Easily Use Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Light Filter with Android Nougat Update


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With the increased awareness on ill effects from mobile phones on eyes and its harmful radiations, Samsung manufacturers have also come up with a feature of Galaxy S7 Edge blue light filter in their smartphones. While the blue light filter benefits are great and it makes it easier to make the night reading comfortable to use the screen in a low light environment.

Galaxy S7 Edge Blue

Galaxy S7 Edge Blue

Galaxy S7 Edge Blue

With companies like Samsung and other companies, Google has also introduced a similar feature in Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Although this eye filter is not a new feature and is being used in recent years it has been in the news since people have been aware of the blue light radiation.

In this guide, we will see what is a blue light filter in Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge and how we can perform various operations with this feature.

How Blue Light Filter works?

With the growing concerns of blue light on the eyes and prolonged use of smartphones, it has become important for the users to enable screen blue light filter in their smartphones especially in the night. When the blue light filter is enabled, it becomes much comfortable to use it in the night without much concern to eye health issues.

Blue light filter is used in Galaxy S7 and other Samsung smartphones to reduce the amount of harmful radiations and strain on the eyes in a low light environment. Yes, the blue light filter benefits are there but you should not consider it as a substitute to use more of the smartphone as using it more is always harmful to the body.

How to Turn on and off Galaxy S7 Blue Light Filter?

Whether you want to turn the filter on or off, it is very easy to perform with one single step. You can find the button of blue light filter in the Galaxy S7 quick settings. Just scroll down the screen and you will find the button for the blue light filter. Tap on it and enable or disable the blue light filter.

To go to the settings of blue light filter, you have to long press on the button and it will open the settings for the blue light filter.

Customize Galaxy S7 Blue Light Filter Settings Stepwise

The strength of blue light could be filtered easily with the following steps. The filter could be applied by going on the slider bar which is available in the blue light filter page.

When you will slide the bar to high opacity, then the screen will turn more yellowish in color and the blue light will be reduced.

There are three different ways by which the blue light filter could be customized.

  • As mentioned above you can scroll the blue light filter by going on the blue light filter settings.
  • Go to settings >> Display >> Blue light filter.
  • In the settings page search for “blue light filter” and tap on it.

Simply drag the bar to the right or left to change the amount of blue light on the screen.

How to Schedule Galaxy S7 Blue Light Filter?

You can turn the blue light filter screen protector on or off manually as well as automatically. Either specify the blue light time according to you or it will be turned on after the sunset and off after the sunrise.

Once the blue light filter schedule is turned on you can set up and use all the schedules.

In case you have set up the blue light filter from sunrise to sunset, you need to enable the location services. Grant permission for the blue light services and tap on Allow.


Now we can successfully customize and change settings for the Galaxy S7 Edge blue light feature with the above guidelines in Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge android nougat update. If you have any questions related to the guide or you are not able to perform any operation related to Samsung smartphones, you can message us in the comments section below.

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