Foap Review 2019 – Make Money on Foap by Sell Photos Online [Detailed Guide]


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The Foap app promises you to convert your photos into money. But how to sell photos on Foap and how does Foap work?  And can you really earn money by selling photos on Foap?

Foap Review 2019

Foap Review 2019

Foap Review 2019

With this article, you will be able to learn how Foap works, whether it is worth using, as well as you will learn to maximize your selling potential. So now, let’s read to start using Foap to make money from selling your iPhone photos!

What is Foap?

Foap is a free app through which you will be able to sell your photos and making money on Foap.

Businesses and famous brands often purchase images for their commercial use. To advertise their products, they may need photos. They also use these photos on their website or include them in a company brochure.

The Foap app brings your photos to the attention of potential buyers around the world.

If you have a kind of images which they need, then you will get the opportunity to make the sale!

The Foap app also has a photography community which you can join and will be able to sell your photos. You can locate photos from the other Foap members and get their feedback on your photos.

How Does Foap Work?

Using the Foap app, you can upload photos directly from your iPhone.

After uploading, your images will be available for sale. In this way, you can sell the same photos as many times as you want.

Buyers can search for images and they can buy them with the help of Foap Market at foap com.

You also have another way to sale your photos and that is Foap missions. These photos are challenges organized by famous brands like MasterCard, Pepsi, Volvo, Nivea, and Bank of America.

The company provides a brief description that specifies the types of images they required. Then you can submit such kind of suitable photos to the mission. If they picked your uploaded images, then you will get paid for that.

How Much Does Foap Pay?

Photos which is uploaded by you on your Foap profile that sell for $10 each on the marketplace. Foap sells your photos on 50% commission on each. So, end up you will get $5 on your every photo sold.

By joining the Foap missions, you can earn more money. Each mission pays the prize for the winner image, which is starting from $50. So, potentially you can earn hundreds of dollars with the missions on Foap.

Even if your photos are not selected as a winner, but the companies often purchase other photos that were submitted.

Some Foap missions specify that the selected photos will be exclusive to the brand. It means that the brand has the full ownership of your image. As a result, you will not be able to sell it to anyone else. If the Foap mission is set to exclusive, then you will earn $30 for your each selling photos on Foap.

Payment is done through PayPal.

Foap Reviews

Can you really earn income with the Foap app? Or is the Foap app a time-waster gimmick?

Below in this article, you will get the advantages and disadvantages of using this Foap app. This Foap app review will help you to make informed decisions about whether the Foap app will work for you or not. So, now let’s take a look below to know more about reviews.

Advantages of Using the Foap App

  • The Foap app is totally free to download and use.
  • Through the Foap app you can upload photos directly from your iPhone.
  • To save your time, upload images in batches.
  • You can get your photos that seen by the big brands.
  • Foap mission is a great way to earn more money.
  • Uploaded photos are watermarked and displayed in small size until they are purchased. This avoids people who steal your full-resolution images.
  • Photos are sold with non-exclusive rights (except for exclusive missions). So you can sell the same photo multiple times.
  • See what is selling to get an idea of the kind of images which are likely to sell.
  • Before redeeming your earnings, you don’t have a minimum amount that you need to earn.
  • It has a supportive community where members rate each other’s photos.

Disadvantages of Using the Foap App

  • You have to compete with a large number of users uploading their photos.
  • Time-consuming app to make a large portfolio of photos.
  • Details and keyword tags should be added to all images so that they can be found by buyers.
  • If you buy a product to take a photo for a mission but you don’t make a sale, then you will lose your money.
  • The earning potential is not very good due to the low sales price of the images on the Foap Marketplace.
  • Photos sold with the exclusive rights in a mission that cannot be sold again.
  • Foap app may take a long time before you make any sales.
  • No guarantee of sales success… ever!

If you are hoping to earn money very quickly, then probably Foap app is not for you.

Foap might take months before you make a picture sale. In fact, you can never sell a photo. And you are not likely to earn a large amount of money by selling your images.

But if you are happy for some time to upload your photos, then it is worthy of giving Foap a try.

I had my photos on the Foap for a few months now, but I have not yet sold.

However, I found it easy to upload my photos. So I do not think I wasted a lot of time. And now when I have my photos, then they have the ability to sell many times without doing any more work.

So now, would you like to start using Foap to sell your iPhone Photos or making money on Foap?

Then read on to learn how to sell photos on Foap. And discover some great Foap tips to increase your earning potential!

How to Use Foap to Sell Your Photos

It is very easy to use the Foap app.

When you download the Foap app for the first time, then first you will need to create a Foap account. After that, you will be able to upload photos, discover current missions, foap sell photos, and find the photos of other people.

  • Navigate Around The Foap App

At the bottom of the screen, there are five icons that you navigate around the app.

Through the “Newsfeed” icon you can go to the news section of the Foap app. Here, you will get the latest information about current missions and recent winners.

If you are following the other Foap users, then you have to tap the “Following” at the top of the screen to quickly reach on their profile. The “Me” tab shows how the other users rated your photos.

The “Explore” icon helps you to see the other Foap member’s photos.

Now, tap on the “Sold” tab which is on the top of the screen through which you can see which photos are sold. Tap “Recent” to view the recently uploaded photos. To use the “Search” box, you can search for a particular style of photography.

