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Let’s know it, even though Netflix probably is known for its one of the best streaming deals (especially if you are from the countries where the others premium streaming services such as Hulu, or HBO Go are not available), but it cannot be afforded by some of the people. Others may perceive that they will not get enough use from it as well as they do not want to pay for a monthly subscription for some features that they will use only once or twice.

Best Free Movie Apps For Android, iOS, and PC

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps

With this article, which is offering by the website, we are going to share some movie free app which permits you to stream TV shows and movies without paying any dime. This article helps you to know about some best free movie apps for android, iOS, and PC.

The main reason behind it is the availability of the number of free movie apps which claim to do so. Which one movie free app should you choose? Which one is the best? So now, let’s take a look below to get information regarding your all queries.

How to Free Movie Streaming Apps Work?

Like torrent websites, Most of the movie apps that are free, they use their in-built media player to run the files from the various file hosting sources. These free movie apps make their money by using one of the ad-based file hosting websites, which run an advertisement while accessing the file by their user, by which the file owner gets a small percentage.

Almost every free Android or iPhone movie streaming app works with full of advertisements, but they do not create any disturbance in your viewing experience. Most of the ads appear while loading the page and clicking on the media player.

Among these ads, some of the ads can be a bit sketchy – after all, it is a legal gray zone. For these kinds of apps, user caution is always advised. Script blockers and ad blockers are recommended but you do not forget that by doing this you are effectively denying the income for the owners of the services which you are using.

Best Free Movie Apps Reviews

In this section, we are going to review 10 free movie apps. They are all free and virus and bloatware-free apps. Some of the other apps which claim to do this infect your mobile phone or your computer with viruses and the pesky toolbar. While watching your movie, you do not want to clean your mobile phone every single time, do you?

The reviews, which we are going to list below, they mainly focus on their user experience, stream quality, and library size, but it also covers the things such as internet bandwidth, battery consumption, and RAM usage. So now, let’s take a look below to find out which of these apps are the best apps for movies for free.

  1. SHOWBOX – Most Popular Free Movie Streaming App

SHOWBOX is one of the most popular free movie streaming app. It has a large movie library which makes it one of the best free movie streaming app for Android. To access this app, you just have to install it and then you will be able to access this app.

Clean and Good Looking Interface

Once you install the SHOWBOX app, then on the home screen of this app, you can see a Show Box menu bar at the top of that home screen which permits you to choose whether to watch TV shows or movies. Everything is very comfortable to use.

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps

News Section

SHOWBOX also permits you to access the latest movie as well as TV-related news.


If you are not sure about what movie to watch, then you can go with its trailer feature. With the help of this trailer feature, you will be able to watch trailers of every movie which available in their library. You do not have to go towards YouTube to find about a particular movie is good or not. It is a welcome addition to any movie app free.


With this app, you will also be able to bookmark your favorite TV shows and movies, by doing so, you do not have to keep searching for them.

Offline Usage

With this app, you will be able to download your favorite movies and TV shows also. You can access them via the Download section and you are all set to watch your downloaded movies and TV shows, even if you do not have data left on your plan or if you are not in the Wi-Fi area. This is not a single feature of this free movie app which you are going to use.

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps


TERRARIUM TV is another most popular movie apps that are free, it offering a large number of TV shows and movies in HD, because of this reason, it is one of the most popular and used free movie apps. This free movie app is available for every 4.0 or higher Android device.

Although with the minimal extras features (there is only one share with the Favourites tab Showbox), this free movie app also has a clean and intuitive interface. If you are not looking for any extras features, then TERRARIUM TV is a great movie app for you.

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps


MEGABOX is actually a mega free movie Android app, where you can find a huge updated library where you will get a lot of latest movies and TV shows.

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps

Great Interface

The Great Interface application provides a seamless experience and it has one of the best interfaces on the list. It responds very well as well as it has great-looking animations that make you feel comfortable by using the premium free movie app.

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps


There you can get a lot of information regarding the available movies, such as the movies IMDB ratings, its synopsis, and the year when it was released. All these information’s are sorted in a very intuitive way and then you will be able to browse them by using their genre or release date. As you will see, this is a feature which is offering by many free movie apps.


Like most related apps, MEGABOX also permits you to curate your favorite list. With this app, you can create your own one-stop “to watch” list.

