AFreeSMS – Sent SMS in Bulk [Free SMS Service Online]


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Even though there is an online messaging platform available today which helps you to connect with the people surrounding you, it yet limits the sending of SMS message directly to your phone and many a time you will have to pay the cost for Afreesms sending to your service provider.

AFreeSMS – Sent SMS in Bulk [Free SMS Service Online]

AFreeSMS - Sent SMS in Bulk

AFreeSMS – Sent SMS in Bulk

But many of you might be unaware of the fact that there are so many platforms available online which gives you easy SMS sending feature without costing you an extra penny for it and you can even send SMS in bulk to your targeted recipient and that too directly to their phone. The only thing they have drawback is that it limits the SMS service within some of the countries of the world. But read the article till the end and by the end, you will be cleared about a portal which provides absolutely free SMS service worldwide and you are also given the list of alternative sites that exists.

AFreeSMS – Free SMS Service Online


AFREESMSSAFreeSMS is one of the similar platform which provides you the option to send SMS individually and in bulk and for that the recipient doesn’t need to have any similar application or extra setting in his/her phone in order to receive the SMS.

That means AFreeSMS is a simple user-friendly portal which is easy to use and send SMS to the person you want.

The most important thing about the portal is that using AfreeSMS portal you have the options of sending SMS anywhere in the world. And yes I mean anywhere in any country of the world. You can either send SMS by choosing the country and then by filling the no. there you have the option to write a message within 160 characters and then send it to the recipient you want. That simple is the messaging platform of afreesms.

Significant Features of AFreeSMS

  • Easy to use platform for anyone approaching the first time.
  • Send SMS anywhere in the world including all countries of the 6 continents of North America, Europe, South Africa, Africa, Asia, and Oceania that too free of cost.
  • The SMS sending option includes individually and in Bulk.
  • To avail the Service you need not register with AFreeSMS. Just choose the country to fill the details and send a message to your targeted recipient.
  • Send anytime and anywhere irrespective of time and SMS delivery Fast as well as Reliable.
  • The portal supports all the languages of the world, so choose the language you want to convey the message in.
  • No contracts, commitments and terms and conditions to use it.

AFreeSMS: How to Send SMS Step by Step:

After knowing all the details about AFreeSMS it is the time to check it out whether it really works. So, that you can use it next time easily. And you can take the advantage of the service by landing to the official website of it where you can land directly via the link

You have two ways to send SMS to the one whom you want to share:

  1. Directly filling the details
  2. By choosing the location.

Sending direct SMS includes the filling of the sender and the receiver address with the country code where you want to send whereas when you go with Choosing the location SMS service; then you will only have to fill the recipient mobile no. since at the time of selecting your location you have already chosen the country and it shows the country code there at the place of Mobile no. entry by default.

So, let’ see step by step for both the SMS sending platform. And let’s start with a direct SMS sending service.

Directly Filling the Details



In order to go with the direct SMS sending Channel, first of all, you will have to land onto the official homepage of the site which you can land directly via

And when you will follow the above link you will be landed to the main homepage.

  1. On the homepage, there are many options available in the menu bar and avoiding all you just have to choose the option of ‘SEND FREE SMS’ option available there.
  2. Soon you click that option, you will be redirected to the other page of the same site of AFreeSMS and there you will find a section where you will have to fill all the below-given details to send the SMS.
  3. A country where you want to send the SMS.
  4. Followed by the Mobile no. on which you want to send the SMS.
  5. Followed by the section where you will have to write the Message and character limit goes to 160.
  6. As you will write the SMS you will also be shown about how many characters are remaining there to write so that you can cover your story within that.
  7. Next stage includes the entry of Verification Code which you will find there itself beside the section which you have to fill and which is of 6 characters and you can even change to enter other code by just tapping on the refresh button there.
  8. Now once everything is done properly, then you can press the ‘SEND’ button available below and you will be shown the notification of your message sent.
  9. Your message will be sent immediately and directly to your recipient SMS inbox.

Choosing the Location

afreesms location

afreesms location

Now when you have seen how to send SMS directly, let’s see the other way to send SMS by choosing the Location and Country of Residence. And for that, you will have to land onto the official homepage of AFreeSMS.

