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Best Couchtuner Alternatives – As we get to know that everyone is opting for the best movie streaming sites. It is really easy to access and also it helps the users to save their money and also for this you don’t need to make a visit at the cinema and doesn’t need to wait in the long queue. Also, you are able to book it online with the help of Alternatives to Couchtuner.

There are many services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime where they give a huge and excellent collection of the movies. Also, they need to provide a monthly charge. Also, there are multiples of the website where you are able to watch your favorite movies anytime anywhere.

Most of them occur with the couchtuner as well which is also one of the best online streaming sites. Basically, this site will allow the users to select for the movies from different-different genres at your personal time. Also, before talking about it in details, below we are sharing some of the other information as well.

Best Couchtuner Alternatives [2019]

Best Couchtuner Alternatives

Best Couchtuner Alternatives

If we talk about the year 2010, the couchtune ch was started with the .com extension. Their main aim is to provide the users with their selected movies along with the unlimited content. One of the best this about it is that in this site, you don’t need to make any type of sign up. You can simply browse your favorite movie or serial which you want to watch and then it will redirect you to the content page.

Alternatives to Couchtuner List



Here in this blog, we will also provide you with the best movie streaming sites like Couchtuner.

Couchtuner – Is it advisable to use Couchtuner?

Firstly, the Couchtuner is a pirated website where you will get all the content but that content was not legal. But, it doesn’t mean that you can stop streaming online movies from it.  Also, you are able to watch each and everything free of cost. A very simple reminder is that you need to make sure that you are required to use a VPN connection which helps you save your privacy.

Couchtuner – Is Safe?

Many times, when we are surfing free live streaming sites, we found that they are having many types of issues and bugs which they need to fix. When you are using couchtuner, then you are able to save up all of your data and privacy without having any type of fear or also without losing anything from your PC. All the other couchtuner alternatives sites are required to be safe.

It is one of the most famous blogs where it allows the users to stream any of the show in their devices like in Android devices, Laptop or in PC as well. You may see some of the pop-ups which occur at the time of using it, but later it will close with the help of the available option.

So, one of the most simple sites which are available is CouchTuner where it allows the users to stream their favorite movies of all the available categories.

What’s available on Couchtuner?

There are a huge number of shows are available on Couchtuner such as shows, movies and watch series online couchtuner. From the starting of the site, the old shows to the new shows such as – The Family Guy, Arrow, Big Bang Theory etc. You are able to get and watch free movies as well such as Dunkirk, Thor and Justice League etc.

Before going down to use it, you need to get ensure that your internet connection is secure. Also, in the search bar, you are required to find some of the movies and shows which is completely according to your genre.

Is Couchtuner is having User-Friendly Interface?

Definitely, there is no doubt that the couchtuner is one of the best available options which is having a well-built interface in the top live streaming sites. At the time of building, the main aim of the website is that it will easily work and also it will provide access to the website which will easily support your Android device. Laptop and PC as well.

Also, on its homepage, you will easily get a huge selection of other TV shows which will provide you with an amicable experience. Also, you can easily make a search and also map read directly to the show by simply ignoring the ads. Here in the sidebar, there is a huge collection of Television serials which is available there to allow to you browse gently.

Are There Any Downsides to Use Couchtuner?

Each and every coin is having two sides which are similar so that there are several things which will bother you at the time of using the couchtuner for the movies. Below are some of the downsides which help you to use couchtuner.

  • One of the major and annoying things is that everyone is having ads on It is like to ruin the mood at the time of watching the show. Also, when it opens in a new window. By simply turning on the Ad Block, you can get help.
  • You need to make sure that TV shows are not recognized. So, in the process to use the couchtuner to watch the seasons, then you are required to dig tad bit more. The chances are that you will stumble upon your episode which you are looking for.
  • The option of the autoplay is not obtainable. The user is required to explore the complete website so that he/she is able to watch the next episode. Hence, it will become a big task to perform.
  • In some of the regions, the streaming of the couchtuner is completely blocked.

Couchtuner – Sites like Couchtuner List of 2019

In other terms, there are a huge number of options available when we talk about online movie streaming sites. If you don’t want to use the Couchtuner, or if you are bored with the couchtuner. Below we will share some of the best available alternatives of Couchtuner. So simply read it and pick the best which meets your needs.

  1. Movie 4 U – Free Site Like Couchtuner (Direct Link)



When you start using Movie 4 U, then you are able to get a hold on the endless movies. There is no single movie which you can’t find on this Movie 4 U site. The advances search option gives you expediency.  This is one of the best available streaming sites which is similar to Couchtuner to watch online movies.

  1. Putlocker – Free Site Like Couchtuner (Direct Link)



After the launching of the huge library of Putlocker, it will become so famous by which the people start taking about it. With the help of most popular shows and movies, you are able to watch all of the content without the requirement of registration. Also, you are able to ask for the operator which help you to upload the content as well. The Putlocker is also famous for its movie streaming service and that why it is the best alternative of couchtuner.

  1. Cucirca – Free Site Like Couchtuner (Direct Link)



Cucirca is very similar sites to Couchtuner because it only has TV shows. Also, if you love to watch Tv shows.  Also, if you like to watch TV shows and you enjoy watching them along with a sweet taste of Pizza slice then the Cucirca is one of the best available options for you. Also, it may be disappointed for you because of NO MOVIE. The Cucirca is having a large number of popular and also it is famous for tv shows and it will help you to get updated with the new and latest tv shows. Also, its interface is completely user-friendly and easy and clean.

