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Want to know about the features of Galaxy S6 Charger and what is Galaxy S6 fast charging and Galaxy S6 wireless charging? A proper maintenance of Galaxy S6 battery and Galaxy S6 Edge battery is required if you want that your smartphone should remain in a proper condition for years and you do not have to rush to the service center so frequently.

Galaxy S6 Charger

Galaxy S6 Charger

Galaxy S6 Charger

As now the latest smartphones have the non-removable battery so it is important to keep the battery safe and in working condition. Certainly it is more expensive now to replace the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge battery as you have to visit the service center for the replacement.

Normally the smartphones battery lasts for not more than 3 years but the life could be extended by handling the smartphone with proper care.

Charging Galaxy S6 Battery

When using the battery for the first time then you must charge the smartphone to the maximum or when you have not used for longer period.

Precautions to take with Galaxy S6 Charger

The chargers of the smartphone should be of the official company i.e. Samsung only. If you use another charger other than samsung charger then it could lead to problems in the functioning of smartphone. Low quality charger or the cables could lead to battery explosion of Galaxy S6. So it is better to use samsung galaxy s6 charger cable for charging.

When the battery of the smartphone is low then battery icon which appears on the top of the screen displays empty. IF the battery is completely empty then the smartphone takes a few minutes to regain its battery charging. Make sure that the battery is full before turning ON the phone again.

The battery will drain quickly if you use multiple apps at once or apps that require a connection from or to another device. In order to prevent the loss of work while using the smartphone, make sure than your battery is full.

If you use the charging source other than the adapter then the charging will be slow, e.g. if you use the computer or a laptop to charge the phone because these devices deliver low current and samsung fast charger cable also will not work in this case.

How to Charge Galaxy S6 Battery?

Galaxy S6 Charger

Galaxy S6 Charger

It is very simple to charge the smartphone. You just have to put one end of the charging cable to the USB adapter and another end multipurpose jack to the smartphone which is located at the base of the Galaxy S6 or Samsung s6 edge.

While Charging Galaxy S6 Battery

Galaxy S6 can be utilized while it is charging, yet it might take more time to completely charge Galaxy S6 battery.

If Galaxy S6 gets an unsteady power supply while charging, the touch screen may not work. If this condition occurs, unplug the charger from Galaxy S6.

While charging Galaxy S6 battery, Galaxy S6 and the charger may warm up. This is typical and ought not to influence the smartphone life or performance. If Galaxy S6 battery gets more heated up than expected, the charger may quit charging.

If Galaxy S6 isn’t charging legitimately, take the smartphone and the charger to a Samsung Service Center.

When the Galaxy S6 Smartphone has Finished Charging

After completely charging of Galaxy S6 battery, detach the smartphone from the charger. First unplug the charger from Galaxy S6, and after that unplug it from the electric socket.

To reduce the energy consumption, unplug the charger when not being used. The charger does not have a power switch, so you should unplug the charger from the electric socket when not being used to abstain from wasting power. The charger is ought to stay near the electric socket and effectively accessible while charging.

How to Reduce Galaxy S6 Battery Consumption

With some of the tactics and techniques it is very easy to reduce the power consumption of the battery. You just have to follow some simple steps in order to conserve the power of battery.

  • Optimize the smartphone with the feature of the phone i.e. Smart Manager.
  • In case the phone is kept idle for a longer period then you can keep the phone in the sleep mode by pressing the power key.
  • When not in use you can activate the Power saving mode.
  • Always try to close the unnecessary apps which are not in use.
  • Try to remove the cache as soon as possible.
  • Always keep the Bluetooth and other wireless setting in the OFF mode.
  • Turn off the auto syncing feature of the apps.
  • Reduce the backlight time of the phone.
  • Keep the smartphone brightness to minimum whenever not required.

Galaxy S6 Fast Charging

Galaxy S6 Charger

Galaxy S6 Charger

Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge has a built-in fast charging. You can make use of this element to charge Galaxy S6 battery all the more rapidly while Galaxy S6 or its screen is in off mode.

