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12 Best Skype Call Recorders for Windows: Many a time when we use Skype especially for voice calling or video calling then what we look at is definitely a safety feature of our Skype conversation for our best future use. This can be done either for the interactive session with your business or personal reasons or any other needs, you definitely need a software which can assist you with the recording purpose.

Looking for the best Skype recorder for Windows, there are some things that one should look for. The market is already saturated with many add-ons which saves conversations on Skype for Windows PCs. Therefore, as a potential user in search of the best add-on for recording all your audio and video chats, you have to look out for some key features and benefits.

Best Skype Call Recorder for Windows

Best Skype Call Recorder for Windows

In this article, you will be introduced with the list of 12 Best Skype Call Recorders for Windows. For any additional Skype recordings to rank in our list, there are some features that must be seen. The quality of call recording is given the preference.

TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype (Recommended)

TalkHelper is a sophisticated add-on that is designed to store all Skype interactions on Windows operating system. More than just a recording software for all your Skype calls and chats, TalkHelper is a full-stack conversation filing add-on for your Skype recording. That’s why it ranks as the number one in our complete list.

TalkHelper is a go-app in the compact manner to store Skype communications on Windows, with custom-made ability to work with Skype apps and save your video calls from both the ends. In addition, it can record voice mail, chat, and voice video mail on Skype. Now you see the reason why we gave it a full-stack Skype catalog add-on label for Windows.

TalkHelper stands out with its own way of recording files on Skype. Many Skype recorders for windows available in the market today save screenshots of your conversation only today. Instead, TalkHelper works from within Skype to collect your conversations and saves them as a file in many formats, which can be easily retrieved and sent.

In The world of technology, it has been made with simplicity touch. This is the reason why using Skype files on Windows is easy to use in the ranking of the most efficient software. Without any bias, Talk Helper UI / UX has been fashioned in a very straightforward and directional manner, so it is easy to use.

It makes more favorite add-ons to record your Skype audio / video chat on Windows. In addition, TalkHelper saves your conversation in a separate folder for easy retrieval so that you do not wander around if you need to get your files back.

  • Pamela for Skype
  • MP3 Skype Recorder
  • Amolto Call Recorder
  • Dvdvideosoft free Skype Video Recorder
  • iFree Skype Recorder
  • Evaer Skype Video Recorder
  • Vodburner for Windows
  • Callnote for Skype
  • Supertintin Skype Recorder
  • Pretty May Call Recorder
  • CallGraph Skype Recorder
  1. Pamela for Skype
Pamela for Skype

Pamela for Skype

Pamela is a Skype Recorder software designed with professional users in mind. It facilitates the transferring of your Skype calls using Pamela. Therefore, if you are out to get that Skype recording program for Windows, which can give you ease of transmitting calls between your colleagues in the office, then Pamela is for your pickup for Windows.

As a plus of Pamela’s deliverables, it gives you the ability to record your podcast if you are a blogger. You can make it a recorder and a chronological tool for filing all your podcasts for later retrieval.

  1. MP3 Skype Recorder
MP3 Skype Recorder

MP3 Skype Recorder

Like TalkHelper, one of the outstanding features of the Best Skype Call Recorder for Windows MP3 Skype Recorder is that you can collect information about the calls made to Skype if you use it. This creates a good pick for the user who is careful about the information of the person to whom they are communicating.

When using it, it helps to remove details such as the names and phone numbers of the calls you received. Therefore, you can always refer to who and whom you called. It also saves your Skype recordings in different formats like WAV and MP3 on Windows.

  1. Amolto Call Recorder
Amolto Call Recorder

Amolto Call Recorder

To use the interface, we have to give it to Amolto. It is one of the most outstanding features that creates a conversation recorder for the Skype rank in the best 12 categories. In this era where a user is a king, if a Windows app does not appeal to them easily, it cannot fly.

Apart from that, Amolto for Windows works well with Skype calls and other VOIP applications to save chats, making it two good picks for the price of one. Even more, it churns high-quality video and audio formats so that you can be confident of quality output.

  1. Dvdvideosoft free Skype Video Recorder
Dvdvideosoft free Skype Video Recorder

Dvdvideosoft free Skype Video Recorder

DvdVideosoft Skype Recorder for Windows lets you convert MP4 of your video call and your audio call instantly into MP3 versions. It is possible for you to transfer your Skype recordings to any device and any selected format on Windows.

Added to this, the Windows app has the following size. It makes it compact and easy to download and use. Therefore, if you are looking at a Skype call recorder on Windows, which is too small to work and gives you a lot of format files, then it will work for you.

