What Kind of Upgrades Will Help to Boost the Performance of Your PC?


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If your PC is not working in a good manner or if you are facing a lot of problems while working on your PC. Then you need to upgrade the hardware of your PC.

But, before upgrading, you should know the best way to upgrade your PC. Are you aware of, which up gradation will help to boost your PC? And which upgrades are totally a waste of time?

Boost Performance For PC – Complete Guide

Boost Performance For PC

Boost Performance For PC

Here in this article, we have mentioned some of the best PC upgrades that will help to boost the performance of your PC. So, keep reading the article mentioned below.

  1. Upgrade Your RAM

Upgrade Your RAM

Upgrade Your RAM

If you want to boost the performance of your PC, then RAM up-gradation is one of the easiest ways. In order to add more memory to your PC, you can easily upgrade the performance of your PC. RAM up gradation is affordable and you can do it for all types of PCs including laptops.

RAM up gradation will deliver an instant result on the performance of your PC. If your PC is running slow, then up-gradation will help it work even faster.

If you are doing video editing or if you are playing games on your PC, then, your PC should have sufficient RAM to support such heavy programming.

Even for normal use, you can also upgrade your RAM because extra RAM will help you to work on more than one app simultaneously as well as you can open a large number of tabs in your browser.

According to your requirements, how much RAM will be better for your PC?

  • For normal use, 4GB RAM is enough for your PC. It will help you to do a little photo editing, video streaming and you will be able to open around 10 tabs in your browser.
  • If you upgrade your RAM up to 8GB then you will be able to do serious multitasking, almost 30 tabs open in your browser, RAW photos editing as well as you can play some mid-range game also.
  • If you upgrade your PC RAM up to 16GB, then you will be able to do almost all heavier tasks like media editing and serious gaming etc.
  1. Upgrade the Graphics Card

Upgrade the Graphics Card

Upgrade the Graphics Card

Upgrade the Graphics Card is the second solution in this list, but if you are addicted to playing some serious or big game then it should be recommended that you must first upgrade your PC. If you are not interested in playing some serious game or if you are not a 3D modeler or 3D animator, then you don’t need to worry about graphics up gradation.

So, to avoid graphics card, you can easily save your money, that’s why PC manufacturer companies always go with integrated graphics cards comparatively dedicated graphics cards.

For normal use, modern systems have integrated graphics which are enough. Through this, you will be able to do some Photoshop work as well as you can watch 4K videos also. And you have to know that more than 10 percent of integrated graphics users are enjoying gaming with this graphics card.

But if you are looking for a superior graphics performance, which helps you play some serious game or VR work, then you need to upgrade your graphics card to Radeon RX580, that will help to give a greater boost in your PC.

  1. Faster Storage Drive

Faster Storage Drive

Faster Storage Drive

There are two basic reasons behind the up gradation of your hard drive, first is while your PC is not working properly and other is when you want to experience a faster performance of your PC.

After doing everything to free up your storage device, still, if you are facing issues on your PC then you just have to replace your storage device to a larger one. In a full hard drive, you are not only able to save new data, but, it will also result in bad implication on the performance of your PC. In your PC, you should have to keep at least 10GB of free space for your operating system to use.

A hard disk drive is mainly for the physical speed of your PC. Now, if you are using a 5400RPM drive for your PC, then you need to upgrade it to a 7200RPM model to boost the performance of your PC.

A solid-state drive is one of the better options to boost the performance of your PC. Because it will use the flash memory rather than spinning disk which is much faster than a typical hard disk drive.

The write speeds of a solid state drive are more than 500Mbps which is much larger than the write speeds of a 5400RPM drive and 7200RPM drive. Samsung 970 EVO is one of the high write speeds SSDs with more than 1500Mbps write speeds.

Finally, you got that a faster data drive will help to boost the performance of your PC to make everything faster than before. With a faster data drive, you will find many things in your PC have started running faster than before such as boot times, program loading, launching games, video editing or RAW photo editing, etc.

The minus point behind solid state drives is that it is more expensive and it has much lesser capacities than hard disk drives.

If you don’t want to deal with the drive capacities, then the hybrid drive is one of the best options with a small amount of flash memory to cache the most commonly used files for instant retrieval. And it has a traditional hard disk with a large capacity for long-term data storing.

  1. Upgrade the Processor

Upgrade the Processor

Upgrade the Processor

PC’s processor up gradation is one of the advanced tasks than the other upgrades. With the physically trickier installation, it is one of the most expensive upgrades with the compatibility issues as well.

You should have to know that the up gradation of a PCs processor is not always a good thing for your PC. And it is not sure that the processor up gradation will help to boost the performance of your PC.

If you want to compare the performances of the different processors then you can do the benchmark tests at cpubenchmark.net, where you will find that the modest updates are notable for a big improvement.

If the upgrade is important then a processor up gradation is totally a waste of time, like the upgrades from i3 to i5 or from the older generation to a newer one. Don’t choose this kind of up gradation just because of its faster clock speed.

You should have to upgrade your motherboard rather than processor up gradation because the processor is more expensive than motherboard up gradation. Your motherboard needs a BIOS update to work well with a new processor. Before buy, you need to check first.

  1. Upgrade the Software

Upgrade the Software

Upgrade the Software

All the software’s or programs of your PC will be updated automatically. If not, then you need to click on the update button while getting alert about new programs versions.

Software up gradation is not always the right thing for your PC. Because for many software, the version number of software is represented in the form of Major.Minor.Revision. So, if you will get an update like 0.0.1, which is just like bug fixes. If you will get an update like 0.1.0, which can be included with small new features and optimizations. You should be installed Minor and Revision updates immediately.

Before doing Major updates which is a change in the full version number, first you have to deal with your PC’s hardware because, in Major updates, the new versions of programs will consume more resources than the old versions and if your PC’s hardware will be already expanded to its maximum volume then it can be a problem for Major updates.

The same rule should be followed in operating systems updates. For operating systems, the regular incremental updates are better than the whole new versions for PC’s performance and security reasons.

Another Upgrade to Boost the Performance of Your PC

Motherboard up gradation is one of the most difficult upgrades than the other upgrades because all the PC’s parts are attached to it. The mechanical keyboard will help the writer to become more productive than a regular use keyboard.

The most important PC upgrades are RAM, SSDs, and graphics card. To upgrade any one of them you will find instant improvements in your system.

You have to upgrade your system according to your needs. If you want to experience a better graphics in your PC then you have to upgrade your graphics card; if you want to experience a good speed then you should have to upgrade the RAM and for greater responsiveness, you have to upgrade SSD.

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Above, we had discussed all the possible information regarding the upgrades that will help you to boost the performance of your PC. We hope this article will help you to fulfill all your PC’s needs. In case if you have any queries or any suggestions regarding this article, then let us know in the comment section below also,  share your experience with us, we will get back as soon as possible.

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