How to Use Car Brakes and Braking Techniques


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Best Tires Shop in Dubai: Driving might seem easy but it is not, each and every aspect must be mastered before driving within the public or on the highway. Among steering, accelerating & gear changing, braking is the most critical aspect in terms of safety. Every driver must master the skill of braking.

Driving irresponsibly and speedily is easy but deadly while driving responsibly and skilfully is difficult but safe. Correct and timely braking can save lives while preventing any type of unfortunate event. Learn to brake now so you can speed peacefully and safely tomorrow.

Best Tires Shop in Dubai

best tires shop in Dubai

best tires shop in Dubai

Braking also depends upon the handling and grip rating of the tyre. You should have a tyre that has shorter braking distance than ordinary ones. Such tires can be purchased from one of the best tires shop in Dubai such as PitStopArabia or any other certified shop around the world.

There is a wide range of skills and factors associated with braking it is not just squeezing the brake pedal as hard as you can, whenever you want. These skills are fundamental to a lifetime of safe driving. Such as calculating the road ahead and dynamically adapting to the driving style that is compatible with the terrain. A decent driver utilizes the brakes infrequently, aside from under a crisis situation.

The General way of Braking

Presently as a rule of thumb when you are braking or slowing down you should brake first and after that the clutch. You should brake step by step, tenderly and easily except if it’s a crisis circumstance. Braking with your heel on the ground is a decent method to brake progressively and delicately without applying the whole weight of your foot.

Another way is to apply a smidgen of pressure to the brake yet then simply let go of the brake for a short moment before returning onto it, by doing this tenderly 3 to multiple times while in transit to ceasing it encourages the vehicle to stop smoothly without stopping too suddenly or abruptly.

Progressive Braking

Progressive braking defines the braking technique that encompasses braking by applying the brakes delicately at first and then pushing the pedal increasingly harder in a smooth progression instead of just going crazy on the pedal.

Progressive braking is a braking technique, which

  • allows for different drivers to respond in time
  • is comfortable for your passengers
  • prevents bolted wheels
  • prevents the vehicle from skidding or hydroplaning
  • reduces fuel consumption while saving on fuel expense
  • reduces wear on the suspension, brakes, tires and other essential mechanical parts

With the progressive braking, the whole braking procedure will be smooth and when you ground to a halt, there will be no forceful shock toward the end.

Driver Abilities for Braking

It requires certain abilities for the driver to possess in order to brake effectively, it is not entirely about the braking system. One cannot simply just push on the pedal and expect the vehicle to stop smoothly.

Following are abilities a driving must develop in order for effective braking.

  1. Technicalities

A driver must be familiar with the fundamental braking technicalities such as the response of applying pressure on the brake pedal, knowing the essence of ABS braking system and et cetera. The level of your knowledge in terms of braking technicalities can only be increased if you know how the brakes work.

  1. Prediction

A driver must be good in observing the road ahead and assessing the response of braking in advance hence adjusting the speed accordingly.  It is basically the split second planning the driver does in terms of manoeuvring the vehicle safely.

Even if you are driving with reputable Yokohama tires in Dubai you cannot blindly trust them you must have to have the ability of the prediction. Mostly the ability of the prediction develops with the experience and initial training at driving school.

How Does the Braking System Work

When you apply pressure with your foot on the brake pedal a piston is pushed into a master cylinder, which is loaded up with hydraulic braking fluid. The pressure further pushes the fluid along an arrangement of funnels into other, more extensive cylinders situated beside the brakes on each wheel.

This braking mechanism is designed in a way that it exponentially increases the power of your foot press on the brake pedal into enough power to apply the brakes and make the vehicle stop.

There are two types of brakes one is disk brake and another is drum brake. Disc brake is installed on the front wheels whereas the drum brake is installed on the rear wheels of the current models of the cars. Old cars used to have drum brakes on all of the four wheels, however, Expensive modern models of cars have disc brakes on all of the four wheels. Hence implying that disc brakes are more reliable.


You must be aware of all the technicalities associated with the braking system as well as have the adequate training of braking in order to develop a sense of predictability.

Another most important habit that you must develop is to keep your braking system and overall vehicle well maintained at all times. In case of any malfunction in the braking system or overall vehicle occurs you must consult a professional right away, no exception!

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