How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically [16 Proven Ways]

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How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically: Since Social media is the only platform where you can find people spending most of the time and this is the reason why most of the business can be found operating from here. One among them is Instagram and everyone is curious to know how to grow followers fast. But at the same time, it is important to invest in the right type of Growth.

Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Grow Instagram Followers Organically

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More than these, Instagram is becoming a part of daily life for people present around the world.

So, now the questions are how you can operate your business or even personal brand in the most effective way to target new customers and grow your targeted customers? And for your answer, this post here will teach you 16 proven tactics to strategically grow your followers on Instagram.

Why Choose Instagram?

Now the question is the logic behind choosing Instagram for the business following. Here is two main reasons for that:

  • 1 billion Active Users on Instagram
  • Much more Growth Potentials with Instagram

1 billion Active Users on Instagram

Not it’s not any deceiving data but according to Business Insider and its recent news, Instagram reached a staggering 1 billion active users and to put that in perspective; Facebook has around 2.19 billion active users and also snap chat has around 100 million active users.

Much more Growth Potentials with Instagram

With many active users, Instagram provides an incredible opportunity to market your company’s products or services to a vast audience of potential customers.

But for many business owners, it is difficult to know where to start. Many businesses want to take advantage of the potential of Instagram, but very few know how to do it effectively.

That’s Fair Enough, But “How to Grow My Instagram Following?”

Now while you have seen all the reasons why Instagram has become a potential factor for business and follower increase, let’s see how you can increase your audience on Instagram that too without investing a penny but organically. But here are two key ways that help people to get followers:

  1. Organically Instagram Follower Influence
  2. Paid Instagram Followers

Organically Instagram Follower Influence

The word Organic refers to gain followers in a natural way by using the platforms and free tools that are provided by your Network to build and interact with your community.

Basically, you are planting seeds to post content, connecting with other Instagram users and seeing the following development.

Paid Instagram Followers

A quick Google on the subject will reveal a lot of services for you that promise to get hundreds of Instagram followers cheaply.

The problem with this strategy is that it is about quantity, not about quality. And these may not be trusted followers from a long time. They are unlikely to engage, unlikely to become customers, and unlikely to be meaningful followers.

Proven Ways to Improve your Potential of BIO URL

If someone is interested enough to click on your Instagram profile in your account, make it worth your while and make it so compelling that they want to follow you!

Your profile has a limited amount of characters, so make sure to identify what your company is and what it is. If you find it relevant, simply include your location. Make sure to put your URL in a profile, too: this way people can start growing your business further!

Additionally, be sure to use a compelling profile picture. You can use your business logo, but make sure it conforms to the branding on your website and other marketing materials. Otherwise, consider using a clear headshot or a picture of a major product offered by your company.

Inculcate the Habit of Consistent Posting Schedule [At least Once a Day]

While there is no hard and fast rule on how often you should post on Instagram, a good starting point is to post at least once a day.

Things can move fast on Instagram, and sticking to a consistent posting schedule can help you get into the swing of things and help ensure that people can grab your posts regularly.

Include the Video Post

Videos on Instagram are a great way to tell your followers who you are and what you care about.

You can promote products or services, show them in action, and provide entertainment value, showing your style, beauty and overall company culture to people. All these things provide extra value for your brand.

Must Include Related Hashtag with Your Post

Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Grow Instagram Followers Organically

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Hashtags can be a great way to attract potential customers by attracting people with specific interests.

As of now, you can find two types of a hashtag that people use: one is Branded Hashtag another one is Community Hashtag. For example, a community hashtag is more common, for example, # peanut butter while branded may be a tag specific to a company, such as peanut butter and the company’s # peanutbutterco hashtag.

There is no drawback to your hashtagging, however: if you always post the exact same, you may have lower returns. For best results be sure to use the relevant hashtag for the post in question.

Join With Instagram Engagement Groups

An Instagram engagement group (also known as Instagram pods) are basically groups where you and a group of like-minded accounts will agree to participate in the engagement.

So, for example, within the group, members will like and comment on your post, which will help them spread further into the Instagram-O-region.

In return, you respond, like and comment on their posts in a different way. Unlike paying for followers, it is usually a free, grass-roots method of gaining followers that proves beneficial to all parties

Try Unique Instagram Style

If you want to pay attention to Instagram, then develop a unique personal style and voice.

Creating content that aligns with your company’s branding and goals is important, and it tells people what you’re really doing. This can be realized through the coherent themes you post about, the color schemes you use, or the style of language you employ.

Do not insist on this: it cannot happen overnight. Continue to develop your style based on what the learner is working on and what the customers feel. And yes, see other accounts for inspiration as well. But make sure your content is specific.

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Build Connection on Influencer Marketing

For your best connection get in touch with good people who get the get the things noticed also known as an influencer.

