Anonytun Para Pc – How to Run it on Your PC as well as in Laptop

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AnonyTun is one of the best VPN that directly runs on your mobile devices. Due to its simplicity and great functionality, there are many users who wonder whether they can use it on PC.

On the other hand, running AnonyTun on your laptop or desktop is really simple and for that here is the step by step guide that helps you with the complete information about the process using which you can Get Anony Tun installed directly into your PC.

Anonytun Para Pc

Anonytun Para Pc

Here is the complete process regarding the information about Anonytun Para PC which you can come to know about it below.

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AnonyTun: An Anonymous Browsing of the VPN

If you are looking for a way to protect yourself online, AnonyTun is an excellent option for it.

When AnonyTun is running, your connection is completely private. This means that your name is not being recorded, and your location is not being tracked.

This allows you to bypass any geo-restricted services or sites, meaning that you cannot connect wherever you are.

It is also simple to use, and can only be run by pressing the connect button in the app. This makes it one of the most direct VPNs.

And the app is free, so you can protect your connection without paying some expensive monthly subscription fees.

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How to Use AnonyTun On you PC/Laptop

Anonytun Para Pc

Anonytun Para Pc

Many users wonder about the process about how you can possibly run AnonyTun directly on the PC. But it is not that difficult and just take simple steps as mentioned below. But only thing comes in your way is that this needs a mediator and app emulator. Hence follow the below-given steps that further help you with the process of Installation.

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Emulator for successful Run of AnonyTun on your computer

Emulators allow you to run apps designed for Android on your laptop or desktop. They do this by rebuilding the Android operating system on your PC. With this emitted Android environment, you will be able to run just about any mobile app on your computer.

You can easily find so many emulators online and you can choose one from them. First, install it and then using that emulator you can run any app in your PC or laptop.

Out of our research, we have mentioned here the list of emulators that make you application access smoother.

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Blustacks App Emulator for PC

It is the most downloaded Android emulator. It gives you full screen. It also allows you to customize your keyboard layout.

It is primarily designed to run games but is fully capable of running AnonyTun.

The downside of Bluestacks is that the free version contains advertisements. For many users, this is not an issue. But for some, advertisements can cause some slowdown.

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Process of Installing and Accessing Bluestacks

  1. First of all, you will have to Download bluestacks directly online
  2. Then Install the app.
  3. But for that, you must be already signed in with your Google Account.
  4. Now Find the Play Store in the installed app
  5. Here in the search bar, type AnonyTun
  6. In the search result, you will find the app shows.
  7. Now download the app as you are doing in your phone and then run it in your pc.

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Nox App Player: Gives you Excellent and smooth Experience in Browsing

It is another commonly used Android emulator. It does not give you as many features as Bluestacks. But when running AnonyTun, you do not need a complex application.

Nox gives you full screen and keyboard customization like Bluestacks. But it also has no advertising, which some users claim will run more smoothly.

If you are looking for a simple app to run AnonyTun on your PC, Nox is a great option.

How to Install Anonytun Directly in Your PC via NOX

  1. In order to install the application, first of all, you will have to Download Nox Online.
  2. Once you have downloaded the app then next is Installation of the app.
  3. Now Open Nox and then next sign in with your Google Account.
  4. Here Search for the Play Store and then Search for AnonyTun app there.
  5. As the result appears, simply click on it and install it, then you can simply run the app.

So, by now hope you have understood about how can you easily install the application in your pc and use it easily.

The above suggested two app Emulators are really simple and easy to use and give you an awesome experience.

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Reason Why to Use AnonyTun

Once you have read the complete information about this private VPN named AnonyTun and even have known about how you can use the same in your PC, you might be wondering what makes it different while there are many VPNs that are already available in the market. And for this answer let me help you with its feature and a complete review that helps you with few tips to make a maximum of the app.

It’s Free with Premium Features

One of the main features of AnonyTun is that this app is free. While looking for apps, it’s really hard to find about a free app with having full service associated with it. But this is reverse with this application. The app comes with so many features that you lack in several of the free VPN apps of this kind.  And this is what makes it one of the best Value VPNs you can find ever.

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You can Access Any Website

As you know the reason behind choosing a VPN is that you can access any website, no matter of which country that too easily without any geographic restrictions. This further means that you can easily watch your favorite streaming services irrespective of any country.

Unlimited Bandwith

Unlike the other free VPNs, where you get a limited bandwidth, here with AnonyTun you have an unlimited Bandwidth and hence you can easily browse without worrying about slowdowns of it.

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Simple Yet Customized Security Preferences

AnonyTun’s biggest draw is its simplicity. It is really intuitive to use and can be run with just the push of a button. This is great for those who need a basic VPN and are not too worried about special features.

But there is still enough customization for those who want to optimize their security settings. You can customize your proxy, choose a port, and change the HTTP header.

You can also choose servers from a wide range of different countries. This is important if you want to continuously protect your privacy. But it also means that you will be able to access streaming services from different countries.

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Steady and Reliable Connection.

One of the downsides of free VPNs is that they are often unreliable. They leave your connection, making your identity vulnerable, and booting you from your favorite sites.

But with AnonyTun, the connection is reliable. Quitting was not an issue, no matter which server we were connected to.

And you will also get a fast connection, unlike many free VPNs. Streaming is smooth, and does not require long load times, nor does it have much buffering.

Better Interface and Efficient VPN for Beginners

In case if you need a simple VPN that has a full slate of features, believe me, AnonyTun is a great choice. Addition to protecting your Data and having great features, the VPNs also connect you with any website quickly.

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AnonyTun: Unremarkable web surfing on your PC

AnonyTun is a full-service VPN that will protect your privacy and allow you to connect to any site. And this is one of the easiest to use VPNs you can find.

It is easy to run on your laptop or desktop. All you need is a good emulator, such as Bluestacks or Knox. Follow some simple steps described here, and you will be completely safe in minutes.

Final Words

Now as you have read completely about AnonyTun and also the process about how you can install and activate as well as run it in your PC or laptop.

You have seen how an emulator can help you with the installation process of the app completely and then use it.

Rest in case if you have any confusion and suggestions about the app and also its use then the below-given feedback section is going to help you with it completely. You can drop your perspective about AnonyTun right below.

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