Best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools 2019


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Best SEO Tools 2019: Search Engine is an ocean of ideas, solution to problems, and vision to thought; and the engine is being supported by innumerable websites. These days, it is nearly impossible to get a good amount of traffic if you are not using the right SEO tools.

Best SEO Tools 2019

SEO Search engine optimization

SEO Search engine optimization

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However, there are plenty of SEO tools available in the market which can be used. But, it is also important to have an insight into tools which would do good to your website and provide effective results.

It is the sole reason behind creating this content, which will educate people about these best free SEO tools and how they can be used. Furthermore, it is suggested that you choose the option which suits the best your website.

Before proceeding to SEO tools, let us have a friendly understanding of the background which will help you understand better and help you make the best possible decision.

What is SEO?

You might have come across this term many a time; but, never get a chance to know it better to learn here. The acronym of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a marketing-related discipline which diligently focuses on maximizing visibility in organic search results.

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

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The purpose of SEO is to bring traffic, improve Google rankings, and bring your newly created website to people who are actually looking for it. The best way to get recognized in the digital world is through effective SEO tools and strategies.

Specifically, SEO explains whether your website is designed or structured the way the search engine understands and thus, makes it easier for people to find you. The first and foremost thing to reach out to the right keywords – means the relevant ones that will help boost the content of your website, and the ones having low competition and a high search volume.

Beside flowery content and hunting for right keywords, you also need to optimize the code and build backlinks and you can only attain this by assimilating SEO tools.

Why Do We Need SEO Tools?

Why We Need SEO Tools?

Why We Need SEO Tools?

In order to achieve a higher rank on Google Searches, it is important to execute the right SEO tools and also fulfill the Digital Marketing Trends. Use of good SEO tools will enable you to acquire not only high visibility but also loads of traffic through the targeted audience. These effective tools help you enhance your online presence and get higher ROI and bring profit in the long run.

Through detailed and excruciating research you can create productive content based on keywords having higher rates. Through the right SEO tools can save a lot of your valuable time while doing keyword research.

Additionally, these tools help in optimization of content that gains a lot of credibility and authenticity on the web. More to that, SEO tools allow you to closely examine your competition and make sure that you are always ahead in the race.

Best SEO Tip For 2019

Before learning about the best SEO tools available in the market, let us begin with the best tip for search engine optimization of the year. This is purely a white collar link building trick which is not only affordable but also offers a higher ROI. This sort of link building also includes guest blogger outreach.

This pure form of link building trick is neither from seo tools nor from a link building services or other link building tools. Podcast guest or getting acquired as a guest on established podcast shows is one of the seo industry’s deep dark secrets.

You may get plenty of links from the host’s site at a lower price than most link building sites charge per link. Since the show is about you (guest) there are a lot of additional benefits like personal brand building and acquiring influence and niche authority. The show host also promotes you on the social media platforms and sometimes email newsletters.

What are the Best SEO Tools for 2019?

Since we have gone through all the ins and outs of SEO tools and its benefits, it is now time to unfold the mystery and get you some of the best options of free SEO tools as well as paid available in the market. Here is a list of most effective and popular SEO tools that will push you forward and allow you to take your website at the top.

SEO tools list

  1. SEMrush


Purpose: Keyword and Competitor Research

Pricing: Free

A standout amongst the most habitually referred to apparatuses was SEMrush, the advertising suite that enables clients to assess their substance and rivals alike with a sizable watchword database and backlink examination instrument, among different highlights.

“It can examine your site on a full scale from SEO to SEM, content showcasing, backlinks, SERP positioning, and internet-based life,” said Shelby Liu, SEO expert at marking office Brand Buddha. “The device works flawlessly with Google Docs, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console so as to tweak important catchphrases and make a new substance that stays up with the latest.”

One of its greatest offerings indicates is the capacity to see what contenders are positioning for.

“Just include your URL, and you can discover contenders that you didn’t realize you had, which can give various chances to enhancement,” said Eileen McGovern, look organizer at SEO organization Efferent Media.

