Top 5 Best Android Games in 2019 – You Must Play Right Now


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Google Play Store is home to a terrific list of free and paid games for the Android platform. You’ll find thousands of games in pretty much every category to download and play on your device. As you may already know, the mobile gaming industry is riddled with free games that aren’t always free as they claim to be. Therefore, it becomes surprisingly hard for anyone to find a game that will keep them hooked on their Android devices.

In this list, we’ve rounded up quite a few games that are definitely worth your time. Go ahead and try out the games mentioned in the list below from Google Play Store.

Best Android Games To Play On Android

best android games

best android games

Mario Kart Tour

Previously launched Mario games haven’t been able to grab the attention of players, and most of them weren’t happy with the premium price tags for the game. Recently, Nintendo has come up with a new game called Mario Kart Tour. It’s a free racing game combined set in the Mario universe. Mario Kart Tour takes a more simplistic approach towards the controls, you only need to swipe right or left on your screen to steer your Kart.

It also includes drifting mechanics which can be activated by holding your finger. You will receive rewards and unlock new items that can be equipped to make your Kart effective in matches. If you want to download a modded version of Mario Kart Tour then visit this link

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a free to play game available in the Google Play Store. The developers of Supercell are known for making addictive yet simplistic games for smartphones. Brawl Stars is a fine addition to the list of popular games made by Supercell. It’s a simple multiplayer game where you will be competing against other real players, battles that typically last for only a couple of minutes.

There are a lot of unique characters in the game that come with their own abilities to attack and defend. Brawl Stars boasts only two sticks on the right and left. One stick is used for moving your character in the game and the other one is for aiming.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

As the name suggests, it’s an interesting racing game with colorful and good looking graphics for the Android platform. The concept in the game is quite simple and straightforward to say, you get to pick a character from the list,  a vehicle and the track that you wish to race on. To make the race interesting, the developers have added things like missiles, bombs, boosters, etc to that can used against opponents, slowing them down for a certain amount of time.

In terms of controls, it’s mostly simple just like any other racing game out there. The game packs a lot of different modes to play, each one has its unique way of playing.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends is a fast-paced thrilling MOBA game, with an impressive 99 player battle royale mode on Android devices. The game features a lot of heroes with different abilities to select for competing against real players from all around the world. The game heavily relies on Strategic and coordinated gameplay in order to come out as victorious.

The developers have put in a lot of effort, in making the controls simple and effective for touch screen devices. Mobile Legends is currently considered to be the best MOBA game with millions of players all over the world.

Bloons TD 6

If you’re a fan of Tower Defense games, then Bloons TD 6 is going to keep you hooked for a long time. The game features various maps that look attractive with all the colorful elements put in here and there. On the map, your objective is to place your Monkey troops in such a way that none of the evil balloons make their way out of the path.

You need to constantly make decisions in the match and place the monkey forces according to the waves of Evil balloons. It gets very intense and delivers a lot of fun once you reach a certain stage in the game. Go ahead and try it out yourself from Google Play Store.

Final Words

The games that have been mentioned on this list are available for free to download in the Google Play Store. However, there are certain perks and items in the game that can be unlocked by making in-app purchases. If you’re free to play player, then expect some massive grinding in these games in order to level yourself up. Don’t forget to let us know your favorite game in the comment section.

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