Determine Mac Address IP from a Mac Address

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Have you ever reverse lookup an IP address? If you are from an IT background, you might have come across the occasional situation of having the Mac Address with you but not able to configure about what the IP address is.

You have a couple of ways already available to resolve this problem and the first step is to understand that it is not important that your Mac address need not be your address for PC but it can be for a printer or the other device available as well on the same network.

Determine IP Address From A Mac Address

Determine Mac Address IP from a Mac Address

Determine Mac Address IP from a Mac Address

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You can find out the mac address from a switch or other networking device from HP, CISCO, etc. and if it assures you that the Mac address is a computer then here are the ways are shown you below to determine what exactly the IP address is from?

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Via DHCP Server

The simple and easy way to find mac address IP from the Mac address it to check out the DHCP server if it is possible.

Irrespective of the computer of the corporate environment and home computer, each computer is being assigned an IP address from DHCP server until and unless it is a static server (rarely found)

So, to detect the IP you can either choose to go into the DHCP console on the windows server of 2003/2008 or directly you can make a login into your wireless router at home.

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Determine Mac Address IP from a Mac Address

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And how you will have to follow the steps here.

When you are in the DHCP console dashboard, you will find the option of ADDRESS LEASE present under the SCOPE option and you can easily view both Client IP and the Unique ID which is the real mac address ip.

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Secondly, if you have the wireless router at home, it varies depending on the brand (Belkin, Netgear, Linksys, etc). And basically, you should find a section there which shows the status of all the current devices that are connected to the wireless network.

In this case, shown you below of AT&T U-Verse box, you can find it on the homepage and by clicking on Device details to view the MAC address.

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Determine Mac Address IP from a Mac Address

Determine Mac Address IP from a Mac Address

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Ping Broadcast Address

Another way to do this is to have a useful command called ARP (Address Resolution System) in Windows if you cannot access your DHCP server.

In fact, you can check the broadcasted address on your network from any Windows machine and then the ARP table.

If you are 192.168.1.X with a mask of, then you will ping When you do ping, you will get a request all four times in time, but do not worry.

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Determine Mac Address IP from a Mac Address

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Then comes the following Command


Soon you type the above command you will get the list of the connected device on that network with their physical address clearly represented.

Determine Mac Address IP from a Mac Address

Determine Mac Address IP from a Mac Address

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The other Free Tools

As the final alternative, you can use a free program which also assists you with the IP address from the MAC address which is known as CC Get Mac Address and that you can download from the direct link here: CC Get Mac Address.

But before you use it, you need the scanning of all the IP address in your subnet in order to make it work. The program also possesses an auto scan feature by default that takes the IP range.

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There also is a free program available namely advanced IP Scanner that does the same thing like that of CC get mac address and the program is totally dedicated to IP address. So, choose the other IP scanning scanner here: Free IP scanner

Final words

As of now when you have scanned through the article here, you are clear with Mac Address IP and how you easily configure it either directly via DHCP Server or via the third party IP address scanner tool.  You have seen that how can you easily detect the Mac Address IP and use the program by clear scanning.

And once you have completed the clear reading of the article, you have become clear with the notion of Mac Address IP hopefully. Yet if you have anything striking into your mind related to this and you want to get the answer for, simply drop your comment in the comment section and you will be approached for your problem resolve.

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