On Instagram, “influencers” eat with a very large following. Their followers react to the content that they post, so they can really influence others you choose.

You may find it meaningful to reach influential people within your industry. This can be given by engaging them with them by presenting a product for review, or by leaving a comment on their account or tagging in a relevant post. Mentioning an influencer can be a powerful way to gain more followers.

Cross Promotion Further Helps Your Instagram

Cross-promotion can benefit both you and other parties related to your company so that both of you can benefit from attracting each other’s followers.

For example, say you have an Instagram account from your farm to table restaurant. You can consider cross-promotion with a post featuring one of your food suppliers. It can attract the eye easily.

Collaborate with Others On Instagram

Collaboration can also be an effective way to gain followers. For example, some time ago Play-Doh and Taco Bell collaborated on Instagram for National Taco Day. You can find the post containing Fox Tacos that is made up of Play-Doh.

As the partners of these two companies are unlikely, a collaboration may be one that has the power to attract new followers to both accounts.

Post During Best Potential Times of Audience Engagement

It is actually one of the best strategically way of posting. Although there are certain proven times which helps you with more engagement than others and posting on these time every day of the week, this can show you the maximum engagement transparently, that is a better alternative is Instagram Insights which you can find in your profile section and after analyzing the data of a week and a month you can easily understand that is an average visit time and engagement time of your audience on your post.

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Your Active Engagement with your Audience

This is called Social media for a reason and you will be able to make the biggest splash in case you are a brief social butterfly.

When people comment in your posts, make sure that you respond to them or at least like their comments. This further makes them feel noticed and appreciated indirectly and hence more likely to comment again

Create Influencing Caption of your Post

There is nothing like a clever caption to woo and entice followers. For example, posting a beautiful picture of a donut from your bakery’s menu is great, but if you have a boring caption like “Here’s a donut”, the post won’t have maximum effect.

On the other hand, posting the same photo of a donut with a funny tagline like “Donut Worry, Be Happy” will instantly make the post more attractive. Try smartness with your captions there!

Instagram Stories Utilization

Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Grow Instagram Followers Organically

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Instagram Stories are finite and also the format is a little bit more casual. You can simply post time to time updates, many behind the scene stories, videos or photos or more “throwaway” contents that are fun for the moment and then disappears with the time from your feed.

And if you are consistently posting interesting content on your stories, it can provide a new avenue for attracting new followers.

Use of Quality Photo on Instagram

Now don’t get intimidated by this trick. Now you don’t have to worry about being a quality photographer to post successful photos on Instagram. However, you can simply utilize your common sense to capture the most compelling visual images. Here are some common things you should consider:

Light Balance

Photos should be taken in natural light or with a great artificial light balance. These make images more appealing than those taken in low-light or grainy photos.

Cropping of Image Intelligently

Assure that the compositions of your photo are interesting.

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Flatter Yourself

While taking the photos of your company products make sure that you take beauty shots by capturing their best angles and this takes the compelling views.

Don’t use Over Filter Images

Over filtering your image can make it more phony and amateurish.

Tag Locations in Your Post:

Do you know adding a location to your post can further help you get noticed?

For example, say you have a jewelry making business and you sell your merchandise in different stores in the country. If you share a picture of a product available in a given store or area, it can help those who are interested in that establishment to find you.

If you have a brick and mortar location, you can encourage others to tag them in their posts too!

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Engage with People with Same Niches:

Just don’t engage with your followers. Engage with the entire community around your brand. Post on posts from other people within your field or industry, and try to make friends of those specifically affected.

Posting thoughtful comments on other people’s posts can help you pay attention not only to the person posting but also to their followers.

Grab Attention Outside Instagram:

Remember to draw attention back to your Instagram page from other places online.

Do not assume that people following you on Facebook and Twitter also know you active on Instagram. Link to your Instagram post on Facebook, mention your branded hashtag in your email, and screenshot photos from Instagram for your blog post.

The more attention you draw on your IG profile from other places on the web, the more your brand reaches. What’s more, by building your presence on other channels you can boost your credibility which is enough to get a chance on Instagram verification.

Some ways to cross your IG channel include:

  • Writing guest posts for blogs relevant to your audience
  • Mentioning your #hashtags and posting links on other social channels
  • Submitting a press release with a link to your IG account
  • Add Instagram information to your email campaigns

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Terminate Your Unwanted Tagged Photos from your Profile

If you only want to feature the best user-generated content about you or your brand on your Instagram profile, you can. Now, you cannot completely delete tagged photos from the site by selecting “Edit Tag”, which you want to delete and by selecting “Hide from Profile” (you may need to confirm). It does the trick.

Encourage and Instill UGC (user-created content)

Consumers are 7 times more likely to buy from a brand suggested by their peers. More than your customers, @mentions, and tags help you reach new audience members you may never have found yourself.

