a single file or the tasks can be directly sent to the printer.

If you do not want to perform the above process then there is another option also. You can select the multiple emails in Gmail and apply a common label. In the next step, you have to use an add on to save these emails as neatly formatted PDF files into your Google Drive. When the PDF files are ready to be downloaded then you can either print them through the Google could Print or download the PDF files to the desktop and print to the local printer.

Follow the below steps to print the email messages and attachments in the Gmail altogether.

  • Firstly you have to go to the Gmail and select one or more email threads and you have to then apply a common label to all the selected email threads.
  • Then visit Google Drive and create a folder.
  • Now you have to download and install the Save Emails add-on for Google Sheets.
  • Inside the Google Sheet you have to go the Add On >>> Save Email and Attachments >>> Create a New Rule.
  • Now you have to select the Print Gmail label from the dropdown menu that will appear and now you have to select the Google Drive folder.

Now you have to click on the Create Rule button and the add – on will be saved and the Gmail emails that you have marked will also be saved. Alternatively, you can go to the Manage rules menu and run a rule manually to save the marked email threads into Google Drive.

When the email has been saved in the drive then you have to click on the Gmail files and folder in Google Drive and choose download to save all the emails to your desktop. With the above process, you can send the emails to the printer with the simple keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P.


Now that we have learned how to print multiple pictures on one page or how to print multiple tasks on one page, you can easily perform the task. In case of any problem just comment in the comment section below and you will be guided by our experts on the same. Do comment your valuable suggestion to us so that we can improve this guide further and provide you with more of these kinds of tips and tricks.

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