In Your Browser, How to fix “Error Loading Player: no Playable Sources Found”

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Most rarely, online media players give you trouble. You will be able to run in a media player that is full of ads, but when you get all of them, there is little interference in video playback. That means, it is not unheard of that users sometimes run into problems with the online media players and the ‘error loading player: no playable sources found’ error which is one of the most common error you will see.

error loading player

Here with this article, you will be able to fix it. So now, let’s take a look below to know more about how to fix it.

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Check the Stream Link

If the video player is playing a live stream, then it is worth to check out to see if the stream is working or not. Often, live streams go down or they may not be compatible with the video player that has been used to stream them.

If the stream is working, then on the page access the web console which has the player and checks if the VLC player is capable of playing it. If it fails to play a thumbnail or even generate a thumbnail, then there is a possibility that there is a problem with the stream.

If the stream is working, then the player used on the website may not be able to handle it. In this case, you can try some of the other improvements listed below, or just use the VLC player to view it.

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Disable the ad Blockers

It is possible that your ad blocker, which you are using one, is interfering with the playback. Some of the media players, e.g., the one that uses Hulu, will not let you play anything when an ad blocker is installed. So try to disable the ad blocker or add the website with media player to the whitelist and then check that the problem is fixed or not.

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Disable the VPN and Proxy

The VPN or Proxy can interfere with the content which you are trying to play. Media Player itself can be completely fine, but it won’t be able to make communicate over VPNs and proxies. In case of running one, you have to disable it, then refresh the web page, and then trying to play the content again.

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Update Your Browser

You have to be sure that you are running the latest version of your browser. An older version can be detected by the media player and for the security reasons, playback may be blocked. Generally, if you are lagging behind one or two versions in the web browser, this will not be a big deal, although if you are one behind multiple versions, you should update it.

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Disable the Extensions/add-ons

We have highlighted the ad-blockers as a type of the browser extension which can interfere with the video playback on a website, however, it is possible that you have other extensions which are interfering with the playback. To be safe, you have to disable them all and then try to play the video again. If video works, then it is likely an extension which is interfering with it. One by one you can slowly enable them all and see which one is the cause of the problem.

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Update the Flash Player

The Adobe’s Flash Player may be abandoned by a large website such as YouTube but at one time it was exceptionally famous and still there are many media players which continue to use it. This is possible that still, the media player is using Flash so you must be sure that you are using the latest version of its which is available.

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Clear the Browser Cache

To clear the Browser Cache, you can resolve most problems so try to clear it. This method varies depending on which browser you are using but each and every browser allows you to do it.

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Try a Different Browser

If all the above fails, then you can try to use a different browser. Before you try a different one try the stock browser on your Operating System. It may be just a media player that is not compatible with the browser on which you are trying to play the video. It is rare, but it does happen.

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