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Best Google Chrome Extensions to Avoid Distractions: Internet surfing is ocean of contents. As deep you go, you will find new depth always. You will never feel it boring or tiresome. But it affects your productivity and leaves you clueless where the time has flown without serving the purpose.

Best Google Chrome Extensions to Avoid Distractions – [Top 10+]

Best Google Chrome Extensions to Avoid Distractions

Best Google Chrome Extensions to Avoid Distractions

So, here we are going to provide you a few but best Google Chrome extensions to avoid distractions. Installation of these extensions will help you to avoid such distractions and anchor your willpower 🙂

Best Google Chrome Extensions to Avoid Distractions

  • Blank New Tab Page:
Blank New Tab Page

Blank New Tab Page

What is the problem with Chrome’s new tab page? You must be wondering this question for sure. We here clarify that there is no harm of using it but it may be the reason for great distraction. A new tab page consists of Google Doodle. Many times it has attached games, Links to YouTube, Facebook, most redirected websites, and many more. But luckily we got an easy solution for it.

Here we only need to install a free chrome extension which is called Blank New Tab Page.

What does it do? It uses a blank page instead of Google Chrome’s inbuilt page.

Download Blank New Tab Page Chrome Extension

  • Radio Mode:
Radio Mode

Radio Mode

Radio Mode comes under another skillful google extension. It curtains your ability to binge-watching videos, music on You Tube.

Radio Mode also curtains video option for them who depend on Google’s video-stream service for audio facilities. Now you can listen to music only without getting distracted by videos.

This extension is quite efficient to reduce the CPU usage to half for Google Chrome is not playing HD quality videos anymore.

Download Radio Mode Chrome Extension

  • Intent:


The intent is a very useful Google extension if you are thinking to save you spare time to be wasted on social media such as Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and many others. But Intent does not literally block the social sites.

Intent has a different way to perform and implement the restriction over the social media platform. At first, Intent starts to monitor your habits and observers your guilt to waste time mostly on which websites for one week. Now Intent will ask you whether you liked to invest your time on those websites for past one week or not. If you respond in negative, it will suggest you options to improve your habits.

You are free to choose to Reduce overall frequency or reduce overall time. It will define a period for you. If you exceed the period, Intent sends you alert. Intent pulls up some actions like “I’m done for the day”, “Give me 5 more minutes”, and many more.

Unlike many other extensions, Intent doesn’t through many restrictions. The intent is efficient to build healthy browsing habits. If you are working on improving your surfing habits, at least give Intent a try for a month.

Download Intent Chrome Extension

  • Timewarp:


Just like Intent, timewarp has the same purpose. Timewarp helps the user to fight against internet addiction. The immediate execution to curve your habits rather than taking gradual steps makes Timewarp different from Intent.

Timewarp introduces wormholes to set up. Through which you can set such a pattern where you can select one wormhole for every non-productive website. Along with that, you can select among the three options for punishments if you visit those websites.

These three options are simply blocked, showing motivational quotes, and redirecting to another important website such as educational one.

Download Timewarp Chrome Extension

  • Scroll Stop:
Scroll Stop

Scroll Stop

Scroll Stop gives user options to curve the endless feeds. Scroll Stop performs one of the four options as you exhaust the curve. These options posse redirecting to other websites, reminder message of back to the work, turn tab to a new blank page or terminate tab.

With Scroll Stop help, you can add various limits as per your interest.

Download Scroll Stop Chrome Extension

  • DF Tube:
DF Tube

DF Tube

DF Tube is a Google extension to curve the YouTube. For those who are depended on YouTube for educational or research purposes, DF Tube restricts them for killing time. The addictive contents of YouTube such as comments, recommendations, personalized feeds, subscriptions, and many more can be avoided by DF Tube.

DF Tube can also turn the YouTube home screen into a white page. The shown search bar is quite handy and it considers the high intensity of distraction.

Download DF Tube Chrome Extension

  • Analog Percent Clock:
Analog Percent Clock

Analog Percent Clock

This Google extension possess clean design. This clean design looks pleasant for eyes and doesn’t allow your eyes to sink in the computer. Analog Percent Clock limits your time and reminds you while you are lost in Bing watching without realizing the time.

Analog Percent Clock replaces the new page so that you will get a reminder when to stop Bing watching.

Download Analog Percent Clock Chrome Extension

  • Free Pause Gmail:
Free Pause Gmail

Free Pause Gmail

Your work hampers when your email alert pops up the middle of work so frequently. This experience may be painful. Free Pause Gmail will help you to eliminate this painful experience.

Free Pause Gmail is a free Google Chrome which restricts you’re the influx of emails on Gmail for the particular time period.

When you activate this Google Chrome extension, you will not receive any emails in your inbox.

Resume Gmail notification service if you want to go through the hundreds of pending emails.

Download Free Pause Gmail Chrome Extension

  • Grayscale the Web:
Grayscale the Web

Grayscale the Web

Grayscale the Web is a Google Chrome extension, which eradicates the captivating colors. These colors are used by too many websites to attract users’ attention.

It is a proven technique through which you can cut down the screen use.

It helps to eradicate the colors and allows you to browse in monochrome only.

Download Grayscale the Web Chrome Extension

  • xTab:


xTab curves number of tabs which you are looking forward to launching in a single session. Once you exhaust the numbers, xTab either blocks you from opening more tabs or automatically shut down any of the current tabs.

This action is performed on the basis of standards such as least accessed tab, least used tab, and oldest tab.

Download xTab Chrome Extension


As human nature, willpower is a subject of limitation. It is better to take help this extension to improve the habits and build a particular routine. A mindful and focused internet surfing can avoid you to fall into the trap of distractions at the particular time. Along with these benefits, you are going to start a healthy desk lifestyle.

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