Chris Hornak, proprietor of blog composing administration Blog Hands, indicated SEMrush’s Topic Research Tool as another top choice, which he said creates information-driven substance.

Brenton Marcum, computerized advertising pro at website composition and advanced promoting organization Blue Compass, concurred, saying SEMrush impacts “our watchword procedure for composing duplicate for blog entries, articles, sites, and more for our business and our customers.”

This, thusly, implies they can make “vital and intentional substance crowds are looking for, enabling our articles to be found,” to procure increasingly natural traffic, and, at last, to win changes, he said.

  1. Ahrefs


Purpose: Research and Analysis

Pricing: Free SEO Tool

Likewise at the highest point of advertisers’ rundowns for 2019: Ahrefs, which, as SEMrush, offers SEO and backlink examination.

“While both have a great deal of cover, they each have interesting characteristics that make them profitable,” said Chris Hornyak, proofreader and SEO examiner at computerized promoting firm The Content Factory. “As far as I can tell, SEMrush will, in general, be better with regards to watchword research and specialized investigation between areas, while Ahrefs will, in general, be better at breaking down backlinks.”

Syed Irfan Ajmal, a development advertising administrator at ridesharing blog Ridester, concurred Ahrefs has a bigger database of backlinks, while Hornyak noticed Ahrefs’ catchphrase information “will, in general, be a smidgen progressively exact.”

ahrefs: seo keyword tool has its very own focused investigation instrument, which Cody Slingerland, proprietor of SEO content organization Jawfish Digital, said is “incredible for dissecting contender or contending content and distinguishing catchphrase chances to target.”

Truth be told, SEO and substance promoting advisor Jake Ballinger said it’s the main paid apparatus he employment.

“It does all that I need—watchword research and following, contender investigation, content ideation and, presently, site reviews,” he said. “I live and die by it.”

While Jon Hayes, a general marketer at Authority Hacker which says that it helps boost site authority while ahrefs comes at a premium. its “commitment to expanding features has eclipsed its competitors, offering everything we need in one tidy package as opposed to working with multiple different platforms.”

  1. Serpstat


Purpose: Content Marketing, SEO, and PPC

Pricing: Paid

As far as his concerns, Oz Chowdhury, venture/advertising director at computerized organization Powerphrase, said he is putting resources into SEO stage Serpstat for comparable reasons.

Atanas Valchev of website architecture studio Pixus will, as well, since he said it offers includes that he hasn’t seen consolidated previously, including rank circulation, verifiable information for rankings, and backlink examination.

The beneficial thing is the instrument gathers information 24 hours per day, consistently,” Valchev included.

  1. Screaming Frog
Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

Purpose: Site Crawling and Data Extraction

Pricing: Free as well as Paid

UK seeks to promote office screaming Frog—and its SEO Spider device specifically—was likewise a well-known decision.

Named after “a frog that defended itself subsequent to being cornered by two felines,” its SEO creeping device, the previously mentioned SEO Spider, was intended to be utilized by SEOs to gather information, recognize specialized issues, and give a base to on location SEO proposals.

“A Screaming Frog review demonstrates all components on a site, metadata, status codes and a lot of specialized data including canonicals, nofollow/noindex, and considerably more,” McGovern said.

She indicated the capacity to make completely adaptable XML sitemaps and picture XML sitemaps as an, especially important component.

“In the time of web-based business and picture look, a picture XML can be important,” she included.

Jim Milan, interchanges and SEO chief at retailer Auto Accessories Garage, said his most loved element is Screaming Frog’s Link Score, which makes it less demanding to distinguish when a page does not have enough connection value.

“In the event that a specific page isn’t positioning admirably, we can examine its Link Score and contrast it with comparable pages on our site that are positioning great to decide whether it requires progressively inner or outside connections worked to it,” he included.

