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Are you interested in creating realistic 3D scenes from the beginning or want to create some kind of games which look realistic then here is a software which allows you to create these kinds of stuff from scratch. You have used the Google Sketchup for creating awesome creations, here we will read about one of the best software for 3D modeling and animation which is a sketchup alternative.

Importing characters is always feasible in other software like AutoCAD, 3ds Max and other modeling and animation software.

Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup

TrueSpace is a software used to create such kind of 3D scenes from scratch. Previously the software was available to the users and the users have to pay an amount of $600 but when Microsoft acquired the company then it was available for free on the Microsoft website.

Now you can freely download the trueSpace software and this was released an alternative to sketch that was owned by Google. The virtual earth software and the website was also constructed using the software Sketchup by which you can create 3D models for Google Earth.

The education community likes this software of trueSpace very much and is known for the best simulations. Like with any other software, the learning curve that is involved with trueSpace and if you are looking for the best alternative to the above software then trueSpace is the best for you. If you want to get the premium version of trueSpace then it is available at the competitive price at the online store.


So we now know what is the best sketchup alternative that is available for the 3D modeling and animation for the users. In case you want to know more about the tricks like these then you can contact us in the comments section below. Post your queries there and our team will reach out to your query soon.

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