Easily Silence Camera Shutter Sound Effect


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When you click a photo with the camera then it makes a shutter sound effect. This could be dangerous in some situations where photography is not allowed. Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge provides three different ways to silence the camera shutter sound effect.

Camera Shutter Sound Effect

Camera Shutter Sound Effect

Camera Shutter Sound Effect

In this guide we will discuss all the details regarding the topic and how you can disable the mobile camera click sound.

Reasons to Silent the Galaxy S6 Camera Shutter Sound

The camera focus sound effect gives a confirmation that the photo has been clicked. In all the smartphones, the camera shutter sound effect is more or less the same.

But in some cases, the sound effect can be irritating. Especially when you want to take the click in a quiet environment e.g. in a library or museum. Or in the case when you want to capture the photo without being noticed. In some cases, you have to film the camera when there is any suspicious activity going on. These are some of the situations where you want to silent the sound of camera shutter in words.

How you can Silence the Camera Shutter Sound Effect?

In this guide, we will discuss the three features where you want to silent the camera sound effects. Yes, you can also change the camera click sound ringtone but this thing we will discuss in another guide. This guide offers you to learn three modes to silent the camera shutter sound – sound, vibrate and mute. The camera is only activated in sound mode.

You can silent the camera mode by entering the mute or the vibrate mode. We also have other methods to silent the camera shutter sound.

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Method 1: Press & Hold the Volume down Button

When the camera mode is off, you can press and hold the volume down button to silent the phone. This method will only work when the camera mode is inactive. When the camera mode is on then the volume buttons are assigned to other functions like zooming in and zooming out the camera focus.

When you will press the volume down button, then it will display on the top of the screen. Once the volume level is off, the phone enters in silence mode and also turns off the camera shutter sound.

Method 2: Using Galaxy Quick Settings Icon

When you will open the Galaxy Quick Settings, you will get the option to silence the phone. To do this follow the below steps:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the quick settings.
  • It will display an option to cycle the modes >> Sound >> Vibrate >> Mute.
  • The Galaxy camera shutter sound is muted when the phone is in vibrate or mute mode.

This is the easiest method to silent the camera shutter sound.

Method 3: Using Settings

This is a bit lengthy process and you can access this by going to the Settings >> Sound and Notifications >> Sound Mode

Choose the vibrate mode or the mute mode to silence the camera shutter sound.


This guide is applied to both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. If you have any problem in silencing the camera shutter sound effect then you can comment in the comments section below. Our team of expert will try to answer all our queries.

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