How Online Dating Sites Scam People These Days?

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Online dating can bring happiness but also disappointments and losses. On dating sites, there is a business with transparent earning schemes. So, how to spot a scammer?

How Online Dating Sites Scam People These Days?

Online Dating Sites Scam People

Online Dating Sites Scam People

1. When you start chatting with a person on the Internet, try to pay attention to when he or she appears there

The fact is that by making an online acquaintance, scams can be avoided only if you are always vigilant. That is why it is so important to keep track of time. So, if your interlocutor communicates with you only during the day and never gets in touch in the evening, most likely he/she is married, and you are just a kind of “entertainment” during working hours. A person who wants to find a soulmate, on the contrary, will prefer to communicate in the evenings, in their spare time.

2. Extortion

It takes 2-3 months for scammers to gain trust and make victims fall in love with them. They often look for single moms for dating online because they are vulnerable (the same goes to single dads). Then they talk about financial difficulties, illnesses of relatives, and debts, and victims send help (money), after which scammers disappear immediately or after a while. Sometimes victims give them money for years.

3. Pay attention to the photographs of the person you are chatting with

Remember that one photo is not an indicator. That’s why, having made an acquaintance, be sure to ask your interlocutor to send you some other pictures. It is best if they are relatively new. In addition, you can ask where they were, whether your friend liked the place where he/she was, etc. Remember that if your new friend is suddenly confused or even suddenly “offline,” then, most likely, this person hides something.

4. Talking with a new friend and see how he/she answers the question about relationships

For a person who decides to find a soulmate using dating sites cheating is impossible; therefore, he/she will give a direct answer to the question asked. Such users will not bustle, laugh it off, and give you strange conclusions. They will immediately say that they don’t have a relationship. However, you can meet people who are only looking for some entertainment on the Internet. This option is definitely not suitable for you, so immediately say goodbye to such a person.

5. Have a Video Date

Cheating is easy to prevent if you buy a webcam (and if you have a laptop, don’t be lazy and use the built-in camera). With this wonderful device, you will avoid many problems that are directly related to your new Internet friend. After all, you will see the face of people you are communicating with, and you will hear their voice. You can understand what they are because their eyes will be in front of you, and you will be able to draw some conclusions about their manners and behavior. Finally, most likely, you will have the opportunity to see where and how your friend lives (no one forbids looking at the background). And this can tell a lot to an attentive person.

6. You Asked to Exchange Naked Photos after 2 hours of Acquaintance

Don’t give in to the temptation to send photos of your naked body. Before you send them to someone or tell about your next BDSM fantasy at three in the morning, after 3 glasses of martini, ask yourself the question: “What if my mother sees this?” (sister, grandmother, boss, etc.). After all, to take a screenshot of the correspondence even without a reason and to send it to those who don’t need it is a simple matter for a scammer. Of course, this can happen after a real acquaintance too. Just understand one thing: there is no reason to think that a person who makes the impression of being kind is actually so.

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