  1. iFree Skype Recorder

Like some other Skype recording software on Windows, iFree Skype Recorder is very efficient for those who are thoughtful about the choice of their sound record. This is because iFree allows users to select their preferred mode of audio output format. Whether you choose the option of mono or stereo output format, you are assured of high quality output.

Secondly, it also allows you to preset optimized messages in the form of answering machines for your Skype calls. This is useful when you are busy or have not been settled to take your Skype call on Windows. To prevent screen hurdles, iFree allows you to minimize the app on your Windows device so you can take it along with other things.

  1. Evaer Skype Video Recorder

As is common among add-ons that the best Skype recorder for the audio and video calls on Windows is ranked between, the applicator for Windows automatically detects the call and is suitable for starting recording your conversation. This is the height of sophistication and ease of use.

With the Too much of the custom sophistication of auto call recording, Ever is designed to record your Skype video files side by side or only one side (i.e. from your end or only from the end of the second caller).

  1. Vodburner for Windows

The fact that Vodberner opens on a small pop-up, makes it very effective on your Windows PC. This means that you can get it with the recording of your conversation when you still do other things on your Windows PC. This makes it very easy to use.

You can also choose to edit files that have a recorder for you to communicate. This editing comes with a transition effect which can convert your recording to high quality audio / video output. More often, the amount of your files is stored on the device so that you can monitor the amount of space that is consuming.

  1. Callnote for Skype

With many options to add an addendum to your call data, Call Not for Windows comes with additional features like sharing features for your recorded data. This allows you to easily share your recorded Skype conversations with your partners or anyone they should have.

As a help to share, Callnote for Windows includes call details in your recording such as names and other details for easy filing.

  1. Supertintin Skype Recorder

Being one of the earliest Skype recorders for Windows, the Superintin has been designed in such a way that gives the user satisfaction from design to operating system. This user is from using PC microphone for satisfaction recording and it is also the minimum capacity that when you do other things, the Windows app runs in the background.

This is a clear explanation of the add-on that is designed with the user in mind. With this conversation recorder for Skype on Windows, you can run a non-interrupted recording even while following other duties.

  1. Pretty May Call Recorder

Since the transfer of data relies heavily on the file format for various devices, so it is important for Windows to have a good call recorder to factor in file formats. For ease of transit and sharing of beauty, save your files in popular format WAV or MP3 format.

Currently, this add-on can send automated SMS and voice messages to the favorite contacts in your list. This makes it a sophisticated user choice.

  1. CallGraph Skype Recorder

The Callgraph is designed to be easy to use every day. After downloading, it is important that your prompt or authorize add-ons to work with Skype. This creates a type of security check between the add-on and your traditional Skype software.

In addition, it also comes with many file record formats such as WAV and MP3 so that you are comfortable with easy sharing for many devices and for a different use.

Complete Guide to Choosing Skype Recorder for Windows

While surfing for a good Skype Call Recorder for Windows, you have to pay attention to some things. It can mark the difference between doing well and ruining your podcast, conference conversation or interview session.

From Record Output Quality to Crash-proof Assurance, some features are very important if you should get a call recorder, which you can trust. Here, we will discuss the full starter guide to choose the best Skype recording software for your professional or personal use.

  1. Recording Quality is of most Importance

Perfect audio / visual quality is an important factor when it comes to choosing Skype Recorder for Windows. Nobody can insist on this. It is important that you take into account the output quality of the Skype add-on to use to record your Skype conversations. And during the conversation on Skype, many a times might face the audio quality of problem of Skype.

Major Audio Problems on Skype Call Recorder

In a survey of some random Windows recording software for Skype, users detected major audio problems in their recording. Some of those problems are

  • Distorted audio output
  • One-sided audio record
  • Overlap audio conversation
  • Loss of audio during recording
  1. Distorted audio output

Not many times, many Skype recorders for Windows unknowingly give a distorted audio version of your call to Skype. This is usually due to distortion in the app’s digital recording, which is known as spiking voice recording.

In such cases, the audio output of your recorded data will play with this chipmunk-like ‘audiovis with little or high pitch that no one can understand. Such a situation completely unknowingly and misleads your data because no such concrete information can be extracted from such recordings.

Cross-platform tests conducted on various Windows Skype recorders show that between the popular apps for Windows, only TalkHelper Skype Recorder users do not experience distorted audio scenarios.

2. One-sided audio record

This happens when the Skype recorder fails to preserve both sides of the Skype conversation. In this situation, it may be that only the conversation audio of the Skype collar be saved, while the details of the receiver will be lost or the other way round.

