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Best Instagram Bio Space: While you are writing your Instagram bio in the bio section of 150 characters (30 words), there are different types of things that help you in writing a stunning Instagram bio that too in the minimal use of 30 words.

That is actually not a complete text but additions such as emojis, symbols, characters, line spaces, etc. Here you are going to see about what are the best way which is easy to do for Best Instagram Bio Space that you can use for your bio space next time.

Best Instagram Bio Space

Best Instagram Bio Space

Best Instagram Bio Space

In spite of being the platform of images and visual, what makes image breathtaking is its caption and bio that too with spaces that grabs the attention.

There are people on Instagram who consume content which is entertaining and aesthetically pleasing. They are not there to read the story. And coming to the length, an unformatted caption can irk them.

Best Instagram Bio Space – Best Practices to Follow

Now before going to discuss the steps that you can follow in order to add the spaces in your Instagram caption and bios, there are few practices which you can use for your easy Instagram bio spaces. Following are some of the best practices that help you minimize your frustration.

Avoid Direct Writing on Your Instagram App

While using the Instagram app, you cannot add spaces by default and for that, a simple trick works are to write it somewhere and then copy-paste it in the bio section.

If you try to add paragraphs and line spacing within the app, it will automatically publish your post with zero-spacing formatting. And this is one of the main reasons for disappointment for those who know that good drafting works, but not able to successfully format their Instagram captions and bios.

So instead of writing your caption directly within the app, try writing it in your phone’s Notes app first. When you are publishing a new post, you can copy and paste this prepared copy into the app. You can also use your Email app to make a draft of your caption copy.

The main rule is that you should avoid writing directly to the Instagram app because you cannot format it correctly.

Remove Extra Spaces

And if your invisible line break works then you are going to work then another thing is removing the Extra spaces between the last word and the punctuation and the invisible spaces.

To understand this better, let’s take an example. If you have written some sentence with full stop then avoid hitting the space button as you do in the normal case, but rather press the Return or Enter button right after and then add the invisible space.

Option for Adding Spaces in Both Caption and Bios  

Even though there several ways you can add spaces to your Instagram bio and caption, there are some basics but easy methods that will help in adding the space conveniently.

Line Breaks Using Symbols

The best simple and easy way to add the spaces in your Insta Caption or bio is using symbols. This is also the fastest but unknowing that you are typing it directly into the Instagram App. The use of characters like the dash or a period or even the emoji is a better option wherever you need a line break. And this extra character acts as a space between paragraphs including giving the gorgeous look as well.

The only drawback with this option is that the symbol you enter there is visible which might not be viable for some people.

Here are the steps you can take to add spaces using this option:

Type your caption into the caption area on Instagram.

While you need a line break you can type ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ button available on your keypad.

You can add the symbol next to the text line to make is minimal visible possible.

Tap on entering or Return again and start typing the next paragraph.

And if you want spaces between paragraphs, you can repeat steps 1 and 2 as per the need.

Add Invisible Line Breaks (With Your Notes Phone’s App)

You get a default app in your phone that is notes app and this you can use to add the line breaks.

Here are the ways you can do that:

For the addition of line break, paste invisible spaces in the next line, the spaces are inside the brackets.

[                          ]

When you want more than one line break, you can paste it multiple times.

Now you can remove the brackets

You can copy the whole draft and then paste it into the Instagram caption spaces if you are using the notes app.

Line Breaks Using Apps4Life Caption Maker

There other third-party tools that help you in space addition in both your caption and the bios which you can do either from your desktop or the laptop.

This helps with no addition of the characters such as dots and hyphens which gives the messy look in your caption copy.

The name of that app is Apps4life and you can download it in your phone as well.

Below are the steps which you will have to just follow:

To start with this app, first of all, you will have to open the app or in case you are using laptop or desktop then simply follow the below-given link

Visiting this link is going to redirect you to the main homepage of the site and there you will find an empty box present.

Type your caption or the body in that box and press the enter button on completion as you used to do in case of Ms-word or the Notepad.

And when you want to add the line break then the same enter button you will have to press two times.

When you are done, then at the end, click on the Convert button which you can use below the box where you will type.

Now copy this and paste it into your caption space of Instagram to complete it.

Final Words

We all know that making Instagram profile is easy but making it more effective and better which attracts the user is really not that easy. Hence we always try to improve our Instagram profile which should be effective enough that people visiting the profile gets affected with it.

And In the process of Best Instagram Bio Space, you have seen here that this is also the way to make your Insta bio catchy and easy to scan through for the visitor coming onto your Insta profile in the future.

As you have gone through the article above, you might have clarified with the procedure that is used to add Best Instagram Bio Space for the better representation of bio including using the emoji, fonts, etc.

How was this article for your Information? If this helped you some way or the other then drop your comment in the below-given comment section.

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