Gavin Newsom Signs The Bill


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The Governor of California signed a bill on Monday cracking down the doctors who write fraudulent medical exemptions for vaccination that is for school-going children. Gavin Newsom the democratic governor had put forth some conditions which if fulfilled will help in approving the bill.  He would have not approved the bill if those conditions were not fulfilled.

The lawmakers didn’t take much time in completing the demands of the governor. They made the changes and the democratic governor of California took less than an hour to act on it.

Legislators didn’t hold back from approving the changes even after hundreds of protestors were shouting and pounding on the walls and doors which also delayed the Senate debate for around two hours.

Gavin Newsom Signs The Bill

Gavin Newsom Signs The Bill

Many of the opponents were detained by police when they were blocking the entrances to the Capitol and the lawmakers continued to act on bills.

“This legislation provides new tools to better protect public health, and does so in a way that ensures parents, doctors, public health officials and school administrators all know the rules of the road moving forward,” Newsom said in a statement.

The lawmakers had sent an initial bill last week aiming the doctors who sell fraudulent medical exemptions. Richard Pan of San Francisco also agreed to carry on the legislation which would give school-going children a grace period which could last several years on existing medical exemptions among many other things.

Democratic Richard Pan said “The two bills are needed to “keep children safe from preventable diseases,”

This act was sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics, The California Medical Association and the advocacy group Vaccinate California, all of them gave their final approval.

The opponents not only forced delays in the Senate debate but in the Assembly as well.  The protestors unfurled an upside-down American Flag which is a traditional signal of distress. They also chanted” My kids, my choice” and “We will not comply” at the Senate’s public gallery.

The protestors then returned to the Assembly, where they continue to shout “kill the bill” and “Protect our children” as the lawmakers were occupied in other legislation.

Also, Republicans pointed out the fact that there were no public committee hearings before the Assembly approved this measure with a 43-14 vote and the senate followed on a 27-11 roll call.

Devon Mathis of Visalia, the Republican Assemblyman said: “This goes past vaccines and is again a major government overreach, Our medically fragile children are what are at stake.”

Similar to the period when  California eliminated personal belief vaccine exemptions in 2015, a phase-out period is also demanded by the governor of California, Gavin Newsom.

For instance, a 7th grader could be exempted through high school just as a kindergartener with an exemption could retain it through 6th grade.

The companion bill will make it possible for the officials to revoke any medical exemptions which are written by a doctor who has faced disciplinary action.

Doctors who previously granted a high number of medical exemptions will not be facing any scrutiny as the bill will come into enforcement from next year.

Republican Sen. John Moorlach of Costa Mesa said “That’s what these people fear(remembering his developmentally disabled cousin who dies at a young age), We’ve got to hit the pause button.”

Republican Sen. Jeff Stone of Temecula asked protesters to “watch your democratic process with respect” as an opponent who was shouting was removed from the gallery.

Many other opponents were detained before the legislative session begin as they blocking the entrance and two women even chained themselves to outside doorways.

Earlier some 200 opponents were also filled the hallway of governor’s office chanting “Where is Newsom? And “Veto the bill”. They left when they were threatened that they will be arrested for an unlawful protest.

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