Galaxy S7 Battery Drain – Tips & amp; Tricks for Galaxy S7 Battery Charging


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In this guide, we will learn how to charge the Samsung Galaxy S7 battery and why does your Galaxy S7 battery drain so fast. We will also see the differences and steps of using a normal wall charger and the fast charger with wireless charging to charge the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Galaxy S7 Battery Drain

Galaxy S7 Battery Drain

Galaxy S7 Battery Drain

After you have bought your new Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, you need to know how to charge the phone and enjoy using Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.

4 Ways to Charge Samsung Galaxy S7

There are in total 4 ways to charge samsung s7 battery mah. You can either use the normal charger. Use an adaptive charger with a data cable. You can also use the wireless charger to charge the battery without the use of cables. Use the fast charger.

  • Normal or Wall Charger: This charger could be used for the Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as all the Samsung chargers. The constant voltage for the charger is 5V. The charging time is dependent on the battery status and the output of the charger.
  • Adaptive Charger: This charger comes with the smartphone and is included in the phone box. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 support the Qualcomm fast charge 2.0. The charging time of the battery is reduced by almost 60-70% when you use the fast charger. The phone temperature is ought to rise when using this charger but you do not need to worry as Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S& Edge have their own charging mechanisms and improve Galaxy S7 performance.
  • Qi/PMA Wireless Charger: The Galaxy S7 supports the Qi as well as PMA chargers. You check for the complete guide in the Samsung’s official website for the charging support.

Normally the charging time of the phone is from short to long as adaptive charger > Normal Wall Charger > Fast wireless charger > normal Wall Charger.

Steps to Charge Galaxy S7 Battery with Wall Charger (Adaptive Fast Charger)

In order to charge the battery with the wall charger you may follow the steps as given below:

Step 1: Connect the respective ends of the port to the wall charger and phone

First, you have to connect the USB port to the phone which is located below the Galaxy S7 phone and another end of the USB port to the wall charger. Make sure that the connections are properly inserted.

Step 2: Plug the charger in the electric socket

You have to plug the charger in the socket irrespective of the fact that you use an extension to plug the charger or plug directly in the wall socket. As long as the connections are tight the phone will charge.

Step 3: Wait for few hours to get the phone fully charged

When the charging is in the process then the LED in the phone is lit as red. When the charging is complete then the LED will turn to green and the lock screen will display the phone as charged.

When the phone will display a 100% charge then it is not necessary that the phone is completely charged. It is just an estimation of the software. You should wait until the LED turns to green. It will take more time to charge the battery from 90% to 100% as compared to the charging time from 0% to 90%.

Avoid using the Galaxy S7 phone very much in the first few days as it could affect the battery strength and decrease samsung galaxy s7 battery life hours. It is not even necessary to first switch off the phone and then charge the battery.

Step 4: Disconnect the charger when the phone is fully charged

Wall chargers have no such type of mechanisms to disconnect the charger from the phone virtually. TO prevent the exploitation of battery you must disconnect the charger from the socket to prevent samsung galaxy s7 battery explosion.

Steps to Charge Galaxy S7 Battery with a Wireless Charger and fast Wireless Charger

To do the charging process wirelessly, Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with the wireless charger or fast wireless charger. Follow the below steps in order to charge the phone wirelessly.

Step 1: Switch on the wireless charger

Most of the chargers come with a charging pad and an adapter. Connect the charging pad to the adapter with the help of USB cable and switch on the adapter.

Step 2: Place the phone on the wireless charger

Now after switching on the adapter, you have to place the Galaxy S7 phone facing the back of the phone to the wireless charging coil. Then the charging pad will display a color indicating that the Galaxy S7 is in charging state.

Step 3: Disconnect the charger when the phone is fully charged

When the phone is fully charged to s9 battery capacity, the wireless pad will change the color. E.g. when the phone is charging the charging pad color is red and when the phone is fully charged then the charging pad will change to green indicating that the phone is now fully charged. Now you can remove the charger.