  1. Now when you will land the homepage of the site you will be shown a simple and clear world map with all the 6 continent on it.
  2. Choose the continent your country is and click on that.
  3. When you will click on the continent, you will be shown the list of all the countries that come under that continent.
  4. Choose the country your recipient resides and click on it.
  5. Now when you will click on that country, you will be redirected to the main page of SMS sending portal and there you will find sections for your details entry.
  6. You have the first section of mobile no. (Recipients).
  7. Followed by the texting box where you can type your SMS within 160 characters and as you type, the remaining characters are shown below.
  8. Next, enter your 6 digit verification code available there itself. Once you have entered the verification code, click on the Send button below.
  9. Now you are done, you will be sent the SMS immediately.

Do You Want to Block Incoming SMS from AFreeSMS – Here How to Do It 🙂 



For your surprise, there is also an option is available on the official homepage of the site namely don’t text me. This section allows the user to manually block the incoming message from afreesms.

And when messaged them about the SMS blocking then they will verify your mobile no. you have entered there and requested the message blocking for.

So how will you do it and what is the information you will have to provide. Let’s see here:

  1. Fill your name in the first section followed by your mobile no. on which you want to block the SMS service with the country code associated with it.
  2. Next, you choose the option why are you choosing the SMS blocking service from the listed option below.
  3. Now when you have done these, write your message that you want to convey to AFreeSMS within the Character of 500 and then fill the verification code there.
  4. Now when you have filled all the information there (since all the sections are mandatory), click on the Submit button present below.
  5. And your message will be sent and if they found that the message is really being sent from their server then they will accept your request and block the SMS delivery.

Are you interested to know more? Then let me suggest you 7 Best Sites to Send free SMS worldwide similar to AFreeSMS.



This is because if you go through this site suggested you here, you will find that really there are site exists which gives you free SMS sending service without costing you a penny. The sites are amazing and having the simple interface which allows the user to use it quickly and effectively. Not only that the last site mentioned you here in this list gives you the alternative of installing the application in your mobile which makes your way easier to send SMS anytime anywhere you want. The other site also includes:

  1. SMS pack
  2. FullonSMS
  4. FreeSMS8
  5. Site2SMS
  6. IndiaSMS
  7. SMS Fi
  8. SendSMSNow
  9. 160by2
  10. Way2SMS
  11. SMSTi
  12. SMSkwid
  13. YouMint
  14. MySMSMantra
  15. SMSGupShup
  16. FreshSMS
  18. SMSBuzz

Contact AFreeSMS 🙂

Many times you might be curious about some of the things related to AFREESMS and willing to contact the officials of it. The curiosity might be related to any information about it, any complaint regarding this, questions or query as well as something related to it then you can simply Contact AFreeSMS team and they will help you for sure.



In that case, you can directly message to AFreeSMS and you will be contacted very soon either via calling, SMS or email. So, want to know how? Let me help you out.

  • In order to contact the customer support department of AFreeSMS, you first need to select the contact US button available in the menu bar of the afreesms homepage.
  • So, click on that Contact US button available on the homepage of the site.
  • Soon you do so, a blank page gets open in front of you which contains the sections of filling the details given you below:
  • So, soon you reach the Contact US dashboard, you will have to fill the FIRST NAME, followed by the LAST NAME then your EMAIL ADDRESS, and next is the text message box.
  • Write the message you want to convey to AFreeSMS in that box and you can convey the message within 500 characters.
  • Once you have written the message you will have to fill the verification code in the next step which you can even change by clicking on the refresh button available there itself.
  • Keep in mind that all the details asked it is mandatory and you will have to fill that and then only you will be able to submit the message.
  • So, recheck the details you have entered there and then click on the submit button available below.
  • Now when you do this, your message will be sent to the officials of ‘AFreeSMS’ and they will reply to you sooner possible and give the answer to your query.

Final Words

The above information which we have given you here related to AfreeSMS covers every information which you are searching for. By now you will be clear that yes! There is the way out to send SMS directly to the recipient phone and that too free of cost and AFreeSMS is really a satisfying platform which helps with worldwide message sharing platform.

Not only that we have also shared you a list of 18 free SMS sending sites and not only that we have also recommended you to go through the 7 Best Sites to Send free SMS worldwide which will help you out with your query satisfactorily.

Was this article helpful to you? Did it satisfy your query about AfreeSms? Drop your feedback in the comment section below. And if you also have any site name in your knowledge, let others know by mentioning it in your comment.




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