This discrepancy is usually due to the failure of the transient system in the Skype recording app in use.

One-way record not only affects the quality of the audio recording, but also completely stays saved data as the one-sided saved data will be inadvertently for the caller because it will be the receiver.

Deep research on this problem showed that most Windows Skype Recording app that periodically encounters this problem does not review the software to meet the latest adjustments in the updated Skype software.

TalkHelper’s Skype Recorder, however, is built with cutting-edge technologies that work and sync well with Skype, so there is no record of unilateral audio recording.

3. Overlap Audio Conversation

The problem of overlapping recorded conversations is a major issue that has troubled many Windows Skype call recorders. This happens when the caller’s recorded conversation and receiver are slowed down on one another, so that the message of the receiver’s caller cannot be clearly marked.

Such scenarios threaten the quality and usefulness of the recorded data and can be very frustrating. Based on a comprehensive study of user feedback and reviews, TalkHelper’s Skype Recorder and Evaer Video Recorder are the only software for Skype, in which there is no document to overlap audio when recording conversations on Skype.

4. Loss Of Audio During Recording

Many times, the call recorder users on Windows offer complaints of losing audio recording after ending their Skype calls. This happens when the recording app used in the Skype recording gets shut down or even during the externally shutdown of Skype.

The most disappointment about this is that the loss of audio recording occurs without warning, and you only detect the discrepancy when you try to recover your audio file. Sample a large percentage of the software available to record Skype conversations on Windows, many of these show frequent audio data loss during Skype conversations. The third consecutive fifth recording of more than 3 percent of the calls consistently saw data loss in a small percentage.

However, TalkHelper Call Recorder, Supertintin Skype Video Recorder and MP3 Skype Recorder were the only ones offering continuous accuracy of the recorded data, regardless of the duration of the conversation and the frequency of the Skype call.

Major Video Quality Problems while Skype Call Recording

When you have a video conversation on Skype then you have to channels via which you are able to communicate the next person in front of you. The channels are video (visual) and audio. Now since you have seen the major quality issues that you face while interacting with the audio recording, let’s focus on the video platforms also where you will be able to look into it.

  • Video Recording Upside Down
  • Momentary Failure to Detect Video
  1. Video Recording Upside Down

Recording a video while using a Skype recorder on Windows is a problem that occurs when the add-on is used to unselect the “auto-rotate” option of the app setting. For many unsuspecting users, this causes a major problem in their personal and professional life as this could affect the usefulness of the file presentation.

The reason for this random representation is that most of the available Skype software can detect weakness in advanced functionality. Without a lot of turmoil, Talk Helper developers have envisaged this problem and have developed the app to auto-select this option and saved you from the stress of facing upside down recording.

2. Momentary Failure to Detect Video

The most prominent issue that caused the quality of visual output of some Skype recording at the time of Skype video recording is that it is momentary failure which detects the visual files in the Skype conversation.

This is usually due to bug intrusions of the Windows Skype recording app that is being used to save visual conversations. In these cases, your saved data will not reflect any visible part and at its height, the add-on shows an instant message that ‘it cannot detect the video stream’.

As a forward-thinking service provider, Talk Helper call recorder is designed to prevent the occurrence of such a situation in your video call via Skype for Windows. Therefore, users of Talk Helper do not have to worry about failures like this. Security and system maintenance check: From time to time system check is a way to help your recording app deliver quality visual reception and output. Normally malware infections can affect your Skype recording software to a great extent how your recorder works. Therefore, a complete and periodic security check to filter bugs and malware will contribute a lot to the quality that will deliver your Skype add-ons.

3. Reliability is a Mandatory Aspect

It is extremely important that the recording application of your choice should be highly reliable and confident. This assurance gives you a long way to find out the satisfaction you get as a user. Being trusted means that the software is free from all types of failures that may affect the normal experience that a user receives.

There are a few factors to look down while scouting for a good grade Skype call recorder app for Windows.

Major Malfunctioning During the Call Recording

If you are the regular use of Skype then you might be knowing about the major malfunctioning of Skype. Here is the highlights and also the solution of it which is mentioned below. Read to know completely about it in detailed way below.

No Disfunctioning During Call Recording

If the Skype call recording app is caught by some mess during its recording session, then it affects the overall output the user receives. This means that the output data will be lost and cannot be recovered.

Many Skype calls that record for Windows bear this shock as a result of internal malfunction and its cost is higher than the users. Imagine estimating the loss of the data recorded from the interview once in an industry affected?

