Top 10 Amazing Beaches to visit in the USA


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Among the many attractions that the US holds, beaches are one of the most controversial. There are so many good beaches and it is quite hard to tell the good ones

Top 10 Amazing Beaches to visit in the USA

Amazing Beaches to visit in the USA

In this piece, we will examine 10 amazing beaches you need to visit in the US. These beaches are picked for various reasons and visiting just one beach from this list, will go a long way in satisfying your curiosity.

Best Amazing Beaches to visit in the USA

Lanikai Beach

Nicknamed the ‘heavenly sea’, Lanikai beach is surely one of the beaches you should visit. The beach is host to turquoise waters, white-sands, and tranquil environment. The cool flowing waters easily make it so calming to anyone who visits and you may never want to leave again. A mile of the shore of the Mokulua islands, it is known as the best beach on the island.

Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach is located on Santa Rosa Island in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s blue waters and white as sugar shores make it such an alluring view to behold. It is the best spot for beach lovers who are looking for an adventure. It is a semi-private beach where you can get the best cuisines available. 

Aquinnah, Martha’s Vineyard

The south side of Martha’s Vineyard is the home of Aquinnah. The peaceful, serene and the coastline gives a visual experience that is hard to match. With few people perusing the beach at all hours, you have a chance to experience it all without any disturbance. The cliffs along the coastline create a well balanced and conducive atmosphere. 

Siesta Beach

This beach which is located on the west coast of Florida is a white, sandy beach. The shore and the Bright Blue Gulf waters come together to create a beauty that will make any visitor marvel at the wonder. You can collect shells on the beach or snorkel land have some fun. On Siesta Beach, there is no dull moment.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

This marine life and conservation area is crescent-shaped heaven on earth. The blue waters and soft sand beach is made even more fascinating by the breached volcano which is the icing on this wonderland cake. The palm trees give a smooth and fresh feel while the marine life and reefs make the beach vibrant. For some added fun, you can have some of the snorkeling around.

Kiawah Island

This beach is the perfect escape from city life and all its struggles. It is located 21 miles from Charleston and is home to blowing seagrass, beautiful sand, clean and serene shorelines. There is also untouched vegetation which gives the beach a nice collection of animals which include seabirds, turtles and deers. 

Kauna’oa Bay

Located in Hawaii, it is very easy to see why Kauna’oa Bay is sitting pretty on this list. Hawaii is known for its lush islands and beaches, hence it is quite easy to find one as lovely as this. This is the beach of your dreams as it has the same trees and clear blue waters to make you calm and give you the experience to remember. 

Cooper’s Beach

New York is home to many wonderful things and places and right among those places is Cooper’s Beach which is arguably the most beautiful on the Northern coast. This beach is usually tourist-free hence it is easier to enjoy with Fewer people around. If you happen to visit this beach, rent a chair and an umbrella so you can enjoy properly and with a drink if possible. 

Caladesi Island State Park

Florida is known for many things, one of these things is beaches and one of those beaches is Caladesi Island, State Park. It is one of the last uninhabited Islands and it is used as conservation for wildlife. It is a well-hidden and separate area that is only accessible by a boat or ferry. If you want some extra special private beach time, you should try out this lovely beach. 

Thousand Steps, Laguna Beach

California is home to many parks, beaches, and other attractions. The Thousand Step, Laguna Beach is one such beach that is surrounded by a stunning view, beautiful trees, and water which is great for sports. The hidden clove is found at the bottom of a 230-step staircase which adds to its overall allure. 

ESTA For International Travelers

If you want to experience any of these beaches, you will need to come down to the US and have a feel for yourself which is if you are not already a resident here. Visitors who are coming from Visa-free countries will need to submit an ESTA Visa application. This application costs a fee and feedback are usually given back within 72 hours. Approval of this means you can visit the US legally but if you do not get a reply or there’s a delayed reply, you can check ESTA status on their website to know if you need to make any changes to your application. Ensure you input all relevant and correct information when filling the form.

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