Offline Usage

If your internet connection is not so good and you want to watch your movie without any buffer, then with this app, you can download your movie and you will be able to watch your movie when you want. In the Downloaded tab, the downloaded movies are all neatly arranged.

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps


As the name suggests, the Cinemabox HD serves its services as a free movie app where you can find high definition movies and TV shows to watch. This free movie app is available for both Android and iOS devices and it does not require any type of account. So just download it and watch.

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps

Simple Interface

The streamlined UI makes movies for a walk in the park. It does not have the same minimal look and charm which makes some of the other applications feel like a premium experience, but it works. Once you open the app, then there you will find many movies listed according to their respective categories.

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps

Alternative Sources of Streaming

You can play into some errors while using free movie apps other than the Cinemabox HD, where the movie being played is related to the file source. Cinemabox HD reduces the possibility of file-source related errors due to the ability to change the streaming host.

If a host is not working, then you have to try another. Chances are you will be able to see any free movie which you had like with no problem.

Children Safety

Cinemabox HD permits its user to hide the adult contents. In this app, you will be able to block those movies which you do not want your children to watch. You just lend them a phone or a tablet and do not need to worry – they will not be able to watch anything which you do not want them to.

Offline Usage

Like most apps movie free, Cinemabox HD allows their users to download their movies and TV shows so they can watch on the go.

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps


Viewster tries to add to its user base, it allows their users to read blogs in addition to watching TV shows or movies. Viewster serves its services as a free movie streaming app which is available for both the Android and iOS device.

The videos which are available on its library lead mainly to anime, but if your cup of tea does not have too many other options.

Straight to the Point Interface

The Viewster free movie streaming app does not really care for the user to see. Once you open the app, then you will get the most recent videos. At the top, you can see a search bar which you can use to find the videos, or you can use the browser to browse the menu on the left. All the process is quite similar to Google Play.


As we mentioned earlier, Viewster serves its services as a free movie app that provides its users the ability to browse channels. The channels are divided into three categories which are most recent, trending, and all. This organized interface feature makes this app convenient to get at whatever is popular at the moment.

Blog Reading

In addition to the video component, the Viewster has many blogs available for its users. However, most of the blogs available in this app are anime related.

My Videos

Similar to the Favourite tab, My Videos feature lets you watch uploads of the channels which you are following. There you can also find a history tab that let’s allows you to browse through the things which you have seen in the past.

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps


In the market, the Popcorn Time is possibly the most popular free movie streaming app. often, it is known as the name of “the Netflix of torrents”. With its own media player, the popcorn time is an open-source bit torrent client.

Excellent Interface

The design of the popcorn time app is smooth but easy to navigate. On the main page of this app, you will find the latest additions to their library and at the top of that screen, you will get the search bar. There you can also find a menu button, from which you will be able to select one of the various categories available.


Like the other free movie apps, the Popcorn Time permits their users to curate their favorite list.

Offline Usage

While talking about the things which are provided by the freest movie streaming apps tend to have, there is also you can find the possibility to download the movies and TV shows which you can watch later, internet-less, time.

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps


Snagfilms is another free movie app which mainly focused on independent and documentaries movies. Once you download, install and open the app, then there you can find a library with upwards of 5,000 titles.

The Snagfilms free movie streaming app has some ads and loads of movies.

Minimal Look

The interface of the Snagfilms is sleek and modern while remaining very functional. At the main page of this app, you can find featured films and relevant categories. Like another app, in this app, you can also find a search bar at the top of the page and your menus available on the left side of the page.

High-Quality Streaming

Most of the titles which are available can be streamed in either 1080p or 720p. However, there are some issues which may hinder your experience.

Buffer issues are very common at all higher properties and fast-forwarding the film can cause it to break, as well as forcing you to reload the page and start it all again. If you want to fast forward a movie, then you have to select one of the following qualities and then go back to a higher one.

  1. TUBI TV

The Tubi TV relies on up to 200 partners which continuously update their free movie app with the exclusive content.

Simple Interface

On the landing page of the Tubi TV, you can see Tubi TV’s featured content. On the top left corner of the page, you can find the menu button, which will let you select the category from which you want to select a movie.


The Tubi TV tried to generate a news section, however, they do not update it all that repeatedly. Points for the originality, even if there is not much effort behind it.

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps


Bigstar Movies is another most popular free movies streaming app which offers a wide range of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies, Bigstar Movies serve its services as a decent enough free movie streaming app. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

There is a possibility to become a premium user of this app, with its additional functionality, or to use this app free.