There are many ways to cultivate UGC. One of the easiest options is to run a competition with branded hashtags. Give your customers a chance to win something special. If they share pictures of themselves with your product, follow your profile and tag your friends in the comments.

When you choose a winner for your competition, you will be able to access more user-generated content by asking your customers to post a review on your social profile or show your prize. Remember, great giveaways are needed:

  • A Lucrative prize
  • Branded hashtags and promotional tags such as #Giveaway
  • A way to monitor entries

Instagram vs. Facebook [Which Platform is Best for Business]

When you will go as per Report in 2017, Facebook has reportedly lost 2.8 million users under 25 years of age in the United States alone, data confirmed by the firm eMarketer. This is the first time, the social networking giants have experienced such a significant decline in users, and the situation is not going to improve soon if anticipated. On the other hand, that was reported an increase in active monthly users that were on Instagram in December 2016, up from 800 million in September 2017.

Many experts are now predicting that Instagram will handle Facebook user data by 2020.

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Integration of e-commerce

All major social media networks benefit from the average user, completely free. It is the advertising revenue of e-commerce businesses that keeps these networks operational. Where in the one hand Facebook was the first to integrate e-commerce into the experience, but it couldn’t achieve much success. The reason was very sober and simple. The layout allotted was seen to be compelling, rather than attracting the users and it began to take off. And the Second trouble? Facebook went too far with the idea, so much so that you can find today an average timeline looking like a stream of advertisements that is filled with relevant posts from friends and also with the family.

On the other hand, Instagram was more sophisticated with its approach. It integrated commerce in a seamless way. And now with its in-app payment facility, it would not be wrong to say that the platform has mastered the art of selling goods online!

How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically [Summary]

  1. Inculcate the habit of consistent posting schedule
  2. Include the video post
  3. Must include a related hashtag with your post
  4. Join with Instagram engagement groups
  5. Try a unique Instagram style
  6. Build connection on influencer marketing
  7. Cross-promotion further helps your Instagram
  8. Collaborate with others on Instagram
  9. Post during best potential times of audience engagement
  10. Your active engagement with your audience
  11. Create influencing caption of your post
  12. Instagram stories utilization
  13. Use of quality photo on Instagram
  14. Tag locations in your post
  15. Engage with people with same niches
  16. Terminate your unwanted tagged photos from your profile
  17. Encourage and Instill UGC (user-created content)

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How can I get 1000 followers on Instagram?

  1. Complete your BIO.
  2. Connect with your friends. Follow the people you know.
  3. Look out for your audience.
  4. Communication is key.
  5. Post interesting content for your audience.
  6. Be consistent.
  7. Start a conversation.
  8. Use the correct hashtag.

How can I get real Instagram followers for free?

All you have to do to redeem your free Instagram followers is enter your username and email address and click on the ‘Get Followers’ button. Within minutes, you will get a free followers package instantly.

Is 1000 followers on Instagram a lot?

Instagram only allows you to follow 7,500 people. Therefore, your follower / following ratio can only increase. Therefore your follower / follow ratio will be only between 1,000 and 15,000 followers. The average number of followers for a personal Instagram account is 150.

How do you increase likes on Instagram?

  1. Use hashtags wisely

Use relevant tags. Otherwise, the user will select the option ‘Hashtag for this hashtag’.

Put them in the right place. Say, 2 or 3 of your most important tags in photo captions.

Need more than a few? Fine, Instagram allows 30 per post.

Beware of them. Do not use the same list for every post.

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How many followers do you have to have for Instagram to pay you?

While it may not be viable for regular people to achieve this level of notoriety, even with just 100,000 followers, an Instagram user could earn $ 5,000 for a post made in partnership with a brand is. If you want to make money through Instagram, you need to make sure that the brand wants to partner with you.

Can someone tell you are looking at their Instagram?

However, I have some good news for you. On Instagram, you remain anonymous. It does not matter if you visit the profile page twenty times a day, the user will not be notified. Your friends, family members, businesses — no one knows you are scrolling on their profile and consuming every photo they upload.

Final Words

When it comes to Instagram and the factor of How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically that is used for your business and brand, organic is the way to grow your business. It may take a little longer to buy followers, but rest assured, organic growth will yield better results in the long run. To really promote organic growth, remember these key points:

Have an identity. A clear profile picture, bio, and a different style in your feed will all help you get noticed and follow Garner.

The connection is a key factor in this. Connecting with your followers and other accounts in your niche is one of the most effective ways to grow organically.

This further helps people find you. Using hashtags and associating your location with posts can help Instagram users find your account.

At SocialUpgrade, we can help you make your social media goals a reality in a realistic and sustainable way. We are committed to helping you determine best practices and approaches for your specific brand so that you can quickly grow Instagram followers.

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