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Choosing a laptop is a rather complicated process. We want a satisfying price, a suitable appearance and, most importantly – the best features for such a price. But if you need to choose the best laptop for Kali Linux or just Linux system, then the task is even more complicated, because here you also need to consider the compatibility of equipment with this operating system.

Even though Linux with each new version of the kernel, supports more and more new hardware with many laptops, problems can arise. Yes, perhaps the basic functions will work fine, but problems with the wireless adapter, touchpad, or specific hardware buttons can occur.

In this article, we will talk about how to proceed with choosing a laptop for Linux and you can easily examine which is the best laptop for kali linux.

How to Choose a Laptop for Linux?

How to Choose a Laptop for Linux

How to Choose a Laptop for Linux

Let’s consider which laptop is better and how not to get into a situation when a Linux laptop is purchased, but it turns out that one of the most necessary functions does not work.

Canonical Certified Laptops for Linux

Certified Laptops for Linux

Certified Laptops for Linux

Canonical, which is developing the Linux Ubuntu distribution, certifies Ubuntu-compatible hardware manufacturers, including laptops. This means that if the laptop is certified, then it will definitely work perfectly with Linux and all its features will be supported. 

The list includes such well-known laptop manufacturers as Dell, HP, Lenovo, ASUS. In addition to the name and model of the laptop, in the list, you can find some information about the device – the processor used, the video card, the network, and wireless adapter.

Mix Laptops for Linux

It is not always possible to buy a certified laptop for Linux. There are not so many such devices, and by the characteristics or price, they may not suit you. Nevertheless, many manufacturers have recently released laptops with a pre-installed Linux operating system. And this means that Linux should work well on this device, and there are many more such laptops than certified ones, although there are some nuances here.

Also, this option to purchase is much cheaper than buying a laptop with Windows because you do not need to pay for a licensed version of Windows, especially since you are not going to use it.

A few years ago, I chose a laptop in this way. And I was completely satisfied, there were almost no problems. Difficulties were only with configuring the Wifi adapter in the access point mode. So if you use this method, you need not only to rely on the manufacturers.

Dell Laptops for Linux

For a long time, Dell has partnered with Linux and free software. This story began in 1998 when US presidential candidate Ralph Nader asked Dell and several other companies to support Linux. At that time, the state was concerned about Microsoft’s monopoly on software. Dell is the first company to manufacture Linux PCs on board.

They offered Linux for the full range of their products, but this did not last long; in 2001, Linux was quietly forgotten. But in 2007, the CEO announced the release of machines with Ubuntu. Ubuntu used to ship by default on more laptops, but now they are down. I think you should pay attention to this manufacturer. But the prices of the company’s products are very impressive.

Chromebook as a Laptop for Linux

A Chromebook is a laptop with a pre-installed ChromeOS operating system. It is a unique operating system based on Gentoo Linux, the main feature of which is the use of a browser to solve all user tasks, maximum lightness, and security.

Google is testing these laptops before they are released so that ChromeOS fully works on them, and if ChromeOS works, then any other Linux will work just as well. True, these laptops have several drawbacks; they are designed only for surfing the Internet, have meager characteristics and a small hard drive. So if you need a huge performance – this option is not for you.

Check out how to disable laptop keyboard if you need help.

Community Verified Laptops

If you did not find a suitable laptop from the methods suggested above, you could search for a device that is not supplied with Linux but has already been verified by other users.

One of them is linux-laptop.net; users who buy a laptop and make sure it works with Linux add its model to the site directory. It is possible to view categories or search for the desired model. You can find the desired laptop in the online store, and then check to see if anyone has left feedback on its compatibility with Linux.

Choosing a Laptop for Linux Yourself

If none of the methods described above suit you, one more remain. Find a laptop yourself. Find the model you want in the online store, and then ask Google the query “Ubuntu Model,” “Linux Model,” “Debian Model,” and so on. So, you will see what problems faced users who bought this laptop model and tried to install Linux on it.

The network has a huge number of forums, including for the Linux operating system, users are always looking for solutions to their problems, and ask questions. After reviewing all this information, you can understand whether there were problems when using the device, how to solve them, and you can make an adequate decision about buying a laptop.

Also, if you have already chosen a laptop with pre-installed Linux, it will not hurt to check if other users had problems with it.

I also want to note, be especially careful when choosing a video card and a wireless network adapter, since it is with this equipment that the most compatibility problems are associated. Regarding the video card, avoid the NVIDIA Optimus technology, since it works very poorly on Linux and you may have to spend a lot of time and effort setting it up.

Of the wireless adapters in Linux, Realtek, and Atheros, to some extent, show themselves well, but with the now popular Broadcom, there may be problems (it all depends on the exact model). Don’t worry about UEFI, this technology is already fully supported by Linux and everything will work fine, though the installation will be a little more complicated than usual.


Now you know how to choose a laptop for Linux. So, before buying any laptops for Linux, you can use this process. If you have your thoughts on this or have experience choosing a laptop for Linux – share in the comments.

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