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If you leave your Mountain Dew on your new Lenovo laptop keyboard, you are probably looking for a fix How to Disable Laptop Keyboard.

One thing you can do is, if your computer is not really fried, you can disable the laptop keyboard and consider using an external USB-powered keyboard to work with your laptop.

How to Disable Laptop Keyboard

How to Disable Laptop Keyboard

How to Disable Laptop Keyboard

We’ve gathered several possible ways to do the following – the first 4 are for your ordinary Windows computer. But we also produced compilations for Macintosh, Ubuntu, and Linux.

Scroll through and tell us how the fixes worked! And always remember to do a backup so that you can undo any (disastrous) changes.


4 ways to disable your laptop keyboard

First Solution

One of the users recommended the following procedure, which, in fact, instead of disabling, laptop keyboards. Simply follow the step by step process that is been mentioned to you here and that you can simply try out as your first process.

  1. Go to your laptop’s start menu
  2. Type “Device Manager” and press Enter
  3. Click on device manager
  4. Locate keyboard in device manager
  5. Click the “+” sign to access the drop-down menu to disable the keyboard driver
  6. Usually, a restart is required to make it permanent or uninstall it.

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Second Solution

The same voting guide in the same Tom Guide thread suggested installing a third-party device manager from CNET.

Some users succeeded in installing the third-party Device Manager, which allowed them to disable their laptop keyboard driver instead of removing it.

It is important that you create a restore save point on your Windows, Macintosh or Linux operating system so that you can roll back the changes when you screw up.

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Third Solution

On, a user was wondering how he could disable the Windows 7 laptop keyboard, but not the third-party wireless keyboard.

The best voting option comes from d3vid, who stated that there was no “disabled” option available on their laptops. And whenever he tried to uninstall it, he was forced to restart, at which point the driver was reinstalled. Their solution was to intentionally employ an inconsistent driver.

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The Solution is as Follows:

While you have tried the above solution once but yet you don’t get the proper answer for it then here is the third process step by step that helps you with resort the same.

  1. First of all Open device manager
  2. Then next is to choose “Update Driver”
  3. Once you are asked to “check or use online drivers”, then simply select “existing drivers only”
  4. Display incompatible drivers (or select “Use only compatible drivers”)
  5. Pick one
  6. Then again restart

Your laptop keyboard (and touchpad) should now be disabled

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If you want to reinstall the keyboard:

  1. Select compatible driver
  2. Restart

Fourth Solution

While you have gone through the above article, you can simply try out the other solution mentioned here which is used better for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 Users.

It follows the same basic format as the above solutions, with a warning that if no disable option is available, the default laptop keyboard will be automatically detected and if the device manager scans for new hardware.

In that example, you must repeat the removal process again.

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Special Solutions for other Laptops

Macintosh Laptop

One solution for Mac users is to connect a mouse, keyboard, and external monitor and then run it in closed-display mode.

In Apple.StackExchange, a user was wondering if it is possible to completely disable the MacBook’s built-in keyboard. They wanted to ensure that no input was received from that keyboard when connected to an external keyboard.

A particularly technical solution was suggested that disabling the keyboard included loading AppleUSBTCKeyboard.kext.

Another user said that they employed a utility called Keyboard Cleaner that would disable the keyboard.

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Ubuntu laptop

On the Ubuntu forums, a 64 bit Ubuntu Lucid Lynx user who relied on an external USB keyboard wanted to disable the internal keyboard of their laptop using the software.

While it is only possible to physically disconnect the wiring of the internal keyboard, it wanted to be able to reconnect it easily through software by executing only one terminal command. One solution was to run the command at startup.

This can be accomplished by adding the command at the end of the /home/user/.bashrc file.

Forum users say that you can only add commands to the System> Preferences> Startup application (it only works when you are working with Ubuntu and there is no such thing as Kubuntu or Xubuntu, etc.)

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Linux laptop

At AskUbuntu, a techie accidentally fried his keyboard with a cup of water. He was looking for a way to disable his HP Pavilion DV9000, the Linux laptop’s internal keyboard using xmodmap.

The most engraved response included some detailed coding — so make sure you refer to the support thread for complete details.

In short, AskUbuntu users suggested a fix using xinput to float input devices under X.


How Can you Lock your Keyboard?

If your keyboard lacks the “Windows” key, you can lock the keyboard by pressing the “CTRL” + “Alt” + “Del” key simultaneously for a few seconds. If the Windows Security window appears, select “Lock Computer”. If the Task Manager window appears, select “Shutdown”, then “Lock Computer” to lock the keyboard.

How do I Turn off the International Keyboard?

Permanently Close Foreign Language Keyboard

There are two ways to permanently disable a foreign language keyboard. Right-click your keyboard icon, and then left-click on Settings. Select the Advanced Key Settings tab, and change the Key Sequence Sequence button.

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How do I Temporarily Disable my Laptop Keyboard?

To re-enable the keyboard and mouse, simultaneously press the Ctrl + Alt + Del key on the disabled keyboard (Ctrl + Alt + Del to get the screen) and then click the Esc key. The catch is that you cannot just disable the keyboard like most other software.

Why is my laptop Keyboard Locked?

One of the most common reasons for a locked keyboard is to hold the Shift key, sometimes called the keyboard lock key, for eight seconds or more. It changes keyboard settings, locks some keys or the entire computer keyboard.

What is Multilingual Typing?

This lets you type in multiple languages ​​in Gboard without changing your language. Just start typing or swiping in multiple languages ​​at once and see that Gboard does its magic.

How do I Get rid of the Google Keyboard?

  1. Go to Settings and tap on Apps.
  2. Find GBoard from the list of apps and tap on it.
  3. Tap the disable button on the next screen.

Final Words

While searching for the process about How to Disable Laptop Keyboard you have seen the compendium of information that helps you with the complete guide of and different ways using which you will be able to use for the problem sort out easily and effectively.

All the processes that are been described you here above are a proven process that has been used before to sort out the same problem.

Rest if the one procedure doesn’t work, simply try the other one and that’s all. In case if you have any queries or opinions regarding the same then you can simply use the comment section below.

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