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Camtasia Key: If you are a teacher or a student and want to get your tutorials recorded so that you can upload them to a social networking site or distribute your content to others. Here is a hack by which you can do the following operation.

Camtasia is a software suite designed by the company TechSmith so that you can create the video tutorials and presentations directly using the recording plug-in to Power point or any other software.

Camtasia Key

Camtasia Key

Camtasia Key

Camtasia is a software that you have to buy for using the advanced features but with this guide, you will get the camtasia key so that you can download all the advanced features for free.

You can also record any of the areas of the screen and other multimedia recordings may be recorded at the same time or added separately from any other source.

Camtasia has basically two components which are camtasia recorder which captures the screen audio and video and other is camtasia video editor which helps in managing the multiple clips and other track forms.

By far camtasia is the best screencasting software which can only be run on the Windows version and is still in beta testing form for the Mac and iOS versions.

The full features of the Camtasia Studio is priced as around $300 but with this guide you will get it all for free.

The offer is available on Camtasia Studio 3. Now you have to download the full working trail copy of Camtasia Studio 3 and request a registration key from the Techsmith for the full details and descriptions.

The features like the Auto Pan and Zoom are not available in the Camtasia 3 which will be able to use the screencasting. You also get the features like the quizzing titles, PIP and support for recording PPT presentations.

Once the free copy is downloaded then you can upgrade he Camtasia to the latest version.


So now we have included the steps on how you can get the full version of Camtasia through the steps described above. In case you want to know more about the tricks like these then you can contact us in the comments section below. Post your queries there and our team will reach out to your query soon.

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