In this situation, Talk Helper’s Skype Recorder stands in the middle of the pack as a quality software for recording Skype conversations for Windows, which does not experience glitches during your call recording for Skype. Reliability has been measured by hundreds of reviews and feedback from satisfied users.

Crashing or momentary non compatibility with Skype

There are instances that some average Skype recording applications simply crashed between critical Skype conversations that make users completely helpless. There is a transient non-compatibility of those software with Skype for a lot more Windows than this crash.

This non-compatibility generally affects the quality of users ‘Skype software, or eventually crashes users’ Skype applications.

Regardless of this limitation with dirty Skype call recording software, Talk Helper’s Skype Call Recorder is a longstanding brand that provides premium quality to its users and does not harm any breakdown. And more, its high compatibility with Skype for Windows has been confirmed with years of smooth Skype recording for users.

  1. Free Skype Calling vs. Paid Skype Call Recording

The question whether free software is comparable to any payment, is largely dependent on the user’s preferences and needs. There is no argument at all that the payment was made to make and is better between free Skype recording software for Windows.

Without a lot of fuss, it is non-antagonistic that paid Skype recorders provide more advantages and benefits than free ones. The choice is largely dependent on the user’s requirement.

In case of Skype for commercial use, I cannot help, but I can take advantage of the need to use the paid Skype recorder. First, due to access to premium features like unlimited recording capability and access to premium features that will serve as a help to your business needs. In addition, the first hand is believed to have access to treatment when it comes to updates on some features which are important for quality delivery.

In essence, the onus user falls on to understand their needs and the weight of options in decision making for Skype Recorder or free version for Windows.

  1. Compatibility with the Upgrades in Skype used in Windows Os

When talking on Best Skype Call Recorder for Windows you should know that for a best user experience with Skype Call recorder for Windows, it is constantly upgraded for the compatibility and tailored to work with the recent upgrades as well. And here are reason mentioned you below for that.

Upgrade Regularly to make compatible with Skype and Wiondow Standerd

With the continuous development of digital opportunities and advancements, service provider software like Skype and Windows continuously upgrade their applications for better service delivery. In the same vein, applications that provide support services to providers such as Skype and Windows need to continually upgrade their applications to meet the latest modifications and progress

This, however, is not so with most Skype recording apps for Windows. A survey in the market revealed that a large percentage of the available call recording app is not necessarily constantly upgrading which makes them work better with Skype. This reason tells that many users of those Skype recorder have bad tales to tell.

However, not all hope is lost, because TalkHelper stands out as a Skype Recording add-on, which constantly upgrades its software to meet the needs of Skype and Windows. Here’s another reason you want to make TalkHelper your Skype Calling App.

Cross-Windows OS Compatibility 

As is the case that the Skype app is compatible with all versions of Windows (Windows 7, 8 and 10), so it is important that all software that stores conversations on Skype for Windows, be compatible with all Windows OS versions needed.

Unfortunately, only some add-on users provide this requirement. Of these, TalkHelper’s Skype call recorder ranks best based on user feedback and reviews. This is because developers of TalkHelper believe that any Windows OS version user should not be left out of the benefits of enjoying full-stack Skype call recording software.

Ease of Use

In order to increase the commanding position of the customer these days, it is important that developers have a reason for ease of use for users for more UI / UX experience. Sadly, this is not for all Skype Call Recorder app for Windows.

The number of available add-ons is proven to be quite difficult to use, and there are interfaces which are confusing because they are clumsy to use. Due to this, a large number of users are closed.

Based on completely independent app reviews and users’ feedback, TalkHelper is at a high position as a Skype Conversation Recorder, which is smoother, easier to use and deliver efficient service. With this level of positive feedback from users, will not you make TalkHelper instead of making your choice Skype call add-on for Windows?

Final Conclusion

Looking at the extensive analysis of various relevant factors, which you should consider while looking for a promising software to fulfill your purpose and record your Skype conversations on Windows irrespective of Best Skype Call Recorder for Windows 7, Windows 8 or for any of the Window software; we believe that you are now better equipped to make sound decisions of choice.

Regardless of this freedom, we would like to move you forward towards Talk Helper. We recommend this because hundreds of users like you have given satisfactory responses to the Talk Helper recorder and we believe it cannot be wrong.

Was this article covered on Best Skype Call Recorder for Windows helpful? And did it gave you the broader analysis and solution for your Best Skype Call Recorder for Windows 8 and all the windows then give us your feedback in the comment section below.

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