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Best Notification Saver Apps 2020: It is a well known factor that your smartphone is one of the best gadgets that helps you in various cases and it is the main mediator to gain the information and notification of various services today. This is why every now and then your screen is full of notification and you usually clear that notification whenever you find it popping up as you on your data.

Best Notification Saver Apps 2020

Best Notification Saver Apps 2020

Best Notification Saver Apps 2020

But on the other was this the issue that you miss some of the important notification and after clearing that notification list, you realize that this was actually important? For that solution only, here you are being given Best Notification Saver Apps 2020 list that is going to help you track your important notification and keep the history of them so, that you don’t miss any in the future if you need them. Follow the list given you below and make use of it.

Notification History Log [Notification Saver App]

Notification History Log

Notification History Log

The Notification History Log app is designed to catch your device’s notifications and toast messages, which pop up on your device and store them for browsing and later searching for them as well. You can also define filters for information that are undesirable, And hence, you will neither be able to see it saved or nor it is going to appear in the list or search result.

Once you install the notification history log application, it will start generating notification logs and you can view notification history literally anytime. After installing the notification history log application, you can easily manage, sort and view all prior notifications received.

Salient Features

  • Easy can check all the read and unread notification at a single
  • Won’t be able to miss any of the notification.
  • Easy interface with the most loved users.
  • You can easily read the notification without opening the other app or a particular app using which you get the notification.

Notisave – Status and Notifications Save

Best Notification Saver Apps 2020

Best Notification Saver Apps 2020

The second app you Notisave is also very useful when it comes to managing notification. This app further helps you for your WhatsApp and also with the other messenger apps and this autosaves your new messages, autosaves your WhatsApp status and the company further works to add the various features in the future as well.

Salient Features of Notisave

  • The app comes with a simple interface and hence Easy to read as well as Easy to Manage.
  • Read your notification privately without leaving the “read mark” on the messengers.
  • Auto-save notification can be found in Noti-bar
  • Keeps your Notibar Clean
  • You can simply search notification from all the app at once at a single

Notification Saver and Organiser

Notification Saver and Organiser

Notification Saver and Organiser

The Notification Saver app lets you save notifications for later, and read them whenever you get time. This way you will not be able to miss any important notification which you usually clear along with other notification.

The app can automatically hide notifications from the app you choose, and also save notifications to make sure you don’t miss important notifications.

There are three ways to handle these notifications as follows:

  1. Notifications will be displayed normally
  2. You will receive a notification, but the content will be hidden. It is great for apps like What Sapp, Facebook, and other social media apps.
  3. Notifications will be blocked and you will not be disturbed by apps. This is very useful for apps that send deals and coupons every now and then, but you use them very rarely. For these apps, you can block notifications, and see their notification messages whenever you want to use their service.

You can configure the app to save notifications from just a few apps and leave the rest. You can simply be able to change the above settings for all apps individually.

Notification History

This app has been designed in a way that catches your device’s notifications as well as toast messages, which can be found popping up on your device and store them for browsing and later discover them even if they were rejected. You can also define filters for information that are undesirable, and hence these will not be saved and also not going to appear in the list of search results.

Received lists must also be determined later by long-tapping within a list or selecting a clock style icon in the view of notification details.

To remove the notification from the view, try swiping the item left or right.

Premium Edition Features:

-The app gives you Ad-free interface

– It matches the KEYP filter type

– Unlimited Filters

– The custom dates can be seen ranging in notification view easily.

Notification History Log – Notification Saver

Notification History Log

Notification History Log

Notification History Log app has been featured to read all the notification that is already posted by the system or any of your installed app.

The app can easily manage your notification, you can easily search, sort and also view all the past notification you have received after the installation of notification history log.

Why this app is useful because, once you are able to install the app, this starts storing your notification and you can easily view the notification history anytime if any notification is missed by you.

Notification Saver App Salient Features:

– Get all your cleared notifications back

– clear all notification from settings

– If you want to get the missing notifications from history you can select the app from

– You can get old notifications that you recently cleared

– Notification log gives you the ability to prioritize specific notifications

– Easily sort and search any notification from history

– Notification History Saver helps you to Manage Notification, also is a Notification Saver hence Save Notifications better.

Final Words

Any notification of your mobile or your computer application is important but might not be important or urgent while you are doing some other work. Hence this article covers all information and alternatives for your notification management not only a particular one but any app in your system and also saves it so that you can refer it in the future easily.

So, these Top 5 Best Notification Saver Apps 2020 helps you with the clear management and by now you might have been understood which one to choose and proceed if interested. Rest if you have any opinion regarding the same then the remark section given you beneath is useful to check-in.

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