  1. Sitebulb


Purpose: SEO Auditing

Pricing: Paid

Notwithstanding Screaming Frog, Cooper Hollmaier, specialized SEO chief at advanced showcasing office Visitor, said he has had “incredible achievement” in utilizing apparatuses like Sitebulb to ease outstanding task at hand.

Per McGovern, it “offers a ton of significant worth” for offices with numerous customers.

Notwithstanding posting inner pages and their status codes, just as metadata, copy content issues, inside and outer connections and header data, she said Sitebulb gives data about grapple content, content lucidness, and best-connected pages, alongside a slither map with connected pages—and Sitebulb shows the majority of this in “an effectively edible visual configuration.”

Truth be told, Hornyak stated, “In 2018, I experienced passionate feelings for Sitebulb.”

That is on the grounds that he said it helps uncover points of interest about how a site is being filed and if there are any specialized issues hiding under the surface.

“While I’d recently utilized Screaming Frog for this specific sort of work, Sitebulb as of now has my heart,” he included. (In spite of the fact that he rushed to note the two apparatuses “are exceptionally, extremely great, and it’s extremely pretty much what device works best for you.”)

In any case, McGovern said Sitebulb disadvantages incorporate document sharing and review examinations.

  1. Majestic


Purpose: Backlink Tool

Pricing: Paid

Majestic has various devices to serve you, a backlink checker, URL submitter, site adventurer, watchword checker, and connection profile battle. These instruments give you far-reaching data about your site and the sites of your rivals utilizing which you can give another capacity to your SEO battle. To utilize the devices of Majestic, you need to make a record on the site. Apparatuses are paid and you can check their estimating on ‘Plans and Pricing’ alternative given on the correct hand upside corner of the site.

Majestic says it has the planet’s biggest connection record database, which incorporates about 487 billion one of kind URLs crept from August to December 2018 alone. It enables clients to investigate URLs in detail, just as to decide backlinks and check to seek score.

Marcus Miller, head of SEO and advanced advertising at the UK office Bowler Hat, said it is his go-to connect file for contender research and discovering openings in some random space.

That incorporates business payload.

“It will be incredibly useful for examining backlinks and making sense of regardless of whether we ought to approach certain sites for connection securing. We can enter our rival’s site, and it will give us a total rundown of each site that is connecting to them. From that point, we can make sense of which joins we have the chance to recreate,” said Christoph Seitz, co-proprietor of business load shipper CFR Rinkens. “It additionally gives incredible plans to how we can enhance our very own procedure.”

Seitz said Majestic’s Clique Hunter—which searches out spaces that connect to different destinations inside a vertical—is especially profitable.

“You should simply enter a couple of your rival’s sites, and it will indicate you different locales that connect to them yet haven’t really connected to you yet,” he included. “This is an exceptionally compelling technique for uncovering new open doors for third-party referencing.”

  1. SEO Site Checkup
SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup

Purpose: Website Security and Analysis

Pricing: Paid

As the name proposes SEO Site Checkup is an apparatus which keeps running on the separate webpage of the searcher and gives a checkup score which tells the remaining of the site. At that point when you look down in the report, basically, it is isolated into real headings then into subheadings where the apparatus portrays each great and terrible part of the site.

In the event that something isn’t right, at that point, it likewise recommends a few pointers to address the mix-up. In the preliminary rendition, you can check a negligible number of sites as it were. It is amazing to tell that this device experiences 45 singular checks in 6 distinct classes. The six premise or classifications of examining the website are Common SEO Issues, Speed Optimizations, Server and Security, Mobile Usability, Social Media and Semantic Web. The 45 singular checks are the piece of these principle classifications as it were.

  1. Site Analyzer
Site Analyzer

Site Analyzer

Purpose: SEO Audit

Pricing: Paid

Site Analyzer is a free site investigating device which runs right around 71 separate checks under the five fundamental headings of openness, structure, writings, interactive media, and systems administration. It tells about the outcomes as rates as in which errand is how much good in general. On the off chance that you scroll further, at that point every primary heading is broken into little parts to make it straightforward for the pursuer.

