Freecharge Vs Paytm – 10 Reasons Freecharge is Better Than Paytm


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Hello Friends, this article is offering by the website and below in this article, we are going to share all the possible information which helps you to clear your mind regarding Freecharge Vs Paytm.

Freecharge Vs Paytm

Freecharge Vs Paytm

Freecharge Vs Paytm

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As you know, Freecharge is a small mobile wallet like Paytm. When people try to make a comparison between both of them, then they always keep Freecharge on the lower side. Don’t know why they do this but it is really misleading. Freecharge has a lot of features that have not yet been introduced in Paytm.

That is why, below in this article, we are going to share the top 10 reasons which help you to know why Freecharge is better than Paytm. So now, let’s take a look below to know more about it.

Freecharge Vs Paytm – 10 Reasons why Freecharge is better than Paytm

In this section, we are going to mention below the top 10 reasons which help you to know why Freecharge is better than Paytm. So now, let’s take a look below to know more about them.

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  1. Clean User Interface

Once you open the Freecharge mobile wallet, then you will be a fan of its user interface. It is no doubt, its user interface is cleaner than the Paytm’s messy UI. For all the Freecharge services, the icons are listed on its home screen. Unlike Paytm mobile wallet, you won’t have to do scroll or swipe to find more payment options.

  1. Faster than Paytm

The speed of Freecharge is another reason that Freecharge is better than Paytm. It does not take time to launch as well as to complete your transactions. While using the Freecharge mobile wallet, you will not have to follow many steps for making payments. You will be able to enjoy all of its services in two or three clicks from its home screen. With the low network connectivity, it also performs well. According to us, Freecharge is probably one of the fastest mobile wallets.

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  1. Virtual Card

For creating a virtual card, Freecharge has a unique and exclusive feature. For this service, Freecharge has tied up with the MasterCard. It permits us to create a Freecharge Go Master inside the app. You can use this card as a regular physical card for online payments. To make online payments, this card uses your Freecharge wallet balance. It is secured by an MPIN that you have to set when applying for a virtual card.

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  1. Send Money to contacts

Sending money to phone contacts is another good reason behind Freecharge is better than the Paytm. This option is not available in Paytm mobile wallet. According to us, this option should be in any mobile wallet. This feature will help you to make your recharge and sending money easier. With Freecharge, you will be able to send or request money to your phonebook contacts.

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  1. Chat and pay

Using a Freecharge mobile wallet, you cannot only send money to your contacts but you can also chat with them. Freecharge offers you a built-in chat option that helps you to chat before sending money to any of your contacts person. You can use this option when you want to ask someone for money. Let’s suppose a friend sent you a request for payment. However, you do not know what this payment is about. Then using this feature, you will be able to chat and pay and ask your friend and then you can make your payment online only when you are completely satisfied.

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  1. Pay, Request or recharge from the WhatsApp

Freecharge has an inbuilt option through which you will be able to pay directly from WhatsApp to your WhatsApp contacts. You just have to turn on the accessibility option for the Freecharge. And then you just have to type the amount that followed by the FC inside any WhatsApp chat. Now, you have to simply touch the Freecharge bubble and then choose between the services.

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  1. Auto Pay feature

How often it happens that you forget to pay your bills on time. Even you often forget to renew the tariff plans of your phone or any validity bound with recharge. Freecharge mobile wallet has made it easy for you. You just have to activate Auto Pay and then Freecharge will pay your utility bills and then automatically recharge your phone. You can make these payments by using your Freecharge wallet balance. Therefore you have to maintain balance in your wallet to meet the payments. If you do not have sufficient balance, then it will notify you before the due date.

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  1. Send donations

If you want to help some poor helpless people, then using Freecharge, you can donate money to some NGOs and missions. While these are few, but we expect Freecharge to increase further in the future. Currently, you will be able to use the Freecharge to donate money to nine foundations. These include The Akshaya Patra Foundation, Dargah Nizamuddin Aulia, World Vision India, Magic Bus India Foundation, etc.

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  1. Split Bills

Using a Freecharge mobile wallet, you can also split your bills between you and your contacts. Let’s suppose, you are living in a joint room with your friend and you need to pay your room rent using Freecharge. Then you just have to split the bill between you and your friend. After doing this, your friend will get a notification. And your friend can easily pay the share of his room rent. This feature works in many situations such as watching movies, shared taxi rides and many more.

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  1. Dedicated mobile wallet

This is one of the main reasons behind the services of Freecharge is better than Paytm as a mobile wallet. Freecharge is one of the most dedicated mobile apps. On this app, you can find almost all the options to make your payments. Using Freecharge, you will be able to pay anything anywhere. On the other hand, Paytm is not just only a mobile wallet but also it is a shopping platform. Although this makes Paytm a better app but not a better mobile wallet.

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Final Words

All the information that we mentioned above will help you to know more about Freecharge Vs Paytm. Hopefully, this article will be beneficial for you. Now, if you want to share your feedback or if you have any queries or any suggestions regarding this article, then you can comment below in the given comment section and share your experience with us, we will get back as soon as possible.

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