How to Block a Number on Galaxy S6 (Android Nougat Update)


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Sometimes it is very irritating to get fraud and unwanted calls and messages on your cellphone. It makes the day awful if you get too many unwanted messages and calls from the person or the company or number whim you do not want to receive the message and the call.

How to Block a Number on Galaxy S6

How to Block a Number on Galaxy S6

How to Block a Number on Galaxy S6

Android nougat has a built-in-feature to block the call and messages. There is no requirement of any third party apps or software to block the unwanted calls and messages on Galaxy S6. No worries we will tell you the whole steps on how to block a number on Galaxy S6 and get rid of some tension.

This guide will show the features of Android Nougat and call blocking feature and how you can add the numbers to the block list using various different methods.

What do we Mean by Android Nougat Call Blocking?

There are a number of calls which you do not want to attend. These calls and message are sometimes irritating to all of us e.g. calls from spammers and unwanted persons. The call blocking feature is not available before the release of Android Nougat.

Yes, there are some of the vendors which provide the call blocking feature, but they are not available to many of us. You will find several call blocking apps in the play store.

There is another option to block the calls in samsung galaxy s6 i.e. divert the call to the voicemail number. At last, Google introduced the call blocking feature in the latest Android Nougat 7.0.

It is simple and yet effective. You can block any number of calls and messages in the smartphone. Nexus, Pixel and Google offer the additional feature of caller ID and spam protection in their phones but this is not a standard Android Nougat feature. So in this guide, we will try to help you with the stock Android Nougat feature – call blocking.

How to Use Call Blocking Feature in Android Nougat?

Default, the block list will be empty and there will be no numbers that will be blocked. There are three ways by which the numbers could be blocked in the smartphone.

  • You can block the numbers from the phone app settings.
  • Block numbers by visiting the call logs.
  • Block numbers by going to messages app settings.

In case you want to block certain numbers then you can see the below steps. We will see how we can block the contacts using the dialer app settings.

  • For blocking the number you have to add the contacts to the blocked list.
  • Start the phone app in the Android Nougat phone.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots i.e. the menu key.
  • Tap on the Settings menu in the phone app.
  • Then you have to tap on the call blocking tab.
  • The settings could vary from android vendor to vendor.
  • When you will tap on the call blocking you will be directed to “Add a Number” in the list.
  • Tap on “Add a Number”.
  • It will display the list of numbers that are currently blocked by you.
  • You can tap and hold the number to unblock or Tap on Add a number to select the contact from the contact list.
  • Select the number and tap on Block to block the particular number.

There are other ways to access the Call Blocking feature. E.g. you can go to the Messages app and tap on blocked contacts to access the blocked numbers page.

How to unblock a number on galaxy s6: With this, you can add a new number or remove the contact from the blocked list.

To block call contact from the call log, open the phone app and switch to call history. Tap on the number and select Block Number.

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Now we have seen how to block a number on galaxy s6 easily without using any third party application. In case you encounter with any other problem in Samsung Galaxy S6 or want to know how to block all incoming calls on galaxy s6 then you can message us by commenting us in the comments section below. Our team of experts will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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