In case you are using a fast charger then make sure that the vents are not blocked which are located near the bottom of the charging pad.

On Using Galaxy S7 Fast Charging

To reduce the fast charging time you can use the fast charger or the adaptive charger in order to charge your phone which in turn reduces the charging time.

You must use the fast charging iff the charging percentage is less than 60% which will charge the phone in 30 minutes. IF the phone battery is above than 60% then the charging will not be fast, it will charge with the speed as the normal charger with a current of 2A output.

To charge efficiently make sure that the cable connections are done in a proper manner. If you use the cable other than prescribed by the company then the phone will not be charged or charge in a slow manner. If you use a poor quality charger then it may lead to a fire.

  • It will show a notification when the charging is done through a fast charging method.
  • When the fast charging is enabled, then Samsung s7 hot battery. No need to worry as it is a normal mechanism and the phone will automatically cool down after a few minutes.
  • Fast charging is supported by the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and it will not affect the battery in any way as the battery is made to adapt fast charging support.
  • As long as there is a stable voltage, the phone will charge normally.
  • The speed of charging will be based on operating conditions.
  • If you do not have the power adapter, then you can use the bundled adaptive fast wireless charger for the wireless charging pad.

When Using the Galaxy S7 Fast Charging

In the current scenario, most of the wireless chargers deliver about a current of 1A. Fast charging means that the charging pad has the capability to deliver more current to the battery which will result in fast charging which also does not affect the samsung galaxy s7 battery life hours.

The wireless chargers can deliver up to 1.5A current to the Samsung Galaxy S7 battery. This resembles that there could be up to 50% more charging speed as compared to the normal charging. First, the fast charging was introduced in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and then afterward they built fast charging for all the smartphones.

Before trying to charge the phone wirelessly, make sure that you note the following points:

  • Use only Samsung approved wireless chargers for speed charging the phone wirelessly. There are no proven standards other than Samsung wireless charging.
  • For fast charging, you have to use the fast charging adapter. The normal wall charger could not be used for fast charging.
  • Some of the vendors do not provide a fast adaptive charger. Check the contents before purchasing.
  • When you use the connection charger then it is more efficient than the wireless charger.
  • The fast charging pad is more expensive than normal charging.
  • The vents should not be blocked while charging.

How to Charge Galaxy S7 Battery Properly?

There are some good charging habits which everyone should adopt in order for the battery to be durable. Follow these thumb rules in order to make it durable.

  • Charge the phone only when needed. Unnecessary charging will lead to more wear and tear of the battery. When the battery charging is low then only charge the phone. Some of the articles may mislead you to charge the battery when the battery percentage reaches 50%. This is not true. Charge the phone only when there is a low battery.
  • Need not to drain the battery completely. Using your phone, till the phone turns off will damage the battery as well the phone components. Charge the battery when the phone charging percentage reaches below 10%.
  • Pluck the charger when the charging is complete. When the phone is fully charged then pull out the charger from the socket. (A bucket when is full of water cant accumulate more water.)
  • Need not to disconnect the phone until the battery is fully charged.
  • Need not to use your phone in excess.
  • Replace the battery within 24 months if you are a heavy user.

Some tips for Extending Battery Life

  • When you buy the phone for the first time, no need to charge it for 8 hours. Just charge it up to the extent when the charging is complete.
  • No need to worry while fast charging, if the phone gets heated up.
  • You can use your old chargers for charging the new phone. But make sure that the charger is not too old as the chargers get worn out in the long run.
  • Samsung allows the disable feature for the fast charging. If you do not want to use the fast charging feature then just turn off the fast charging method.


We have discussed all the steps and guidelines to prevent Galaxy S7 battery drain. If your galaxy s7 suddenly draining battery then contact the customer care service and get the galaxy s7 battery replacement. In case you are having problems in the charging process or any other problems related to the charging then you can message us in the comments section below. Our experts will try to give the possible solution to your problem in the best way.

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