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The universe is composed of many elements and one of the element is water. Water in the form of vapor is also called moisture and it could pose a serious threat to your electronic devices. Is your device also one of the victims of moisture? To get all the information if your Galaxy S7 moisture detected then read this full article.

Note that this guide explains you about the fix to Galaxy S7 moisture problem. This guide is also valid on Samsung smartphones like Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, S9+, Note 8, 8+ and several other Samsung Galaxy phones.

Galaxy S7 Moisture Detected

Galaxy S7 Moisture Detected

Galaxy S7 Moisture Detected

Moisture can accumulate in any of the smartphones or more specifically in any of the electronic gadgets. This moisture is not good for any of the devices and gadgets should be protected from the moisture. Even if the phone is not in contact with water, then also the moisture could accumulate in the device.

Beware, if your device has accumulated moisture then do not even try to charge the phone through the USB cable. This guide explains the causes and the preferred solutions if the moisture has been detected s8 smartphone. In many of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the moisture problem message appears on the screen.

Is my Galaxy S8 Smartphone Waterproof?

In case the phone comes in contact with the water then it may cause a problem as the USB type C port accumulates the water droplets.

The device is equipped with humidity sensor and it also detects the moisture accumulation in the charging port.

Once the sensor finds that the moisture in the phone has exceeded the limit then it will display the alert message on the screen. Now even if you do connect the charger with the phone then the charging will not be done and it will reject the charger.

It will also flash a display message on the screen: “Check Port: Moisture has been detected. To charge your device, make sure your charger/USB port is dry”.

S7 humidity sensor security measure is equipped in the phone to prevent the corrosion of the USB port in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

The USB port is open but it is safe and it is waterproof also with the immersion in water of less than 1.5m.

In case your phone gets wet in the swimming pool or sea water then you must rinse and dry if the message flashes – water detected galaxy s7.

What Does it Mean when the Check Port Message Flashes on My Galaxy S8 and S8+?

The message of Check Port simply alerts you that moisture has exceeded the bearable limit in the USB port because of which the Samsung phone prohibits you from charging the phone so that it does not further damage the phone.

When there are moisture droplets inside of the phone then the sensor is not able to give the correct information on the display. Galaxy S8 will not warn you for any water damages inside the sealed part. You will know such damages (if any) only when Galaxy S8 or S8+ does not work properly.

So how will I charge the phone if the moisture accumulates in the charging port?

You can charge the Galaxy S8 smartphone from the wireless charger until the moisture does not go away from the USB port or USB port wet s7. The wireless charging is safe and will not cause any problem in the charging.

Why do I get the Message of Check Port?

If you ask that how to dry my galaxy s7 and your phone was not in contact in with water anytime, still the message was displayed so do not need to worry as in some humid areas where there is much moisture content, the message will pop up.

How to Dry Charging port?

In this case, you have to dry the charging port using the hair dryer or the dryer gun. Choose cool air if possible.

If in case the smartphone was in contact with the seawater or any water then immediately rinse the USB port and use the hairdryer.

What if my USB port is Dry and still the Message Appears on the Screen?

This could be the fault of the sensor. Sometimes the sensor becomes oversensitive and even if dirt or corrosion accumulates in the USB port then also the message of moisture has been detected s9 flashes on the display.

In this case, just use the clean wipe on the port and before cleaning it just switch the smartphone off. Sometimes the data caching and software problem may also be the reason for the message. In this case, you can clear the USB setting data to get the solution.

Get the Moisture Problem Solved by Clearing USB Setting data

If your port is clean and dry and then also the error message is flashing then you need to take the following precautions and steps to get rid of this Galaxy S8 moisture problem.

  • Go to Galaxy S8 Application Manager

Access the Galaxy S8 Application manager through the following step>> Go to Settings >> Apps.

By the default settings, the USB settings are hidden in the list of the apps.

To show the apps of the system you have to go to the Galaxy S8 Applications Manager Page and then tap on the 3 vertical dots to access the menu.

  • Show System Apps

After you have entered the application manager you have to choose to show the system apps in the application manager menu. This option will show all the hidden system apps.

  • Go to USB Settings App

You can find all the apps that are listed in a-z order. In the next step for to the USB settings app and then tap on the App info page.

  • Now Clear the cache and data for USB settings

In the app info page, you have to tap on the clear cache option. After getting cache cleared you will get the warning message. Tap on Delete.

Now you can reboot the phone to take the settings normally and try to charge the phone again.

Some Tricks to get the Phone Dry if any Moisture Detected in Charging Port S8

These are some of the tricks to get rid of the problem if any moisture has been detected s9. Some are the tricks which could impose a threat to the phone. So use wisely these tricks and if not required you can skip these tactics.

  1. Use the rice bag to make the USB port dry

In old times whenever the phone accumulated some moisture then the phone was kept in the bag of rice. Rice has the property to absorb the moisture around it. This trick only worked for some time. But the Galaxy S8 and S8+ is watertight and this method does not work with this phone. For the port, you have the option to dry the port with the dryer or tissue.

  1. You can charge through the computer data cable

For some of the phone, the USB charging won’t work. In this case, you can connect the phone with the computer and the charge the phone slowly.

  1. Reboot the phone with another charger

You can connect the phone through another USB cable and then charge the phone. Alternatively, you can charge the phone while the phone is powered off.


You can check the phone by giving it to the local Samsung service center.  Now you know the solution to Galaxy S7 Moisture Detected. In case you have any concerns with the topic then you can contact us by commenting in the comments section below. Our team is always ready to help you. Your comments are valuable to us.

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