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Are you not able to get Google news approval because of certain factors? Google News website does not allow many of the websites to get into the field because it has its own importance. There is nothing to worry about and you will start getting several of the approvals once you follow the guidelines which are given in this article.

how to get google news site approval

how to get google news site approval

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You will find many of the bloggers who are getting into this technique to drive maximum traffic into their website. The amount of traffic is really huge if your website ranks with a Google News algorithm. In this article, we are going to see the titbits of Google News and how to get google news site approval and also how your site could better index with the algorithm of Google news.

How to Get Google News Site Approval

The content which does not have news will be obviously rejected by the algorithm of Google. To maintain this you should publish news content to enter your website in Google News algorithm or your google news submission rejected. There is another side of the coin also, many of the bloggers use the Google News websites for their promotional content or promote their products but Google is very strict for these types of actions. Google may ban you from applying Google AdSense on the website or completely ban or impose some fine over the website for violating the Google guidelines.

Although it is not necessary that you should be media news reporter to post the content on Google but you should adhere strictly to the guidelines of the Google. You should be authorized to post the content related to news, media, and current happenings. The content that strictly follows the guidelines and Google Webmaster Guidelines is always loved by Google.

Now we will pointwise see what precautions should you take and what are the basic requirements by which you can post your website under the Google News Sitemap. So let us see how to get google news site approval in an easy way by reading all the steps as described here.

What do we mean by Google News?

What do we mean by Google News

What do we mean by Google News

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Google News is a news application algorithm which works on all the platforms which are solely owned and developed by Google. Several of the bloggers and publishers are continuously trying to get into Google News so that they could get skyrocketing traffic on their website with google news publisher center. Google news supports platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry web, and many others.

What are the Steps to Get Google News Approval

Now we have had enough discussion about Google News and the profit it could make to you when your website gets a Google News approval. It is a dream come true for many of the bloggers to get their website listed as Google News. Follow the rules that are described here and you will definitely be able to get your website ranked under Google News algorithm. So let us see what are the steps to get Google News Approval.

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The theme of the Website – Google News Theme Standards

Google News Theme Standards

Google News Theme Standards

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WordPress is the easiest to use and it also has an interactive user interface. It is used for the front end web design and it readily follows the Google News Publisher Guidelines. The more attractive a website looks in its visuals, the more visitors it attracts. There are various elements that play an important role in the indexing of websites like the theme, navigation, and widgets.

There are various styles that are suited for the Google News website and Magazine theme is best suited for this purpose. In the magazine, you can get many of the categories which are used on the news website. Just look at the Google news for reference, whichever site you open through Google news, it follows the same pattern.

These are the steps which will make your appeal to the Google stronger in making the website indexed in Google News platform.

  • You should have a short URL and unique.
  • You should interlink your article with articles on your own website. The JavaScript and anchor text is to be included of the main keyword.
  • The content should be formatted in HTML code.
  • You have to allow the Google news bots so that it can crawl your website in order to do proper indexing of all the articles.
  • You can make use of the WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO to create a Google news sitemap.
  • The keywords should include in the Meta tags. Use this format to include news in keyword meta.
    <meta name=”news keywords” content=”Main keyword”>

The practice of a Good Journalism Principles

Good Journalism Principles

Good Journalism Principles

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If you look at the meta tags then you will find that Google is now no longer a simple search engine. All the content is now focused on news related to current events.

The information is focussed on more of the resourceful and trusted information rather than just targeting keywords. You will find many of the trusted websites in Google News which are already ranking on the top home page of Google, they focus purely on content and generate trust according to the resources.

You should try that more of your information is spread within limited words. The tactics like anchored texts and meta tags should be properly placed with quality content rather. Focus on quality of information rather than the length.

Do not worry about the SEO part as it is already done by WordPress and you will also be helped by Google if you write a proper well-researched content. Let us see what are the features that attract the visitors the most. 

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Content Guidelines for Google News Approval

Copied Content could lead to Disastrous Circumstances

Copied Content could lead to Disastrous Circumstances

Copied Content could lead to Disastrous Circumstances

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If you want that really your content should rank then make sure that the content is not plagiarised, i.e. it should not be copied from elsewhere.  A copied content de-ranks the page.

Make sure that whenever you take any resources from anywhere, they should be trustworthy. When a source will be trustworthy then the content will also be trustworthy.

You can see all the examples by just typing Google News in the Google Search Engine. IF you are a reputed author at some websites like medium or any ranked website then it will help you to rank your unlisted website very fast. Google takes care of trustfulness.

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Repetition of Words Could Expel you from achieving High Rankings

Repetition of Words Could Expel you from achieving High Rankings

Repetition of Words Could Expel you from achieving High Rankings

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Repetition of keywords or listing the same talk, again and again, could have a bad impact on visitors. Keep it short and simple with simple google news format as already we have discussed that it is not a matter of words but a matter of quality.

  • Active Voice in the news headline could impact hugely on the visitors. In the active voice, the sentence starts with the subject which helps in shortening of the sentence.
  • Try to write the whole content in the present As the news will capture a short duration of the subject so no need to write content other than present tense.
  • Capitalization of the title is necessary. It makes the title impressive.
  • Google wants news, not evergreen content. So see the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Evergreen content works with other websites but not on Google News.
  • Time is essential in the news, upload news in google as early as possible which the event has happened or is going to occur.
  • Post at least more than 2 news articles per day to gain the Google algorithm trust.
  • If you see the reputed news websites, they have more than 1 author for posting content. If you can alone post more than 2 content then it is good, otherwise, take help of someone.

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How Long Will it Take to Approve the Website in Google News

If you have followed all the guidelines of Google News optimization then it will not take more than 24 hours to approve the website in Google News. But there are certain limitations that sometimes there are more than enough applications for the approval for Google news so it takes a bit longer time.

Although it is not necessary that once your website has been approved for Google News site it will start generating traffic, the case is only true when your article will be featured in Google News. Make sure that you focus on these points.

  1. Strong social engagement (tweets, FB likes, shares,)
  2. High traffic
  3. Authority
  4. Word count and story length

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So these were the top guideline on How to Get Google News Site Approval. Make sure that you adhere to these guidelines strictly in order to make your website approved in the Google News algorithm. Don’t be impatient in making the site approved, everything takes time and this process will also take time too. Properly install the Google News Sitemap plugins in your WordPress directory.

Still not able to make your website in the list of Google News, then you can post your query in the comments section below. We will be glad to hear from you. Happy blogging!

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