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Want tips to set up a Google Home from a mobile device? Here we will see a full guide on how to set a Google Home PC App and know more about the Google Home. Google Home was generally designed for ordinary users. The feature is very easy to use and set up a Google Home.

The Google Home could be set up from a PC or any device which has an internet connection and could run Google Home App. The settings are available for the Chrome browser, Android as well as iOS.

Google Home PC App

Google Home PC App

Google Home PC App

Whether you have a Google Home Mini or Google Home Max both are identical. This article works for both Apps. So let us start on why you should set up the Google Home.

Reason to Setup Google Home

Reason to Setup Google Home

You can set up a Google Cast in the following conditions:

  • When you have a new Google Home.
  • When you have done a factory data reset.
  • Your wireless network is changed.

In case you are not able to connect to Google Home then you can check the status of the LED light colors in the top touch panel.

The Wi-Fi network could also be changed if your Google Home is working properly.

How to Setup Google Home

How to Setup Google Home

How to Setup Google Home

While the Google Home is powered ON, you can easily set up the Google Home. The LED light color of the top panel displays the status of Google Home. You will find a LED above the G logo at the backside of Google Home.

When you have the Android device you can set up the Google Home by installing it from the Play Store.

When the Google Home App is successfully installed then you have to start the Google Home App and you have to grant the permission to the application (For Android 6.0 or above)

  • The location services need to be turned on in order to make Google Home work.
  • With this Google will try to locate the Google Home and google chromecast around it. In case you are far away from Google then you need to move a bit closer to the Google Home in order to find it.
  • When the Google Home device has been found then you have to click on the continue

Connecting with Google Home

Connecting with Google Home

Connecting with Google Home

On finding the mobile device Google Home will connect to it and you will notice a mobile device is switching device network automatically.

  • When the network connection is established then you will get the notification as follows: “Connected to Wi-Fi Network – GoogleHome XXXX”
  • Do not try to manually connect it to the network as it may result in the loss of connection.
  • Tap on Play Test Sound in mobile for chromecast app for windows 10 or in case any windows you have it in PC.
  • If you are able to hear the sound then tap on I Heard otherwise try again.
  • In the future, you may also get an option to get more relevant information based on the room you are living in.

Setting Up Wi-Fi Network for Google Chrome

When you have chosen the room, now it is the time to set the Wi-Fi network. By default, the Google Home will pick up the network you are in. It also gives an option to save the Wi-Fi password which by tapping the OK button on the phone.

In some of the smartphones, the Wi-Fi password which is already saved on the mobile may not get transferred to the Google Home. In this case, the Google Home provides you the keyboard to type the password or reset chromecast for better functioning of the device.

In case there is more than one Wi-Fi network available in your home then the phone will switch to this network after the setup has been finished.

When the Wi-Fi setup is finished then tap on the Continue button.

Initializing the Google Assistant

In the early setup to Google Home, you will have to setup the Google Assistant also. It will ask to initialize the Google Assistant with the associated Google account.

Although it is not recommended to skip this part you can skip this part of the setup. Since many of the Google functions are dependent on The Google Assistant so many of the features will not work until you finish this setup.

  • Tap on the Sign-In button to initialize the Google Account on your device.
  • In case you have more than one Google account you have the option to select the Google account of your preference.
  • Only one Google account can be linked to the on the device.
  • Google Home provides the option to make an alteration in personal If you are alone then you can change the personal results to ON mode.
  • The feature of Google Home location is also provided here as it gives the information on the local weather and information about traffic nearby.

Choosing the Default Music Services

Google Cast Newsletter is also given in the Google Home as a feature. It does not send you spam mails and seldom sends mails.

Chromecast app for android can play the music from any of the devices. So you can set up the default music device to play the music with, when there are many of the devices aired in ON mode.

You can choose the default music service from:

  • Google Play music
  • YouTube music
  • Spotify
  • Pandora

Enjoy Your Google Home

Now try Google Home with the OK Google or just say Hey Google. You can also take google cast help for more information.

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Till now you must have understood the application of Google Home PC App or chromecast app for pc. If you still have problems in connecting the Google Home to your Android device or pc or your chromecast not working then you can contact us in the comments section below. You will get help from us as soon as possible.

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