Despite offering the premium service, the Bigstar Movies interface feels quite lacking. The lack of transitions and the occasional yearning does not entice you to try a paid service. However, it is usable.

Premium… or Free

The free version of the Bigstar Movies app provides a low range of movies. If you are paying $4.99 a month, then you get an ad-free experience, along with the ability to stream their whole library in HD. But if you are able to pay then why not use the tried and true method like Netflix?

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps


Crackle serve its services as a Sony Network’s TV movie streaming app. This is a totally free app. This means that it comes with a certain amount of warnings.

Crackle movie streaming app is available for the Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Premium Interface

As you would expect from a name that is as large as Sony, the interface of the Crackle is very intuitive and user-friendly. In this app, you can find Movies and TV shows are in various categories, and the main page displays you what is currently featured.

Large Library

Featuring movies from the 60s to the present day, the Crackle app provides hundreds of movies and at least 40 TV shows are available.


As it should be, the Crackle app also provides you the possibility to save your favorite TV shows and movies.


Crackle permits you to pause the movie on one device and you will be able to resume that watching movie on another device without missing a beat.

Background Noise

With the help of Crackle’s Always On feature, you will be able to search for a movie while watching another movie.

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps

In-Depth Analysis – Performance Analysis

After getting to know about every free movie streaming app on the above-mentioned list, and despite having some obvious favorites, so now let’s take a look at how they perform.

Stream Quality

As you can see the above-mentioned graph, the Terrarium TV and the Popcorn Time are the clear winners when it comes to the streaming resolution of the free movie apps. Both the apps allow their users to stream movies and TV shows in 1080p. 

Library Size

For the top spot, there is a five-way tie. Almost every single one of these free movie streaming apps has a good and enough movie library. I recommend you to get clear from the Bigstar Movies. You should have to remember that Viewster and Tubi TV provides exclusive content which you will not find on any other platforms.

Application Size

If you are in the business of saving the MB, then there are three clear favorites which are Megabox, Movie HD, and Bigstar Movies. Each of these three free movie apps takes only around 3MB.

However, the larger applications have some extras and they provide a better viewing experience for their users. It depends on you which one to choose, if you want to enjoy a better experience with your free movie apps, or if you want to save bandwidth.

Startup Time

By using the quad-core Snapdragon processor, you can see that the fastest app in the group is Bigstar Movies, which took around 4 seconds to boot up. Apart from this, the Crackle free movie app provides the slowest experience, even it is only for a second.

On average, the other free movie apps which we have discussed takes 4.5 seconds to boot up, which indicates that they are well optimized free movie apps.

Bandwidth Usage

To test these times we put a cap of 1Mbps on the bandwidth.

Viewster and Bigstar Movies load the things slower than the others while it comes to low-quality streams. Both free movie apps take 4 minutes to load a 480p movie.

At high quality, we should mention the frightening performance of the Snagfilms which takes 9 minutes to load up a 720p movie. The streams also buffered in every 20 seconds and started playing again for at least a minute.

You must ensure speed of at least 3Mbps to stream high-quality content without any kind of interruptions.

Battery Usage

Showbox and Popcorn Time are the free movie apps which use the lowest amount of battery, while the Viewster and Movie HD free movie apps are the fastest free movie apps to reduce your phone’s battery.

If you do not have a charger available, then you have to go with the Showbox and Popcorn Time free movie apps.

RAM Usage

When we talk about RAM Usage, then Crackle is the clear free movie app winner. However, every free movie apps are well within the limits of acceptable RAM usage.

Final Comparison Table

Free Movie Apps

Free Movie Apps

Final Words

Above in this article, we had shared some information regarding best free movie apps for android, iOS, and PC. We have to accept that there is no free movie app that destroys Netflix. Most of the free movie apps, which we discussed above are circumvent the law and you never know how long they will last. Despite all of this, there are some clear winners which are Cinemabox, Showbox, and Popcorn Time.

You can go with the Megabox free movie app if you do not want to stream but instead want to download movies.

If you are a parent and you are worried about what your child can watch, then you can go with the Cinemabox free movie app. This is the only app that permits you to control what your children watch. So now, hopefully, this article will be helpful for you. Now, if you want to share your feedback or if you have any queries or any suggestions regarding this article, then you can comment below in the given comment section and share your experience with us, we will get back as soon as possible.

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