About Samsung Galaxy S6 Fast charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 Fast charging uses battery charging innovation that charges Galaxy S6 battery quicker by expanding the current of the charger.

To make use of Galaxy S6 Fast charging on your telephone, connect it to a battery charger that supports Quick Charge 2.0.

Increase the Galaxy S6 Charging Speed by these Methods

In order to increase the charging speed you have to turn off the phone or turn off the screen or keep the phone in Airplane Mode.

The fast charging feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone does not work when the screen is on. So make sure the screen is turned off while charging to do a fast charging sequence.

When the smartphone gets heated up then also the charging capacity is reduced. So make sure that the smartphone does not get much heated up while charging. The normal operation feature of the battery is automatically on when the phone gets heated up.

Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging

Galaxy S6 Charger

Galaxy S6 Charger

Samsung Galaxy S6 also provides the wireless charging feature to the users. To utilize galaxy s6 charger wireless, you need place the Galaxy S6’s back on the wireless charger.

While utilizing Galaxy S6 wireless charging, you can check the remaining charge time on the screen. The genuine outstanding time depends upon the charging conditions.

After completely charging Galaxy S6 battery using Galaxy S6 wireless charging, separate the smartphone from the wireless charger galaxy s6 charger port.

You can check Galaxy S6 battery’s charging status from the battery symbol on the screen. When there is hindrance between Galaxy S6 and the wireless charger, Galaxy S6 may not charge properly.

You should try to use Samsung-endorsed wireless chargers. In different wireless chargers, Galaxy S6 battery may not charge sufficiently.

Galaxy S6 Charger – Frequently Asked Questions by Users

  1. Do I have the authority to disable fast charging on Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge?

No, the fast charging is the default feature of Galaxy S6, so you do not have the option to disable the fast charging support. This is quite different from fast charging in Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But following these points you can disable the fast charging process.

  • If you do not use the default Galaxy S6 charger and use the adaptive charger or portable charger.
  • When you are using the phone with the screen ON then the fast charging will not work.
  • If your battery level is more than 50% then also the fast charging wont work.
  1. Does fast charging harm my phone in any way?

The fast charging feature is an innovation in technology and any innovative idea won’t be implemented before fully testing the experiment. So fast charging wont harm your phone in any way. The battery is made in such a way that it supports fast charging.

If in case there is any problem in fast charging then it pose a negligible amount of negligible effect on the battery as well as smartphone. The life span of the smartphone is negligibly affected.

Most of the smartphones battery life is around 18-24 months and in this time period the battery is ought to lose 30%-50% of the capacity of battery. So most of the smartphones have a battery life of 3-5 years only. After this time period the battery has to be replaced.

  1. With the use of fast charging for how long I have to put the phone in charging?

Generally it takes not more than 2 hours to fully charge the battery. It is fast as compared to the traditional battery. But the charging time also depends on various factors like the battery usage, performance of the processor, temperature, etc.

  1. Should I worry about the rising temperature while charging the smartphone?

No the temperature rise is absolutely normal and you do not have to panic about the phone. Galaxy S6 has its own thermal protection mechanism and it automatically reduces the temperature when it exceeds the threshold limit.

  1. Can I use a slow charger to charge my phone?

No doubt that slow charging extends the life of smartphone but you should use the prescribed charger for the Galaxy S6. The developers have already made an innovation with the use of fast charging and you do not have to make any changes while using the charger. Also see the samsung s6 charger specs before charging in the manual which has been provided with the smartphone kit.

  1. Is Galaxy Note 4 charger compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6?

Yes absolutely, if you have the charger of Galaxy Note 4 then it can be used to charge your phone of Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Whether you connect the charger to a wall outlet directly or through an extension cord. The charger works well with both of the devices. It is better that you use a surge protector so that charger could be saved if any problem occurs like a sudden rise in current or voltage.

So these were some of the features of Galaxy S6 Charger and how you can use it. Some of the answers to your questions have already been included in this article and if you want to ask more questions then you are welcome in the comments section below. Our team will be happy to help you.

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