After these headings, it likewise gives a level of the general wellbeing of the site. The device is for the most part utilized by the experts when they need a point by point write about the premise of five noteworthy divisions done in the report. The report is made to give an inside and out understanding on the site. Alongside the outcomes, the device additionally offers what does searcher needs to do besides enhancing their score.

  1. Varvy


This tool is getting famous among all the professionals since the day Google has started putting a penalty on rule breakers. Varvy is the tool which tests whether the guidelines are being followed or not in the process of the SEO of a website. The tool checks all the guidelines issued by Google so far and generate a comprehensive report, describing where the guidelines are followed and where they are not.

Main headings shown in the reports are Googlebot access, Mobile Devices display, Security, Accessibility, Page speed, Robots.txt guideline, Image alt text, Sitemaps, If Modified Since, Paid links, Valid HTML, Amount of links, Findable links, and HTTP headers. These headings are based on the various guidelines issued by Google for the process of SEO. A yellow highlight in this shows that the website is not following certain Google guidelines whereas a green light shows that you are good to go in that rule.

  1. Woorank


Woorank has a complete mixture that offers information and details of websites. The report that it presents is detailed in nature and also educates about the pros and cons if it finds any. The distinctive headings which describe the complete website and that comes in a free version where it offers – SEO, Mobile, Usability, Technologies, Crawl errors, backlinks, social, local, SERP checker and visitors.

This tool actually does not leave any part of the website unturned. The tool specialized in reviewing and analyzing the actions happening on the website and provides an effective end result. The resulting data can easily be downloaded in a pdf form which helps you to understand it better.

It also generates reports instantly. The seo tools also offer a free trial version where you can test it before using it permanently. With the help of the tool, you can generate a specific number of reports only, while you can also check the old or previous reports at any time you want. The tool is a perfect blend of all the necessary things without which the analysis of your website is nothing.

Some Free Tools from Google

Search Console & Lighthouse

Search Console & Lighthouse

Search Console & Lighthouse

Miller frequently said that there is one free tool widely used is Google, which he defines as “a treasure hunt of information”.

Do you seek who or what ranks for your search terms? Better Google it and surprise yourself to see what Google is offering. He further defines that “Reviewing any business and website is difficult and by achieving the right tool you will see what you can learn.

He also highlighted “Google Search Console” which is absolutely free and that allows webmasters to see the website traffic or how many people are visiting the website, how they found them, which pages are most popular and whether users are visiting through mobiles or computers. With the help of the Search Console, you can easily find errors and get solutions to fix them.

Many experts and webmasters agreed that it offers the most credible and authentic crawled data. Besides this, it also offers website’s link data, most searched keywords, click-through rate as well as crawled errors.

Thibaut Davoult, a growth engineer at web conferencing software provider at Livestorm emphasized that Google’s Lighthouse tool is certainly a developer tool that examines and analyses performance, accessibility, and growth of web applications along with other actions.

To this response, Paul Evans, managing director of Toro Digital, a digital marketing agency that completely runs on the idea of legal industry, said he got fancied by this tool and will be using Google Optimize in the year 2019. Optimize is available for free which is a collaboration of web analytics and services which offers users to run tests on the content of the website to understand what works best for the users, including A/B, multivariate, and redirect tests.

“Over the past few months, we’ve started testing different headlines and split testing URLs with Google Optimize, and the reporting you can provide clients with is fantastic,” he explained. “We’ve noticed some huge differences in engagement and conversion metrics from some fairly rudimentary tests. It will make a big impact on the recommendations we provide to clients.”


After hefty research, we have provided you the Best SEO Tools 2019, that will help you make your website look nicer and effective. Besides, we have also mentioned some of the basic tips that will help your website run at a good pace and acquire more organic traffic. If you are currently using any of the free seo software or want to hear more from us then, tell us about your experience and queries in the comments section below.

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