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Do you know about Cosplay Tumblr which is one of the top trends among the Men and women (especially women) and which can be seen with different modes with Postures? And if you don’t know about the same cosplay tumbler then this article is for you. Read the article till the end and by the end of the article, you will be cleared with the information about Cosplay Tumblr.

Cosplay Tumblr

Cosplay Tumblr

Cosplay Tumblr

The Cosplay Community is alive and also thriving which is propelled forward with the features of Animes, comics, movies, video games as well as all the different kinds of Media collection as well. All the Coplay roles could be found roaming all around various geeky conventions such as comic con but instead of going there.

Still Unclear about Tumblr? Let’s see in short. Tumblr is the combination of a blogging site as well as social networking sites which thrives with social media. Special it is best for cosplayers since it allows the wide distribution of pictures and videos of high quality.

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay Tumblr

Cosplay Tumblr

Cosplay has emerged from the combination of two words: Costume and Play. This Cosplay is basically a well-known performance art in which the participants who are named cosplayers opt for wearing costumes and also different fashion accessories which ultimately represents a specific character of that costume. Cosplayer often talks to create a subculture, and the term “cosplay” is widely used on any costumed role-playing in different locations from the stage. Any unit which lends itself to dramatic interpretation can be taken as a subject and it is not uncommon to switch to gender. Favorite sources include anime, cartoon, comic books, manga, live-action films, television series, and video games.

The term “cosplay” came into its existance in Japan in the year 1984. It was inspired and developed by the practice of fan costuming in science fiction conferences.

Top 8 Cosplay Tumblr Blog

Now when you have come through the knowledge about Cosplay Tumblr then let me introduce you top 8 cosplay Tumblr like sites and blogs which you will love to know and especially when you are the cosplay lover. These site and blogs give you special features an option to get access through. So, let’s see what those sites are and what are so cool about them:

  1. Cosplay Blog
  2. Cosplay Boom
  3. Cosplay Gamer
  4. Pokemon Cosplay
  5. Cosplaying While Black
  6. Men Of Comicbook Cosplay
  7. Women Of Comicbook Cosplay
  8. F*ck Yeah FMA Cosplay [No Longer Available]
Cosplay Tumblr

Cosplay Tumblr

Being curious about Cosplay Blog you must be knowing about Cosplay Blog. And if not then you must know about it and this should be the first step towards your Cosplay Tumbler journey. This Cosplay Blog is generally is updated on a daily basis with ensuring the high quality of it. Photos here you will find of a professional type of some incredible cosplay with the all wide range of genres.

Not only that every post you will see that it gives credit to the submitter and also the photographer which helps you to find more by them If you are interested.

Cosplay Tumblr

Cosplay Tumblr

Cosplay Boom is another huge Cosplay blog. Created by presentations, this Tumbler blog contains a great mix of professional photos as well as sparks of amateur photos and videos. You will find a wide range of materials from top anime characters to comic book characters and video game characters here. And it is a necessary feature you will be able to face.

Cosplay Tumblr

Cosplay Tumblr

Being the Game lover it is one of the best platforms that you will come across as well. You will find the collection of cosplayers straight from your favorite video games. Which also includes the unbelievable Assassin’s Creed cosplay which is seen above. And this game tightly remains within the limits of a video game. And if you are not a game lover then better avoid this platform which is only designed for gaming gigs only. And this brings the game to live happening feel in front of you.

Do you love Pokémon? If yes then this platform you are really going to love since the site revolves around the Pokémon feel.

It has a massive Cosplay community. For all the Pokemon-themed cosplay which you won’t find the generic Cosplay and won’t find in the generic blogs and this is in your place. Lots of cool and amazing costumes that you will want to pick up as a game boy again. And this is just an emulator of your android phone.

You are unlikely to see so many black Cosplayers on mainstream cosplay sites, that is why this Cosplaying while Black is designed and present. These Black Cosplayers are definitely going to possess some amazing costumes so that you can show off what you want to show. To prove this is a Tumblr blog that not all cosplayers are white or Asian; People of any skin color should see their heart’s content. You will find a wide range of materials here, from the characters from TV shows to comic book characters to anime characters, these cosplayers have covered everything and everyone here.

Men of Comicbook is the sibling site of women of a comic book. Here you will find a similar type of mix whether you take amateur or professional content. And except that this time, it is also purely dudes. Stay connect and keep up on all these best comic books of Cosplays.

Now when you talk about Women of Comicbook Cosplay, you are not going to find any anime or video games in this case and this blog is strictly for women who loves cosplaying the comic book characters. Here you will find a great mixture of mature, user-submitted content, as well as the professional photos. If you are into a comic book Cosplays, Especially these two blogs of women of Comic book Cosplay and the one discussed above are the ones which will be your first priority.

  • F*ck Yeah FMA Cosplay [No Longer Available]

This is especially recommended for the fans of the manga or anime series and this is an incredible Fullmetal Alchemist blog about Cosplay. This FMA Universe is incredibly well managed in Magna and also anime. Not only that these Cosplayers brings those, really to life. This show is just amazing for those cosplayed with recognizable military Uniforms. You yourself can take a look below on this.

Final Conclusion

How useful are these sites and blogs about Cosplay Tumblr mentioned you here above with all the varieties of 8 sites mentioned you above? These are really a good quality site which makes you delighted by giving the alternatives of the kind Cosplay Tumbler.

Was this article helpful and informative to you? Was this information useful for your query? Give your feedback in the comment section below and if you have any suggestion related to it. Then you can write it on the official mail to know more about it. You can also share this same article with your friends so that they could get help easily.

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