The “Camera” icon helps you to upload your photos to the Foap app.

Through the “Missions” icon you can see the details of the latest missions which organized by the famous brands.

The “Active” tab lists all the current mission in briefs. The “Joined” tab shows any missions which you have joined. Through the “Winners” tab you can display the winning shots from the previous missions.

Through the “Menu” icon, you can go to the settings and options of your Foap account. There you can manage your photos, change notification settings, and withdraw money from sales.

  • Upload Your Photos To Foap App

To add your photos to the Foap marketplace, you must upload some photos in your profile.

Then tap the “Camera” icon which you can find at the bottom of the screen.

Then find the photo which you want to upload, and then tap to select it. To save your time, you can select many photos for the batch to upload them. Now, tap “Done” to complete the upload process.

After this, you have to add an accurate description and more relevant tags as much as possible. Tags are the keywords, which help the buyers to show your pictures when they search for those words.

Choose from the suggested tags below your image. Or you can tap “Add Tags” to type your own tags and then click on OK.

Now, tap “Publish” which you can find at the top right.

After this, you have to answer some questions regarding whether people in your photos are there. Answer Yes or No.

If your answer is Yes, then you will be asked if the faces are recognizable. If you cannot recognize any faces in your image, then tap No. After that, you can tap “Publish” to complete the photo upload.

If your photo has recognizable faces, then you have to complete a model release form. The model should sign the form. For children under the age of 18, a parent or guardian is required to sign.

Remember, if you do not have the permission for the model, then you cannot sell your photo on Foap app.

When you publish a photo, it appears in your list of published pictures. To exit from this screen, you just have to tap on the arrow at the top left.

To see your uploaded photos, you must go to your Foap profile page. Tap the “Menu” icon, then you have to tap on your “Foap profile name” which you can find at the top of the screen. Then tap on a photo to see full screen.

  • Join A Foap Mission

How do you increase the chances of earning more money with the Foap App?

The best way to get involved in some missions is.

The mission is established by big brands. They specify exactly what they are looking for and how much they will pay. Some give $500 as much for a winning submission.

The mission lasted for days. The brand then chooses its favorite picture and offers a reward. They can also buy other photos presented to the mission.

Joining a mission brings your pictures to famous brands. This increases the chances of making some of your biggest sales.

To browse the current missions, you just have to tap “Missions” which you can find at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on a mission to read the details. To exit the missions briefly, tap the arrow on the top left.

You may already have photos that are suitable for the mission. Or you may need to take photos specifically for the mission.

To increase the probability of sales, focus on what the brand wants.

Some missions require a special product in the shot. There may be a certain age range or clothing requirements. They want to have minimal edits in photos. Or maybe they require images in a particular format, such as the square

Keeping track of the competition is also a good idea. Tap the “Photos” next to the top of the screen to see what other people have presented. To return to Mission briefly, tap on the arrow in the upper left.

To submit your photos in a mission, you have to tap “Join Mission” which you can find at the bottom of the screen.

Select your photos, then tap on the “Done”. Add details and tags, then tap “Publish”.

Try to present many photos in a mission to increase your success.

How to Increase the Chances of Your Selling Photos on the Foap App

How to maximize the chances of your selling more photos with the Foap and earning more money?

Here we are going to share the five top Foap tips:

  • Upload Lots Of High-Quality Photos

The more photos you upload, the more opportunities you have for liking and purchasing any of your pictures.

Ensure that you only upload high-quality images. The buyer will seek clear and sharp images with good lights and spectacular composition.

  • Edit Your Photos Carefully

To make them as good as possible, edit your images before uploading.

Ordinary editing can bring a big change. Use Snapseed like apps to straighten the horizons, crop your photos, and adjust the brightness and color levels of your photos.

But try to keep your editing subtle. Most of the buyers are looking for images without heavy editing effects.

  • Add Accurate Descriptions & Tags

When you upload your photos on the Foap, take the time to add accurate details and tags.

Good details and tags help your photos appear in searches made by buyers. Think about what the buyers are looking for to find a picture similar to yours.

You must add at least five tags to your photo, but try to use a lot more.

When creating tags, be both specific and more common. For example, a photo of a red rose may have the following tags: rose, red, flower, petal, nature, flower, garden, florist, valentine’s day, romance, love.

  • Join Foap Missions

To take part in the photo missions which organized by famous brands.

This makes the use of Foap more time-consuming. But it enhances the chances of viewing your photos.

And payment rewards are much higher than selling photos through the Foap Marketplace.

  • Discover Which Photos Sell Well On Foap App

Another top tip is to figure out which types of photos are sold well on the Foap.

Use the “Explore” icon which you can find at the bottom of the screen to view recently sold photos.

What kind of pictures is currently selling? What are the most popular topics and scenes?

Once you get an idea of ​​this, you can try to shoot and upload similar images.

Having the right kind of photos will certainly increase the chances of making some sales.

Now, the app we covered in this article is good. And these days, what you can do with the photo app are incredible! But we have to warn you about something.

Even the best apps will not make you a better photographer. Here’s what we mean…

The applications you use are only devices. They can be used to create both amazing and poor photos. The quality of your photos depends on your photography skills, not on the app!

But here’s the good news: Once you actually understand iPhone photography, you might be taking photos of this kind that nobody will believe that it was shot with the iPhone!

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