  1. The Dare TV (Direct Link)

The dare tv

The dare tv

It is also one of the best live streaming sites which is similar to the Couchtuner ag. Here you are able to get new content as per your requirement in the genre section like Fantasy, horror, comedy and much more. Also, it will display the category which is known as “Recently added shows” and “Recently updated movies”. It is one of the huge platforms and a big library where you will get a bunch of movies and tv shows which you are able to stream online with the help of this and also its services are completely free. The Dare TV Platform helps you to make a streaming function so easy so that you are able to click on a video to start watching. Also, if you don’t have enough time, then the Dare TV provides you with the option by which you are able to save videos to stream the videos in future.

  1. SolarMovie (Direct Link)



SolarMovie is one of the most popular and famous sites and the best alternative of CouchTuner. Basically, this site is having a bunch of movies and TV shows of all the genres and also it is well designed and having a user-friendly interface which makes it extremely super and simple where the user can easily get the new and trending content free of cost. The users who are registered with it are able to rate the movies and TV shows according to their views and also the users are able to save the interesting content for later and also able to make a request.  We will tell you that the registration is completely free and also you don’t need to provide any of your personal information. SolarMovie doesn’t store any files and data of their users and also their content is not provided by any third non-affiliate third party.

  1. Daily TV Fix (Direct Link)



If you are addicted to the daily serials of the TV, then this is another best alternative of Couchtuner eu which help you to get the daily dose definitely. The Daily TV Fix provides you with all the stuff from the latest movies to the small TV shows. Also, you are able to search for any of the content which you want to watch by its name or also by using the comprehensive search with the help of the filters. You will get the newly updated episodes at the right side on the homepage and also you will get the latest updated movies as well. It is very common for the daily TV Fix which helps you to get a list of the multiples of different types of mirrors for each of the shows and movies as well. The Daily TV Fix is also having a very active and fresh forum section where the daily TV Fix users are able to discuss their favorite TV shows and also about the movies. Here you are also able to make requests and socialize with others as well.

  1. New Episodes (Direct Link)

new episode

new episode

As you already understand about it by its name, basically the new episodes are one of the places which you are looking for where you are able to watch the new episodes of your favourite TV shows within a minute when it goes on air. Basically, this site shows all the TV shows which go aired within a week but also you are able to browse the TV shows alphabetically or also search for them directly by simply using the search bar. As like the Daily TV Fix, the New Episodes is having an active forum section and it is recommended that the new users are able to introduce themselves to the other so that they are able to receive a proper welcome.

  1. PrimeWire (Direct Link)



Primewire is one of the most famous online streaming websites where you are able to watch all the new collection of movies which was released recently. The main thing is that in this site, you don’t need to pay any type of charges to watch movies. All of the available movies on Primewire is available on multiple resolutions, where you are able to select any of the best which suits you according to your internet connection speed and also which suits your device. The Primewire users rate the individual mirrors based on their quality so that it is always easy and simple to watch the work of the mirror which works great and also which gets avoided. Before watching a movie on the Primewire, we suggest you create an account as a user and then you will be able to read the user’s guide which you get to know how to safely watch all the movies online.

  1. Moviewatcher (Direct Link)



Movieswatcher is one of the free streaming services where you can watch movies and also the TV shows online without giving any type of service charge and also here you don’t need to get registered. Some of the available genres which you can find on this site such as action, biography, comedy, crime, fantasy, horror, talk-show, drama, animation, romance, adventure, western, gameshow, sport, history, reality, romance and much more. As you can see, the movie watcher is having lots of things for everyone and also it doesn’t ask the users to provide anything in return.

  1. AZ Movies (Direct Link)

AZ Movies

AZ Movies

Also, AZ Movies really look like a paid online streaming service and also this website is basically easy to access and it is free to use. It is run by a group of movie and TV serials enthusiasts who wish to share their love for the cinema along with the whole world. You may find it really interesting to get to know that the oldest movie on the AZ movies from the year 1915 and also it was redirected by the Charlie Chaplin.

How to Access CouchTuner Using a VPN?



Basically, the VPN is a service which helps the users to create a secure connection by using another network on the internet. It provides the outside observers which also include the internet service provider and also it also analyze the traffic of your internet and also it protects the users from the snooping and hackers as well.

At the time of selecting for the VPN service, you need to pay attention of the prices of the VPN’s and also the number of IP addresses it provides, its global footprint and also the security and privacy protection.

Regardless, the selection of the VPN service, the setup process is always the same.

  • You need to create a user account.
  • Then, you need to choose a plan.
  • Then you need to provide your payment details.
  • Now, you need to download and install a VPN client on your device.
  • Now, simply connect to the internet.

Is CouchTuner Down or Dead?

Basically we cant say anything about it that its down or dead. When we visit to its official website, we found that it is not working so in that case we said that it dead.

To conclude:

Couchtuner is one of the best movie streaming sites where you will get all types of movies free of cost. Also above we provide you with a bunch of best couchtuner alternatives. With the help of this article, you will get to know about which sites suit your requirement. So have fun with this article and also for any support, simply drop a comment in the below-given comment section.

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